DIY Tutorial: Doily Bunting

When I was growing up my gran always had little doilies placed on the coffee table. There were always little bits that she had made dotted around the house. So whenever I see them in second hand shops and boot fairs I am taken back to my grandparents house. If you have any doilies lying up in the attic or in a box somewhere in the garage, why not use them to make this bunting for your wedding. They will definitely bring that sense of vintage to your big day. Thank you to Charlie Leya Photography for all the spectacular images in this post.~ Kate

 Doily Bunting

BuntingDIY (43)What you will need:

Sewing Machine




Bias Binding

Vintage Doilies

BuntingDIY (1)

Lay the bias binding flat with the open side up. Place the doilies evenly spaced along the bottom edge of the binding, folding the top edge over the bottom and pin.
BuntingDIY (2)BuntingDIY (3)BuntingDIY (4)

Keep going until all of your doilies are pinned. BuntingDIY (7)BuntingDIY (8)BuntingDIY (9)BuntingDIY (11)

Take a step back and make sure that they are all evenly spaced. BuntingDIY (12)

Make sure that any spaces on the bias binding are pinned to make the sewing process easier. BuntingDIY (14) BuntingDIY (15)

Starting very slowly, start sewing, making sure both sides of the binding is together.
BuntingDIY (16) BuntingDIY (17)

When you come to a pin make sure you keep the tension and remove the pin and continue sewing. BuntingDIY (19)

When sewing in the doily make sure that you keep the edge between binding. I kept the pin in until the very last minute. BuntingDIY (20) BuntingDIY (21)

Make sure you take your time. BuntingDIY (22) BuntingDIY (23)

Keep going until each of the doilies is attached to the binding. BuntingDIY (25) BuntingDIY (33) BuntingDIY (35)

Follow the bias binding and keep stitching to the end.BuntingDIY (36) BuntingDIY (38)

Trim the loose thread at the ends.BuntingDIY (40) BuntingDIY (41)

Then you are done. I love this beautiful bunting.BuntingDIY (42) BuntingDIY (44) BuntingDIY (45) BuntingDIY (46)

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