Charlotte And Steve’s Tiffany & Co Wedding by Sacha Miller

Today on the blog we have a stunning wedding beautifully captured by Sacha Miller. Charlotte and Steve’s Tiffany & Co wedding was too beautiful not to share with you. Sit back and enjoy this absolutely stunning big day. ~ KateAshley-222

How would you describe your wedding theme?

As a child I had grown up with my dads racing cars, so it was a must to have these as our wedding cars. We were always a family run team and being part of the pit crew was a norm for me! It was particularly special for us have a Welsh wedding for many reasons, Dad won his first race at Pembrey Race circuit and this lead to us having all his trophies as our sweetie buffet, a unique and fun touch.
The overall theme of the wedding was my love for Tiffanys & Co (not just the sparkles but the colour is fab too), and where my dream ring had come from! My new surname is Ashley, so we had our very own “Ashley & Co” wedding. We had a Tiffany box as our cake and used the Tiffany blue as the colour scheme. My dad even made a full sized Tiffany post box for us. We took great pleasure in making pretty much everything for our wedding from Ashley & Co gift box invitations to the table plan…. (the day before the wedding… this was a little late!)Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-036

What was your favourite part of your wedding?

To put a part of the day as our favourite is really tricky, to be honest as I am slowly finding, that many brides find it hard to remember their day as its such a lot to take in.
For us we made a weekend of celebrations with the Champagne area in Morgans on the Saturday, through to the Monday morning brunch. Having guests who travelled from India, Canada, Sierra Leone and Singapore, it was really important for us to try and spend as much time with them as possible. So I think we would both agree that having all of the special people in our lives in one room was the most incredible feeling and one we will cherish!Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-017
Tell us about your Wedding Dress

As a child girls dream of their wedding day and the Princess dress. When it is actually the time to shop for your “real”, “the one” wedding dress, it feels quite surreal.
As many of my friends are now married, and having attended their weddings in which all of them looked like a Vogue Brides, literally all my friends looked breath taking, I really hoped I would look as “wow”on my day!
I looked on the internet and remembered driving past Hannah Emily Bridal in Cardiff. I sent an email and promptly booked an appointment for a time in which my Mum and I were able to attend! I was greeted with the calm, friendly and experienced Hannah. The shop is boutique style, with a lovely atmosphere. She suggested I tried on a variety of styles as I really wasn’t sure what would suite me. Every single dress zipped up, as if it they were made for me, I even asked my Mum is she thought it was a trick mirror, I was shocked at how beautiful the dresses made me feel! I instantly knew when I put my dress on it was the one, Hannah revealed me from behind the curtain and my mum was in floods of tears! It was a fitted dress with a very unique back detail!
It was the hardest thing to keep the details of the dress a secret from the person you tell everything too!

Ashley-214Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why?

For me there was never any doubt about my Bridesmaids, since University I have been amazing friends with 4 special girls. We have lived together, holidayed, partied, danced, studied, travelled and share some amazing moments together! We are living all over the UK and even my friend Sandra lives in Singapore. As soon we meet up it is exactly where we left and is to me an extremely cherished friendship.
Kimberley was one of my oldest friends from school, we have been friends since we were 11! We have shared moments from geography trips to festivals in more recent years! My flower girl was my God daughter and is very special friends little girl Ellen.
For Steve he is very lucky to have great friends from school and also University. This made his choice trickier, he had Sam Barnett, Gethin Thomas and Mark Froome as his best men. Why have one when you can have three!! These boys have always been there for him and provided him with a very memorable Stag !!Ashley-188Ashley-083

Why did you choose your venue?

Margam Park, for me was a venue that was brought to my attention due to my work.
We went to visit on a glorious winters day, the sun was streaming through the large arched windows. We were greeted by Deborah who I cannot recommend enough. We instantly knew this was the place for us, we wanted a venue where the guests were able to move from the ceremony room though to the reception without waiting for it to be changed.
The grounds were incredible with ancient ruins, Margam Castle at the end of the path and palm tree amongst the beautiful borders of the Orangery!We booked the same day we visited, we didn’t attend any wedding fairs or other venues, we just knew that we could rely and trust the staff of the Orangery to make our day perfect and they did!Ashley-209

Tell us about your photographer

Sacha Miller, was a recommendation from Steve’s sister. We had seven years previously had a picture from their wedding which was completely natural, but the perfect picture of us laughing.We knew we wanted this kind of picture for our wedding, we choose Sacha due to his kind, calm, and professional approach!He was in the background and I often had no idea where he was, even when the weather made us rethink our “outside” shots,Sacha just said we will use the beautiful arches of the Margam Orangery! Nothing was a problem.
The photos arrived and they are slightly addictive, I keep looking at them, each time you notice different things! I like to look beyond the main subject of the picture and see the smiles of guests in the background!Ashley-212

How did the proposal happen? 

