David & Rachel’s Elegant Miskin Manor Wedding by Cross-Jones Photography

Hello you lovely Cwtch people :) We have a beautiful Miskin Manor wedding on the blog today courtesy of Cross-Jones Photography. So grab a cuppa and a few jaffa cakes and enjoy xxx 

Mr & Mrs Dykes-317Mr & Mrs Dykes-345How would you describe your wedding theme?

Elegant, romanticMr & Mrs Dykes-351What was your favourite part of your wedding?

Our church service, saying our vows. And of course the evening dancingMr & Mrs Dykes-208Mr & Mrs Dykes-500Tell us about your Wedding Dress

It was the third dress I had tried on and absolutely loved it! It was exactly what I was looking for. I had my dress from Laura may bridal. I bought it with my mother (my sister on Skype from Scotland)Mr & Mrs Dykes-132Mr & Mrs Dykes-309Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why?

I chose my best friends whom I have known for years and also my sister was my maid of honourMr & Mrs Dykes-296Why did you choose your venue?

I chose Miskin manor, I was looking for a castle/Manor House and I felt this was perfect.Mr & Mrs Dykes-317Tell us about your photographer

Our photographers were Cross-Jones Photography, they were amazing, we also had our engagement shoot with them so felt really relaxed at the wedding.Mr & Mrs Dykes-362How did the proposal happen?

Dave whisked me away on a romantic weekend to Rome, I didn’t know where we were going until we got to the airport!Mr & Mrs Dykes-253Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share?

My mother and I made all the centerpieces, candelabras and ivory garlands.Mr & Mrs Dykes-446What was your first dance & why?

Michael buble – everything
I once told Dave whilst we were just friends that I imagined this song would be my first dance at my wedding.Mr & Mrs Dykes-501
Do you have any advice for future couples?

Enjoy every moment it goes so quickly, make sure you spend time together in the dayMr & Mrs Dykes-312What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding?

Going with my mother to choose my wedding dressMr & Mrs Dykes-339

The Suppliers

Photographer: Cross-Jones Photography 
Videographer: Ieuan wright photography
Reception Venue: Miskin Manor
Bride’s Dress: Laura May Bridal
Bride’s Shoes: Carvela
Bride’s Headpiece: Gill clement
Bride’s Jewellery: Gill clement
Cake: Lynda Milbourne cakes
Flowers: Denise leech
Hair: Leanne quinn
Make Up: Leah Goodridge
Stationery: Robert Dykes

The Wedding Album

Mr & Mrs Dykes-2 Mr & Mrs Dykes-6 Mr & Mrs Dykes-15 Mr & Mrs Dykes-22 Mr & Mrs Dykes-35 Mr & Mrs Dykes-43 Mr & Mrs Dykes-51 Mr & Mrs Dykes-56 Mr & Mrs Dykes-59 Mr & Mrs Dykes-66 Mr & Mrs Dykes-72 Mr & Mrs Dykes-74 Mr & Mrs Dykes-77 Mr & Mrs Dykes-81 Mr & Mrs Dykes-83 Mr & Mrs Dykes-87 Mr & Mrs Dykes-90 Mr & Mrs Dykes-91 Mr & Mrs Dykes-96 Mr & Mrs Dykes-97 Mr & Mrs Dykes-101 Mr & Mrs Dykes-106 Mr & Mrs Dykes-110 Mr & Mrs Dykes-111 Mr & Mrs Dykes-120 Mr & Mrs Dykes-132 Mr & Mrs Dykes-136 Mr & Mrs Dykes-138 Mr & Mrs Dykes-139 Mr & Mrs Dykes-141 Mr & Mrs Dykes-156 Mr & Mrs Dykes-163 Mr & Mrs Dykes-173 Mr & Mrs Dykes-180 Mr & Mrs Dykes-193 Mr & Mrs Dykes-204 Mr & Mrs Dykes-208 Mr & Mrs Dykes-219 Mr & Mrs Dykes-224 Mr & Mrs Dykes-253 Mr & Mrs Dykes-262 Mr & Mrs Dykes-267 Mr & Mrs Dykes-269 Mr & Mrs Dykes-278 Mr & Mrs Dykes-281 Mr & Mrs Dykes-282 Mr & Mrs Dykes-296 Mr & Mrs Dykes-299 Mr & Mrs Dykes-309 Mr & Mrs Dykes-312 Mr & Mrs Dykes-317 Mr & Mrs Dykes-327 Mr & Mrs Dykes-330 Mr & Mrs Dykes-337 Mr & Mrs Dykes-339 Mr & Mrs Dykes-345 Mr & Mrs Dykes-350 Mr & Mrs Dykes-351 Mr & Mrs Dykes-353 Mr & Mrs Dykes-362 Mr & Mrs Dykes-365 Mr & Mrs Dykes-399 Mr & Mrs Dykes-403 Mr & Mrs Dykes-405 Mr & Mrs Dykes-408 Mr & Mrs Dykes-412 Mr & Mrs Dykes-415 Mr & Mrs Dykes-426 Mr & Mrs Dykes-429 Mr & Mrs Dykes-430 Mr & Mrs Dykes-437 Mr & Mrs Dykes-446 Mr & Mrs Dykes-479 Mr & Mrs Dykes-481 Mr & Mrs Dykes-487 Mr & Mrs Dykes-500 Mr & Mrs Dykes-501 Mr & Mrs Dykes-504 Mr & Mrs Dykes-518 Mr & Mrs Dykes-534 Mr & Mrs Dykes-541 Mr & Mrs Dykes-546 Mr & Mrs Dykes-549 Mr & Mrs Dykes-555

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