Christy & Richard’s wedding by Aurora Wedding FIlms

Thinking of having a wedding video?  Take a look at this beautiful wedding film by Aurora and read what this bride, Christy has to say afterwards… 

Christy and Richard from Aurora Wedding Films on Vimeo.

To wedding video, or not to wedding video, that is the question. A lot of time during the wedding planning process is spent prioritising what you do and don’t want so you can stick to any budgets you’ve set yourselves.

Of course we all want to have everything but that isn’t always possible. To all those brides to be who are currently deliberating whether to take the plunge and book a wedding videographer or not, maybe this will help.

Your wedding day goes so quickly that you can’t possibly remember everything. You also can’t be everywhere at the same time so inevitably you miss parts of the day. I actually got really upset after the wedding that I couldn’t remember so much of the day but was reassured by many friends and family that it was completely normal and it would all come back to me when I saw the photographs and wedding video.

I absolutely love my wedding photographs, but there are certain aspects of the day which would never have been captured had we not have had a wedding videographer. For example, the reaction of my Dad when he first saw me in my dress, the ‘pep talk’ someone gave to Rich before the ceremony when they didn’t realise he had a microphone on, but most importantly, the kind words and wishes said by loved ones during the speeches. When I watched our wedding video for the first time it brought back so many happy memories.

I love my wedding video. It captures all the excitement of the day and it’s something we can watch in years to come as a perfect reminder of all of the love and laughter.

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  1. Hello,
    Congratulations Christy & Richard ! I’m looking for a good videographer for our wedding next summer. We decided to choose a venue close to the West Midland. The wedding will take place in a beautiful garden so I hope the weather will be nice. Everything is almost ready besides the videographer.

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