Featured vendor: Celtic Prop Hire

Looking for props to help style your wedding? I’m pretty confident Celtic Prop Hire can help you.

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Based in Cardiff, they supply props for TV shows such as Sherlock, Dr.who, Casualty etc.. as well as film and a host of other things. But what I didn’t know and am thrilled about, is that they will also hire out props for weddings! 

I went along to visit them a few weeks ago (with my camera in tow). No matter what your theme, theres bound to be something here! 

celtic prop hire074

The team at are super nice and more than happy for you to come along and take a look. Simply give them a call first to arrange an appointment.You can then pop over and  have a wander around their warehouse. 

Hiring is so much easier than scouring the internet, charity chops, markets, car boot sales etc.. besides, where else are you likely to find a giant ice cream and cart (for an outdoor summer wedding) or 60+ pub-style chairs, a load of vintage typewriters, musical instruments, costumes, giant clocks (perfect for an Alice in Wonderland theme)…the list goes on :)

If you are planning a wedding around christmas, how about having a sleigh with a reindeer? It looks great in a photo booth, take a look here

celtic prop hire004

You can even hire a load of bikes? how cool would these look in your group photographs. A lot more fun that all standing in a row right? Why not make it more fun!

celtic prop hire005

And for those having a ‘space’ theme…I found a rocket! 

celtic prop hire009

When it comes to keeping the kids entertained during the day. Rather than go out and buy a load of games you’re unlikely to ever play after the wedding, why not hire these old school games? it’ll be great fun for the adults too! celtic prop hire012 celtic prop hire013

And for those planning an Alice in wonderland style wedding. There is an unbelievable amount of clocks and candelabras available! 

celtic prop hire014

celtic prop hire072

celtic prop hire016

And furniture!…

celtic prop hire017

celtic prop hire028

…lots and lots of furniture

celtic prop hire040

For those planning a ‘vintage’ style wedding. You are going to LOVE these amazing suitcases & trunks. Perfect for guests to leave their cards & presents

celtic prop hire021

celtic prop hire035

celtic prop hire025

there is even something for those wanting to incorporate a ‘circus’ theme into their wedding day.

celtic prop hire030

How about a hollywood glamour/ movie theme? you could hire these Oscars as part of your table centres! 

celtic prop hire042

PLUS, also have this GIANT Oscar too :) and create a main focal point for your reception room. Next to the top table possibly?

celtic prop hire044

Planning a wedding at Cardiff Castle or Caerphilly castle this year maybe? 

celtic prop hire047

celtic prop hire062

celtic prop hire051

Or maybe planning a musical wedding? 

celtic prop hire055

celtic prop hire060

And back to vintage…

celtic prop hire063

celtic prop hire068

celtic prop hire071

ooo…perfect for a cocktail party! …

celtic prop hire077

celtic prop hire082

…or a good old fashion Pub style shindig? (don’t forget the dry roasted peanuts and pork scratchings)

celtic prop hire078

celtic prop hire079And for those planning a laid back, outdoor wedding. You could hire these picnic baskets, fill them with lots of treats for your guests to enjoy while they relax on the grass during your drinks reception.
celtic prop hire090

celtic prop hire073

Ice cream anyone?

celtic prop hire095

Take a look at some of the other things I saw and feel inspired to style your wedding how YOU want :)


















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