Engagement Rings: The Beautiful Clogau Compose Range, Part 3

Just in time for a Valentines Day proposal we have the final part of our series on the Clogau Compose Range. We featured parts 1 and 2 before Christmas which showed off some more of their beautiful engagement rings. Let’s hand you over to the fabulous Welsh based company one last time. Clogau-Compose-logoCompose_NewStack2015

A marriage proposal is the most significant moment in a couples life, a snapshot of a time that will be recalled for years to come and a commitment of love symbolized by one question and a ring!

This ring that we speak of must encapsulate you and your partner and the love you share the most unique way.

Rather conveniently, for a Valentine’s Day proposal, we have just launched three new designs to our Clogau Compose collection to replace three of our original designs.

Let us introduce to you, Valentina, Eleanor and Freya.

EleanorThe vivacious bride

Passionate about life and all that it encompasses, Eleanor is constantly looking for ways to infuse fun and a joy of life into any occasion. She is free-spirited yet devoted, tenacious and a pleasure to know. The shining light at every occasion, her sensual and captivating behaviour charms everyone around her.
Charming, exquisite, dazzling, devoted and captivating Eleanor

 FreyaThe bohemian bride

A contemporary twist on the timeless emotions that her name represents, Freya was the goddess of love and fertility in Scandinavian mythology. Overflowing with tenderness and romance, Freya unites the true bonds of love with her affectionate nature and enchanting personality.
Contemporary, loving, honest, elegant and refined Freya


ValentinaThe romantic bride

As romantic as the ancient custom of sending cards to sweethearts on Valentine’s Day, Valentina elegantly combines classical romance with contemporary style. Meaning ‘strong and healthy’, the diamond is supported by two Tree of Life filigree hearts which signify the joining together and support for each other in a committed relationship.
Compassionate, graceful, glamourous, radiant and charming Valentina on model

We hope you like our new designs and that their sentiments, styles and majestic connections will engage with you and inspire you to create your own dream ring that reflects all you mean to each other.

Thank you for joining us in our Cwtch the Bride blogging journey and to find out more about Clogau Compose go to https://www.clogau.co.uk/compose/

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