Your first few weeks together as a couple should be the most romantic, as you embark on married life together. Creating a love nest can help you appreciate that the simple things you do together daily are every bit as special as the grand gestures of your wedding day. Here are our tips for nurturing marital bliss.
Turn down the lights…
After the wedding madness you’ll need time to unwind; use the soft ambient light of a lamp as an alternative to harsh ceiling lights to create a warm and soothing atmosphere.
Cwtch-up together…
​ Weddings are about sharing your happiness with friends and family, but now’s the time to re-connect, just the two of you. Wrap yourselves in the softest and most luxurious of blankets and while the night away.
Be present…
After months of wed-min, spending your evenings checking and responding to emails, you can now turn off your phones and enjoy a glass of wine together.
Share a treat…
​Be it gooey pudding, expensive ice cream or sticky popcorn… Treat yourselves – but make sure it’s from the same bowl!

Laugh out loud as you remember the best man’s speech or when Aunty Margaret drank too much prosecco… Your wedding may have cost a small fortune, but your memories are priceless.
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Lampshade: Hannah Madden
Blanket: Sian O’Doherty
Glasses: Sanders and Wallace
Bowl: Dove Street Pottery
Papercut: Helen Flynn
Photography: Kristina Banholzer

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