Cwtch Of The Week: Snap Festival Wedding

This weeks Cwtch of the Week is a bit different. When choosing your wedding photographer, unless you have an unlimited budget, most of us take our time. We compare styles and get in quotes. Take a look at what experience they have shooting weddings etc… There is a lot to consider before making one of the biggest decisions for the wedding.

With a show of hands tell me how many of you would go into your wedding without even knowing who was going to be there to photograph it? This brave and amazing couple made that choice. They got married at Snap Photography Festival, that takes place in the breathtaking Fforest.

This is where it becomes a little bit more intriguing. Ro and Xeco are actually a photography couple, of Click and Pum and so surprised the many other photographers in attendance, who had no clue what so ever, that they were going to be attending an actual wedding during their time at the festival.

As a result, this lovely couple actually had 100 wedding photographers!

The following image that we are featuring however, comes from just the one photographer, Lukas Piatek, and we think you will agree, it is simply beautiful.

Enjoy! x

Snap Festival Cwtch of the Week

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And even though this isn’t technically a Cwtch, we just had to include it.  The intimacy of the moment, the hand on her shoulder, her anticipation, the sinking sunlight – we cannot gush about this image enough.  Its just so beautiful.  Lets all be honest, we’re more than a little green with envy!


Image Credit: Lukas Piatek

We are always on the look out for beautiful cwtches. If you have one that you would like us to share then please email it to us at I hope that you have a lovely week and that the sun keeps shining. ~ Kate

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