Featured Post: Pantone Colour of the Year 2018 – Ultra Violet

Morning you lovely lot

I love December for many reasons; gorgeous jumpers, wooly scarves, festiveness all round.  But another reason, is that Pantone release their Colour of the Year, allowing us lot in the wedding industry to get our creative juices flowing!

So after last years ‘Greenery‘, which I was massively unimpressed by until I looked further into it then I fell completely in love with it! So, I was so excited to really enjoy this new, exciting colour.  

Then the ammouncement came.

So excited!

Ultra Violet,

What!?!?! I was so disappointed! I imagine lots of cadbury coloured weddings over the next 12 months. 

BUT!!!!! I should have had more faith, because as soon as I started looking, I completely fell in love with it. Its gorgeous and matches with so many shades! But I won’t be talking about what it matches with today, just letting these images speak for themselves in order to inspire you as well.


Colour Inspiration Banner Ultra Violet

UV Flowers UV Table Setting UV Wedding ONE FAB DAYImage from One Fab Day

UV Pantone swatch UV Head Dress UV Hair WEDDING CHICKSImage from Wedding Chicks

UV Guest or BM UV Groom UV Cake UV Button holes UV Bouquet

Colour Inspiration: Colour Trends for 2017

Good morning my lovelies

Choosing your colour pallet for your big day I find, is either a no brainer (you’ve known since you were 3), or you actually have no clue!

So to help you decide, we have been doing a selection of Colour Inspiration posts.  Today we are going to concentrate on the the Pantone announcement, regarding the colour of the year.  Last year, I adored! Blue Quartz and Serenity.  So pretty! 

This year is Greenery.  Its is very bold and primary, but using Pantone’s suggested pallets, the look is amazing!  Think of the foliage, the bringing nature in to your day that this inspires!

Greenery Pallets

The Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute makes a lovely statement that Greenery;

“symbolises the reconnection we with nature, one another and a larger purpose”

Its a peaceful, clam and tranquil colour, agreed. But I was struggling to imagine green taking on any kind of major role within a wedding environment.  So if you are too, then take a little look at how you can use green for your big day. I think you will be surprised, wonderfully surprised…

Colour Inspiration Banner Greenery

Colour Trends for 2017


Greenery Stationary - Pinterest Greenery Table planner Pinterest Greenery Stationary 2 Pinterest

Room Decor

Greenery Backdrop Pinterest Greenery Table Runner Pinterest Greenery Decor Pinteresthttp://www.brides.com/wedding-ideas/real-weddings/2014/04/best-wedding-venues-in-the-us?mbid=social_pinterest


Greenery Bridesmaid Pinterest


Greenery Bouquet - Aisle Perfect Greenery Buttonholes Pinterest Greenery Head dress Pinterest


Greenery Cake Pinterest Greenery Wedding Cake Pinterest

All Images: Pinterest

As unconvinced as I was when I first heard that ‘Greenery’ was to be the on trend colour of the year, after putting this together, I am totally sold on the idea! Its beautiful, close to nature and perfect for that rustic wedding.  I can imagine many weddings being held in local woodlands or forestry areas this year – and I cannot wait to see the results! 


Colour Inspiration: Powder Blue

When it comes to weddings there are certain colours that come up time and time again and powder blue is a little bit different. It is not a colour that we come across everyday and we can’t understand why? It is so blinking beautiful! The thing that we love is that it has that little nod to bygone eras. Lets hope that this post changes your mind about this breathtaking blue. 

Colour Inspiration Pwder Blue Banner

Colour Inspiration: Powder Blue

Powder blue is just a beautiful, soft and elegant colour. It’s perfect on its own but even better with a splash of white or a subtle pink, making it a wise choice for your bridesmaids. What’s more, it has a really ethereal and whimsical feel which of course I can’t get enough of. This beautiful blue is taking the wedding industry by storm with its soft and subtle appeal, which exudes romance and elegance and all kinds of prettiness.

It is a perfect colour for different wedding themes. Think how beautiful it would be for a french, rustic or even a 1950’s theme. You can decide how much or how little you want to include in your big day. Would you be brave enough to go for an Ian Stuart Bluebird gown? We are in love with this designer!

blue-dressPhoto courtesy of Ian Stuart

The one thing that I love is the fact that the men can get some colour in their outfits. How handsome would they look wearing this lovely suit? Think of a lovely warm spring day and all the groomsmen lined up having their photos taken. Your photographer would love this look. Alternatively powder blue could look amazing of a winter wonderland wedding theme, the men in tweed suits with blue accents.

