Cwtch of the Week: A Rock and Roll Cwtch

Well we are sooooo about to cheer you up from any Monday blues you may have! Shot by the very lovely and talented Jake Morley, Sam and Lou got married June 2016 at the gorgeous Barn at Brynich.

Not only did they have a beautiful venue and location in Brecon, but the couple have a superb sense of style, and it just oozed through. Unique and fabulous. 

We are about to show you a couple of cwtches, but I also couldn’t resist showing you one of my favourites that Jake shot, amazing wedding!


A Rock and Roll Cwtch

Jake Morley Cwtch (Lou and Sam) Jake Morley Cwtch )Sam and Lou)

And another of my favourites, not a cwtch, but that jacket!!! It needed showing off….

JAke Morley Sam and Lou

In Jake’s own words about shooting this couples big day;

“My first time at the Barn at Brynich and I just knew Lou & Sams’ wedding would be awesome….nuff said”

Thank you for sharing x

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