Engagement Shoot: Jess & Tom (and Sebastian the Puppy) at Ynyslas by Clive Nolan

Yesterday we teased you with a lovely cwtch photo from this lovely engagement shoot. Jess and Tom, along with their gorgeous puppy Sebastian, had their engagement shoot with the brilliant Clive Nolan at Ynyslas beach. Jess tells us a little bit about them and the proposal here. clivenolan-engagement-jessandtom-16

Jess & Tom

Tom and I met through mutual friends, having moved through the same circles in our teens, but not properly meeting till our mid 20’s. We we’re pretty much joined at the hip from the get go! clivenolan-engagement-jessandtom-6
Before we had got together, I’d got a backpacking trip booked, leaving a month or so after we got together. I’d be away for three months in total and deciding that this was just unbearable, Tom booked flights to LA to cover the last three weeks of my trip with me. We travelled all the way round the west coast USA and spent the last few days in New York – I knew after this trip that Tom was who I wanted to spend every minute of my life with. clivenolan-engagement-jessandtom-10
When we got back home we had a great few months together and on our 1 year anniversary we got the keys to our first house! A ‘do-er up-er’ doesn’t even come close to describing it, but it was our dream house and after two years of hard work, we moved in. Knowing that all the work done to the house was by Tom made it all the more special.

The Proposal

We booked a holiday for February 2012, a Caribbean cruise and a few nights in New Orleans. After a delayed flight and a ‘home alone’ style run through Chicago airport to catch our connecting flight, being stopped at American customs did not improve our stress levels. Usually very cool and calm, Tom in particular seemed quite flustered about the bag search and X-rays. Thinking nothing more of it, we were on our way! clivenolan-engagement-jessandtom-20
On the formal night on the cruise, in front of the ship photographer, Tom dropped to one knee and proposed. I was over the moon and after the initial shock, remembered to say yes! He knows that I love photos and now have the whole proposal documented, tears and all! Now he’d done it, he was able to fully explain the stress he suffered when we were stopped in Chicago! Apparently the ring was quite obvious on the X-ray screen! clivenolan-engagement-jessandtom-1
We returned from our holiday beaming from ear to ear and set about planning our dream wedding!

The Engagement Shoot

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Thank you to Clive Nolan for submitting this beautiful shoot, and thank you Jess, Tom and Sebastian for featuring on Cwtch the Bride.

Have you had an engagement shoot? If you have and you would like your photographs to feature on our blog in 2015 get in touch with me on charlie@cwtchthebride.com because I can’t wait to see them!

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