Ben Yew PhotographyPhoto courtesy of Pinterest

When I got married I wanted to have that wow factor when the guests walked into the wedding breakfast. The tablescape is so important when it comes to bringing in the atmosphere of the day. Its the first thing guest see when they see when they sit down. Don’t just think about the flowers, think about the crockery and the linens. even just adding a little napkin in the powder blue can make an impact.

blue-tablesettingPhoto Courtesy of Pinterest

Start by setting the tone of the day with the invite. The guests with take note of the colours that are on the invitation and hopefully think about their outfits and which colours to steer clear of. These blue invites have a lovely feel of romance and renaisance and I adore them.

blue-invitePhoto Courtesy of Pinterest

Flowers, flowers, flowers. Now blue is not a colour your would naturally think of when it comes to flowers. Actually blue flowers are the rarest in the world and when you have a little look you can find that there are some amazing ones that will look stunning. (Hydrangeas, iris, forget-me-not and delphiniums.) I love it when they are teamed with peaches and light greens. They will look amazing next to any wedding gown and even better as a buttonhole.

blue-flowersPhoto Courtesy of Pinterset

blue-buttonholesPhoto Courtesy of Pinterest

Lastly but perhaps I should have spoken about it first! Accessories! This is the perfect way to add a splash of this delicious powder blue to your bridal look for the day. You could have your shoes, garter or your jewellery as your accent colour and they will bring a beautiful pop of colour to your big day!

Photo Courtesy of Badgley Mischka

I hope that we were able to inspire to think about a powder blue wedding. Its just so blinking pretty! Go out and buy your bridesmaids dresses and include this lovely colour in your wedding!

Colour Inspiration: Peach

Today I decided to give quite a controversial colour a whirl. Colour Inspiration: Peach.
Is just so pretty, I refuse to believe that it has been packed up into a chest along side St Elmos Fire, 16 Candals and The Breakfast Club.  It will not disappear with Martika and Dave Lee Roth’s solo career. I refuse to believe it will be left in a draw alongside my leg warmers and fish net finger less gloves.
Peach is light and happy and deserves to be brought back.  I agree that many things from the 1980s should stay right there, but peach?  Peach is not one of them.  Read on and find out why.
Anna x

Features Banner Tenplate

Colour Inspiration: Peach

We know, we know. Peach! It immediately conjures up hideous poofy 1980’s bridesmaid dresses with matching over sized hats, squashing down a fresh perm. Either that, or one of those toilet roll doll cover things, that everyone’s Nana had. You know, to make the toilet roll fancy.

But seriously – Peach! Its beautiful.

Its so soft and gentle and gives a natural feel and look. Its slightly dreamy and conjures up images of ethereal, daisy chained bridesmaids, dancing through a wheat field with pollen floating around, on a warm summers day.

It definitely wouldn’t rain if you wore peach!
(*disclaimer* Cwtch The Bride can only dream like the rest of us that the sun will shine on all you lovely Brides and Grooms.  We have no actual power over the weather)

Pair with some lovely hessian and lace, and you’re all set for that gorgeous vintage country feel.

Asos Dress PEACH

Sweet Peony PEACH

Dear Florence PEACH 2

Rachel Simpson Peach Shoes JPEG

Forbesfield PEACH Peony

Bridesmaid Dress – Coast at Asos

Bride held Bouquet – Sweet Peony

Room Decor – Dear Florence

Shoes – Rachel Simpson at Elegant Steps

Bottom Bouquet – Forbesfield Flowers

I mean come on! Look how beautiful it is! So, I hereby announce that peach is once more, on trend.  Go forth and peach it up, and please, share your photos with us! xx 


Fabulous Floral High Street Fashion

June is here and we’re starting to feel all summery here at Cwtch HQ, so what better to talk about than fabulous florals?! Some of the other Cwtch ladies are going to be talking to you about flowers but I am more obsessed with floral high street fashion!

While researching my High Street Bridesmaid Dresses post I came across a number of gorgeous floral dresses, perfect for a floral bridesmaid theme or to wear if you are a guest at a summer wedding. Here are some of my favourite floral frocks:




One of my favourite floral trends at the moment are these fabulous crowns, I wish I could wear one every day! Here are some of my favourites along with some other gorgeous floral hair accessories:


Even the boys can join in and co-ordinate by wearing some of these more manly florals!


I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at my fantasy floral shopping list! Would you wear any of these to a summer wedding? If you have a gorgeous floral outfit we would love to see it!

Charlie x