Engagement Rings: The beautiful Clogau Compose Range

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the Clogau Compose range today. These Engagement rings are beautiful and an incredible gift to open this christmas! Lets hand you over to the fabulous Welsh based company, Clogau to tell you all about them.


Compose-rings-group (2)You have laughed together, cried together and you are the best of friends – fabulous times have been shared and memories have been made together with a lifetime of happiness and opportunity ahead of you both. How on earth will you find an engagement ring that captures the very essence and all the milestones in your relationship we hear you cry? Through creating a personal and bespoke Clogau Compose engagement ring together.

Our customers tell us that they love our style, the unique and rare connection to Wales through the gold used by Princes and Princesses and these are some of the reasons why they have been excited by composing their very own unique engagement ring.

The romantic ideals behind compose let you play a role in composing a ring that is the ultimate expression of your love, hopes and dreams and a reflection on your life together – unified in a personal heirloom piece.

The inspirations behind the current range which comprises of six ring designs are from real life brides – they are all quintessentially Clogau in appearance and essence and complement our customers’ personalities – glamourous, bohemian, classic, modern, romantic and trendsetting.

Let us introduce two of our truly sublime engagement ring designs and bride personalities which we feel begins to reflect the romance and aspirational qualities that every bride dreams of.

Bella – The Romantic Bride


An eternal romantic who has always dreamt of the perfect fairytale wedding. She wears her heart on her sleeve and her presence is always dignified and graceful. She is passionate yet playful, exuberant yet sensitive and always elegantly composed.

Capella – The Classic Bride


Preferring timeless elegance and embracing tradition whilst complementing this with her unique personality and style. She is both classic and classy, incorporating family traditions with her love of subtle luxury and aspirational vintage elegance. The brightest star in the sky.

There are currently four more personalities that we’d like to introduce to you over the coming weeks. We hope that their sentiments, styles and aspirations will engage with you and inspire you to create your own dream ring that reflects all you mean to each other.


We hope you will join us to meet our next two brides in a couple of weeks!

To find out more about Clogau Compose go to https://www.clogau.co.uk/compose/


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Cwtch the Bride only accepts sponsored posts from companies we think will be useful to you :) 


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