Cwtch of the week: Lindsey and her Dad by Maria Farrelly Photography

Good morning Cwtchers,

This weeks Cwtch of the week is a very special one to me (Lindsey) and photographed by our very own Maria Farrelly.

This week my wonderful dad is 60 years old!  I have not shared this Cwtch before but I thought it would be a nice way to let him know how much he means to me.

This moment when he first saw me in my wedding dress and the way he hugged me is one I will cherish forever.  He has always been, and continues to be such a strong role model and has worked extremely hard to ensure that I (and all his children) feel safe and secure in all our life choices.

This hug encompassed every hug I have had since a child, it told me how proud he was of me, his love and his happiness that I had met my soul mate.

A cwtch is a very powerful thing!



Image by: Maria Farrelly Photography 

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