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Need a band for your big day? If so, you are going to LOVE todays post. Not only are we super excited to have iGency performing at Cwtchfest again this year. But today, we have iGency’s Suzanne here to explain the ins and outs of booking a live band. Grab a cuppa and enjoy! x 


Great live entertainment is a huge part of a wedding, it creates an unparalleled atmosphere and helps add extra special memories for you and your guests. If you are thinking of having a live band perform at your big day here are some hints and tips that may help.

How much does a band cost:
Weddings can get expensive so of course you want to make the most of your budget. A bands price will vary according to a number of things mainly talent, ability, experience, professionalism, equipment, location and date. Like everything, you get what you pay for and chances are if you are paying £500/£800 for a 4/5 piece band they are not professional musicians and it is not their full time career.
That’s not to say you won’t enjoy them.  They may be okay, but by booking a professional band you benefit from their years of experience. They have also probably performed at hundreds of events like yours meaning you will have a stress free event, get better quality musicians who have dedicated their lives to music and better quality sound and light equipment that has been PAT tested to comply with most venues legal regulations.
A professional band’s reputation is invaluable and they will be passionate about making your day amazing.  I would say on average for a decent 4 piece band locally you will be looking between £1100 & £1500 depending on the time of year.

There are a number of ways to keep the costs down, book a local band to save on travel and accommodation, book an off peak wedding date musicians will generally offer better prices if its not a busy date, ask if the band can provide a free DJ service so your whole evenings entertainment is covered. If you are looking for entertainment in the day ask if the band can provide an acoustic set, generally it will be much cheaper than booking a separate act.  Check out our band iGency act iRock’s acoustic option 

Things to avoid – Don’t be fooled into thinking you are getting better value for money if one band offers more musicians for the same price as another, 10 musicians for £1000 for example sounds disastrous!! Stick to the 4 piece if that’s all your budget will allow….less is more when it comes to  top quality players and vocalists.urlHiring-a-Musician

In a nutshell if  you were to book iGency band iPop for example here is a breakdown of what you would be paying for:

Your whole evenings entertainment with DJ playlist music generally starting from 7.30 until midnight
2 x 1 hour finely tuned, slick, energetic live music sets guaranteed to get everyone on the dance floor.
TOP full time, professional, experienced musicians who dedicate their lives to music.
iPop members often worked with international stars including Rod Stewart, Cee Lo Green, James Arthur, Leona Lewis, Gary Barlow, Robbie Williams, Badly Drawn Boy, Back Street Boys to name a few.
State of the art PA sound system & Lights they bring over £25,000 worth of top quality equipment to your event meaning your event will look and sound awesome.
Stylish stage wear.
PAT Tested & PLI certificates
Commitment to the date.

Passion for making your event amazing, their reputation means everything.unknown

Do your research:

The best bands will have invested time and money into their promotional material. Check out the band website, videos, photos, audio. If this is all high quality common sense says they really care about their product, it’s a great start. Most bands can tailor their set and line up to suit you, so if you see a band you like but are not sure about their song choices get in touch and ask if they can add some of your faves. When a band records promotional  material they are limited to a small selection of tunes as no potential client wants to sit through an hour long video ;) Professional bands will have a large repertoire of songs and styles, they will be versatile and able to cater to all, don’t be afraid to ask.
It is not always possible to see a band live as 99.9 % of events that professional bands play at are private affairs. However you can catch some of The iGency bands live at Cwtchfest on April 17th at Glanusk Estate, Powys. We would love to meet you, we will be around all day to offer entertainment advice and answer any questions.
Our latest band Indienational will be performing live on the day they are the masters of indie rock/pop a very popular genre for weddings they certainly know how to get the party started.


Book Early:  
One of our most popular bands iRock are getting booked up fast for 2017 it’s important to book early.


Once you have set a date make booking your entertainment a priority. Having excellent live music will make your wedding celebration stand out. There are many reasons to book your wedding entertainment early, one of the most important reasons is someone else may bag your band if you don’t. There is nothing worse than deliberating for too long only to find the band you have fallen in love is no longer available.

Our amazing band iLectric still have some availability for 2016 so get in touch today. Award winning lead vocalist Shellyann was recently seen on BBC’s The Voice…she is a sensational pop powerhouse. Catch them live at Cwtchfest 2016IMG_0449

 Live entertainment can make or break the day our advise is do your research, set aside a decent budget and book in advance where possible.


 Hands up who is mega excited! Tickets are selling fast, faster than Usain Bolt fast so get your tickets now! Thanks to our amazing Cwtchfest Collaborator – iGency the party will be amazing. ~ Kate

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