DIY Post: Tulle Pom Pom

I loved making all the bits and pieces for my wedding. I actually missed it when I finished. Today on the blog we have a DIY for making a beautiful tulle pom pom. They are super easy and will make a massive impact to your wedding. Thank you to Charlie Leya Photography for capturing the making of these lovely decorations. 

DIY Post: Tulle Pom Pom

PomPomDIY (58)

What you will need:


Two sheets of hard cardboard

A Pen

Embroidery silk or ribbon

Strips of tulle

PomPomDIY (1)


1) Draw a circle the same size as you would like your pom pom. I used a saucer to draw around as I can’t draw one free hand. Remember the bigger the circle the bigger your pom pom. PomPomDIY (4)2) Draw a circle inside. The bigger the circle the fuller and more compact it will be. (Personally I think mine was too big.)PomPomDIY (5)

3) Cut around the circle and cut out the inner circle. PomPomDIY (6)PomPomDIY (8)

4) Repeat so that you have two identical circles. PomPomDIY (9)PomPomDIY (11)

5) Line the your circles up and start wrapping your tulle around them. PomPomDIY (12)PomPomDIY (13)PomPomDIY (14)

6) Keep wrapping….PomPomDIY (15)PomPomDIY (17)

7) I used a big sheet of tulle so I could keep cutting more and more tulle as and when it was needed. PomPomDIY (19)

8) And keep wrapping. PomPomDIY (23)

9) If at any point the piece of tulle that you are using ends and is a bit longer than the circle, you should cut it. If you leave it a bit too long then the edge of your pom pom will not be lovely and even. PomPomDIY (24)PomPomDIY (26)10) Keep wrapping until you have basically filled the hole in the center. PomPomDIY (31)11) Using the scissors start to cut a hole on the side of the tulle. Cut all the way through to the cardboard.PomPomDIY (32)PomPomDIY (33)

12) Ensure that your scissors are between the two pieces of cardboard, cut all the way around the circle.PomPomDIY (35)PomPomDIY (36)PomPomDIY (39)PomPomDIY (40)

13) Slide your embroidery thread between both pieces of cardboard and tie it tightly. Leave one side longer to use to hang it with. PomPomDIY (41)PomPomDIY (43)PomPomDIY (45)

14) Cut the cardboard out from in between your pom pom.PomPomDIY (47)PomPomDIY (51)PomPomDIY (52)

15) Ta Da!!!! All done!PomPomDIY (56)PomPomDIY (57)


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