The 2014 Wedding Collection by Ears & Whiskers and With Love From Bobbin

A few weeks ago, I was invited to attend a special preview for a brand new wedding collection by Ears & Whiskers & With Love From Bobbin. Its the first time these lovely ladies have collaborated and I was very keen to see the collection up close as well as show my support. It was also a great chance to catch up with other industry friends and of course drink lots of procecco (which is customary at these sorts of events…honest!) You’ll be pleased to know I also took lots of pictures too :)

All photographs in this post are by me, Maria Farrelly Photography

The Wedding Collection

So, Who are Ears & Whiskers and With Love From Bobbin?


Oh my, if you’ve not heard of these ladies where have you been hiding?

Sophie (on the right) is a Bridal Couture Designer and her company is called Ears & Whiskers.  Ashley (on the left) creates the most incredible bespoke bridal accessories and her company is called With Love From Bobbin.

Both of these lovely ladies are based in Wales! and we’re very lucky to have them.

The Collection


When I first saw the collection, my inital thought was, oh my, the gowns are see-through! Erm…not knowing what to say out loud…I thought..ok… this is very different…very edgy and for the very brave.

What I didn’t notice, were the two slip dresses to the side. Sophie (the designer) explains,”A bride would choose one of the slips which would be worn underneath her chosen gown“. Arh, that made sense. I LOVED that idea!

It then instantly became apparent just how fabulous and feminine this collection is. A bride isn’t restricted to choosing just a dress, this collaborative collection allows a bride to create a complete unique look.  Combining various pieces; The slip (available in different shades), the dress itself and then the accessories. There are so many different looks that can be achieved. I was hooked!

The Slip


The Bridal Gowns

The detail in these gown are incredible. Take a look…

Ears&Whiskers001 Ears&Whiskers003Ears&Whiskers005 Ears&Whiskers006 Ears&Whiskers007 Ears&Whiskers008

Ears&Whiskers009Ears&Whiskers002Ears&Whiskers010 Ears&Whiskers011 Ears&Whiskers012 Ears&Whiskers013 Ears&Whiskers014 Ears&Whiskers015 Ears&Whiskers016Ears&Whiskers023




Ears&Whiskers018Ears&Whiskers017Ears&Whiskers020Ears&Whiskers019 Ears&Whiskers021
The Accessories

This collection by With love from Bobbin is simply timeless. They pieces each ooze style, individuality and give a courtesy to glamourous bygone era’s such as the 20’s. I only wish I could find an excuse to wear these everyday. 

With_love_from_bobbin001 With_love_from_bobbin002 With_love_from_bobbin003 With_love_from_bobbin004 With_love_from_bobbin005 With_love_from_bobbin006 With_love_from_bobbin007 With_love_from_bobbin008

If you would like to find out more about this collection or to make an appointment to view it, you can contact Sophie & Ashley directly and they’d be more than happy to help.

Review: The Marine Spa, St Davids Hotel, Cardiff Bay

Charlie and I were recently invited to review The Marine Spa, St Davids Hotel, Cardiff Bay. I have to say, with all these weddings I’m shooting at the moment, the late night editing and drafting of blog posts, I was rather excited at the thought of a spa day. All for work purposes of course :) The images in this post are taken by me (Maria Farrelly Photography) unless otherwise stated.Marine Spa review


I did of course bring my camera along to show you all just how fabulous this day was and Charlie is here too to give you a run-down of what we both got up to. Over to you Charlie! 

When I was asked if I would like to go along and help review the St David’s Hotel Marine Spa I absolutely jumped at the chance and I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute. When Maria and I arrived we were given robes and slippers and told we could help ourselves to towels. The changing rooms were warm, clean and spacious and there were plenty of lockers. The pool area was so warm it was like being abroad, but unlike being abroad the pool was warm too! Stepping into the Jacuzzi was like stepping into a nice hot bath and we spent our morning lying in the hot bubbles looking out at the gorgeous view over the Bay- heavenly.


Lunch was served upstairs in the private dining area which had incredible views across the bay. It even had its own private lift so we didn’t have to walk through the hotel in our robes :) We were treated to a glass of bubbly and a fabulous light lunch before having our treatments.




After lunch, we were taken to the lounge area to await our treatments. The views alone where incredible!



I had chosen to have the Salt & Oil Scrub and the Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage.  Maria had the Express Facial and Head massage. Jade did my treatments for me and started with the scrub which is designed to exfoliate and get rid of dry skin while making your skin silky soft. It was so relaxing, I was lying on a hot water pillow (which I really want at home now!) and the room itself was cosy and warm.


In between having the scrub and the massage Jade instructed me to rinse off in the shower, what she didn’t warn me was that it was a cold shower! I am such a wimp I didn’t stay in there for long. But once dry I got back on my hot water pillow and all was forgiven when the massage started! The whole experience was very peaceful and relaxing and I would thoroughly recommend this for any brides-to-be who want to de-stress in the days leading up to the wedding. The massage was incredibly relaxing and the salt & oil scrub left my skin so soft and smooth afterwards.

JZ0C3236Charlie having a her back, neck & shoulder massage

With my treatments, it was impossible for me to take pictures at the same time but oh my…what a fabulous experience!  I had never had an express facial before and could not believe how soft my face felt afterwards (like a baby!). What fascinated me most was the sensory test Kate conducted before the treatments. The sensory test is given as the body choses the oil depending on how the body is feeling – i.e. If you say you want to feel relaxed, the body will naturally choose the correct oil for what it really wants.  Coupled with the Head Massage, I was amazed at how rejuvenated I felt. Here’s a cheeky selfie for you to check out my skin after the treatments

express facial


Image source

When my treatments were over I asked if I could have a fresh robe as mine was quite damp by that point, then I went into the relaxation room (where there are wicker chair-beds with big cosy duvets!) to wait for Maria and could have quite easily fallen asleep!  I would definitely love to go back and try the other treatments they offer, hopefully I will soon!


Image source

We didn’t get to experience everything but for those wanting to, you can look forward to not only the indoor swimming pool, sauna, a water corridor that leads to swan neck fountains but also hydro therapy spa pools and a fully equipped gym. And for pampering, there is a huge range of luxury treatments available as well as those everyday must-haves such as manicures, pedicures and tanning.


Image source

Guest passes for the day to use facilities, hydrotherapy pool, relax lounge, waves, gym, and juice bar are £25 Monday-Wednesday and £35 Thursday-Sunday. You can check out their latest Spa day offers here. Also, how about having a pamper day with your other half? Spa days aren’t just for ladies! We were informed they do have quiet a lot of men that enjoy a variety of treatments. Why not treat your other half? 

couples roomImage source

Thanks again to The Marine Spa for inviting us along to experience and review their facilities.

If you would like us to review your business and share our experience with our readers then email us at