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Today we have the first of a little series of favour inspiration! Its one of those lovely traditions, to gift your guests to say thank you for coming and celebrating with you.

The tradition is steeped in history and began in 16th century France as sugared almonds. The intention behind this gesture was meaningful, as it was believed that sugar had health-giving properties.

Sugared almonds also carried additional significance at weddings, as the bitterness of the almonds and the sweetness of the sugar was thought to symbolise the bitter-sweetness of marriage.

This lovely ritual has remained as a perfect opportunity thank guests, for centuries.

However, the prospect of finding a small something for each and every guest can be daunting. You want to find something meaningful, that won’t be thrown away and that will remind your guests of your day.

Well fear not.  We are here to help you and inspire you.  The first we have is a wonderful little business, Mrs Browns Bakes.  She makes the most beautiful (and delicious) biscuits, with personal messages stamped on. Its can say anything you like, the couples names, date of the wedding, a special message to your guests, really, anything.

So, over to Paula to tell you all about herself and the gorgeous biscuits you can have for favours….

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Favours Inspiration: Mrs Browns Bakes

I have loved baking for as long as I can remember.

Baking, for me is like this

“…..when she baked, she could feel herself coming back to centre,
that everything else fell away, and she remembered who she was supposed to be”

(from ‘Handle with Care’ by Jodi Picoult)

So starting a bespoke biscuit company that includes working with couples to create a favour that is unique to them as they plan their special day, has been an absolute joy.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to making bespoke biscuit wedding favours with the wide range of cutters available.


One recent example is wedding favours I made for Michelle & Kathy. They are intrepid explorers and had travel as their wedding theme, including boarding pass invitations.


We worked with lots of different ideas but in the end they chose aeroplanes with their initials and wedding date on trimmed with ribbon to match their colour theme.
Their wedding was in Northern Ireland and was my very first wedding favour postal order. They landed safe and sound and so now I now feel confident and able to offer that service to other couples across the UK.

Working with wedding venues and organisations, such has Pride Cymru, is exciting.   They hosted a ‘Wedding Fayre for All’ early this year.


Then working  with Wye Life magazine who worked with Glewstone Court in Ross of Wye to host a wedding fayre this month, has also been an exciting development of my new business.

As well as giving couples and their families an opportunity to taste the product and see what I offer it’s also a great networking opportunity, which is an important aspect for any business.

Particularly when, like me, you are a lone worker. It helps to make you feel part of a team and to promote one other’s business & celebrate in one other’s success.

So I am excited about the future, for all the couples I have yet to meet and all the memories I will have a part in making.

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To find out more, make sure you contact Mrs Browns Bakes, they truly are gorgeous and a wonderful addition to any wedding.




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