Cwtch of the Week: Abi and her Bridesmaids by Angharad Thomas


Its cold and a bit grumpy out there, so what better than a gorgeous cwtch of a bunch of best friends!?

We have a completely delightful Cwtch of the Week for you today.  Shot by the very very lovely Angharad Thomas, this is a stunning image captured of Abi and her girls having a big squeeze of her big day.  Its such a wonderful moment. A little windswept, wellies, Welsh backdrop, gorgeous!

Over to Angharad to tell us about the shot….


Abi and her Bridesmaids


This photo for me summarises my style of work. Real! I could have taken the cars out of the photograph but for me that would be changing the moment and the memory.
This Cwtch happened at Newgale beach car park on Abi and Jonnys wedding day in August. It was the windiest day we’d had all summer but my brave Welsh bride & bridesmaids didn’t care we still got out into the elements and got some beautiful photos!
My style of photography is documentary, I do posed images too but I primarily like to take a step back and capture what is really happening. The wellies, the colours, the emotion and her dress blowing in the wind. Capturing moments like these is why I do my job and why I love it!
You should be able to look back at a photograph and feel exactly how you felt in that moment. There is so much love in this photo and I hope in 10 years time Abi can look at it and feel the freezing cold wind on her arms and the warm cwtch of her best friends
We completely adore this image! Such a fabulous moment taken by the girls to get excited and show each other how much they love each other.  Thank you for sharing Angharad xx

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