Steve had been saying he was going to take me away, it was often difficult for us to do this with Steves work commitments .
I thought nothing of it and packed the case, we headed off to London for the weekend. We arrived at The Tower Hotel in London, the our room overlooking Tower Bridge, when we arrived it was illuminated by the night sky! London is a special place, the hotel was just past St Katherine’s Dock, a favourite place of mine.
The room was stunning and full of a beautiful bouquet of red roses! The next day we headed off to a surprise location! Steve was literally blowing hot and cold, with his jacket on and off every 5 minutes, I honestly thought he was ill! He nevertheless carried on, and as it turned out it was the ring box in the coat pocket he was worried about me touching it!

We arrived to a hotel in Mayfair to my favourite afternoon tea, with a pianist and yummy champagne! Steve asked if I would like a gift, obviously I accepted I opened the box to reveal a 2 page poem. As Steve opened the box he got down on one knee and began to read, the most lovely poem. The last line was the question, I immediately said yes!! The hotel staff gave us a delicious congratulations cake and even more champagne! It was such as special day, honestly felt like I was walking on cloud nine for weeks to come, and I found it hard to stop looking at the sparkles on my finger!Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-022

What was your first dance & why?

As we both love Strictly Come Dancing, it was my dream to learn a dance! We began lessons months ago, thank goodness that Steve was able to dance, the dance instructor told me without him it wouldn’t be possible!! (so embarrassed by my two left feet). After a swift dress change, our twinkle toes were revealed and illuminated by the sparkling dance floor we performed our remix dance routine (a friend had videoed it )
We even have passed level one in Ballroom and Rock “n” roll….
All we both wanted was everyone to have a fun and happy day, expressing our love and approach to our new life together .Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-051

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently?

I wouldn’t change any element of the day, even the torrential rain didn’t put a dampener on the day! It never crossed my mind that we would have a wet Welsh Wedding but it was still perfect!Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-052

Do you have any advice for future couples?

If I can give you any advice, enjoy the moment, from the build up through to the special day! It is what you both want as a couple, many people may sway your ideas, but don’t forget the underlying meaning of the day, is the love you have for each other.
During the day take a step back and look at the venue full of your guests who have made the journey for you both, its an incredible feeling!Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-019

What’s the best piece of marriage advice you received?

Dont marry someone you can with it, marry someone you can’t live without!
Live, Laugh, Love

Remember its your day and enjoy every moment, step back, take two minutes out with your new husband or wife and remember that feeling!
We were buzzing for weeks after, marriage has changed us and our relationship. It feels new, even more perfect than before, and a different kind of closeness!
#smitten #ashley&co #mrandmrsashleyMargam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-048

The Suppliers

Photographer: Sacha Miller
Reception Venue: Margam Orangery 
Bride’s Dress: Hannah Emily Bridal
Bride’s Jewellery: Tiffany & Co
Groom’s Outfit: Moss Bros- Brogue Trader shoes
Cake: Little Spoons Cake
Flowers: Blooming Stylish 
Hair: Bridelogy
Make Up: Bridelogy

The Wedding Album


Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-001 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-002 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-003 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-004 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-005 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-006 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-007 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-008 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-009 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-010 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-011 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-012 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-013 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-014 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-015 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-016 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-017 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-018 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-019 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-020 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-021 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-022 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-023 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-024 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-025 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-026 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-027 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-028 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-029 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-030 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-031 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-032 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-033 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-034 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-035 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-036 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-037 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-038 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-039 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-040 Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-041Ashley-355Ashley-391Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-042Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-043Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-044Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-045Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-046Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-047Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-049Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-050Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-051Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-052Margam-Orangery-Wedding-260815-053

I think that you can all agree that Charlotte and Steve’s Tiffany & Co wedding was an absolute stunner. We would love to feature your lovely welsh weddings. Drop us an email at and we can tell you how. ~ Kate

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