Engagement Shoot: Lisa & Craig by Larissa Joice

Morning Cwtchers!

Following on from our gorgeously romantic Cwtch of the Week on Monday, we give you the entire engagement shoot of Lisa and Craig at Roath Park, taken by Larissa Joice of Larissa Joice Photography! Its it just loveliness! And don’t worry, I am on the case and it won’t be long until we can show you the couples big day as well! So stay posted to the final piece of this pairs story. 

Engagement Shoot Slim

Lisa and Craig had their engagement shoot at Roath Park and were then married at Bryngarw House on 16th July this summer. Lisa & Craig were a joy to photograph, two lovely people who trusted me to get the photographs they wanted.

Engagement Shoot: Lisa & Craig by Larissa Joice

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I think you will agree, these are just lovely! Thank you so much to you all for sharing and we cannot wait to see Lisa and Craig on their big day! X

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