Cwtch of the Week – The Ultimate Maternal Cwtch

Happy Monday everyone! And it will be a super happy morning for you once you’ve seen this.  Cwtch of the Week this week is just jaw droopingly stunning.  Sent in from the lovely Pippa Carvell, we have such a treasured and special moment to share with you.  Taken at Hollie and Steven’s wedding back in July, Pippa captured this beautiful moment that will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, and probably wanting to ring your Mums to tell them you love them! Over to Pippa to tell us how this beautiful image happened……


The Ultimate Maternal Cwtch

Take at Hollie and Steven’s wedding on 30th July 2016 at the Marriot in Swansea, this moment occurred completely naturally, which makes me love this image so much more – it wasn’t forced or encouraged at all. Hollie had been comfortable breastfeeding throughout the day and it was clear that Robyn was getting hungry during the group shots so Hollie took a break and had a quick sit down. When Hollie started feeding I didn’t hesitate to take the photograph as one of the things I love doing is capturing a wedding in its purest form, particularly all of the little intricacies and moments that make up the day. Hollie started feeding Robyn and Harley (Robyn’s big brother) ran over to play with the wedding dress.

One of the things that really shone throughout the whole day was how much Hollie adores being a mum. I think that images like this reflect a person, their family, and their love so much more than any posed ‘line-up’ shots, so I was absolutely delighted to share it with Hollie and Steve. When it received over 4,000 likes and shares on Facebook I was overwhelmed but so pleased to play a role – however small – in sharing something so natural and so normal, and something that should be accepted everywhere.


We couldn’t agree more Pippa! Having fed my boys as well, its such a beautiful moment, over and over to have with your child.  Of course, once you’ve got the hang of it, and stopped crying that you’re doing wrong, or because you put your t shirt on the wrong way around! This could not be more of an appropriate image for normalising breastfeeding. I absolutely adore it.  Thank you for sharing x

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