Penarth Pier Proposal

“You may have heard about this in the local press recently. However, we’re thrilled to have the shocked bride-to-be Louisa sharing her side of the story for all of us here at Cwtch The Bride.  We LOVE a good proposal story and this boy certainly did good!  Lets hand you over to Louisa to tell you all about it.” 

penarth pier proposal 02It’s been almost two weeks and I am still in shock about how my boyfriend proposed to me. It was the night of our first year anniversary and I was really looking forward to going out for a meal to celebrate, little did I know though about what he was planning.

We went to one of my favourite local restaurants by the pier called the Fig Tree, and half way through our meal I noticed that the pier looked all lit up with fairy lights, thinking nothing of it I pointed it out to my boyfriend and he casually remarked we should go and have a look at what’s going on there after we had finished our meal. It never once crossed my mind that those lights could be for me.

penarth pier proposal 08

Once we had finished our meal, I did start to think he was acting a little twitchy as he was really insistent that he wanted to go outside and have a look at the pier.  I went along with it, but I left my bag in the restaurant as I thought we were going back, when he found this out he raced back in a grabbed my bag for me.  We walked up to the gates of the pier and it was locked, but luckily the pier master arrived with the key to let us in, it was only after the proposal that I found out that the pier is usually shut by this time and that Andrew had arranged it especially to be open just for us.

Once we got to the entrance of the pier, I could see that there was a run way lit up with tea lights, I still had no idea as I just thought there was something going on on the pier, but then he pointed to the side, and there surrounded by tea lights in a shape of a heart was a warm hot water bottle and fleece which he picked up and said this is for you.  I just looked at him bewildered and said why’s this for me?  He just took me by the hand and led me round the corner.  Once we turned the corner I could see the whole pier had been lit up and there was a pathway of lights leading to the end, it all looked so magical.  Then music started playing and I realised it was Jose Gonzalez’s Heartbeats, which is our special song.  I turned to him again and said did you do this?  He just smiled and laughed a little and said no no not me.  We carried on walking and by this stage I really didn’t know what to think, I was so confused, I was just looking round at all the lights a bit too shocked to speak.  Then he stopped at the first table and gave me a bunch of red roses, and then asked if I would like some champagne which was on the next table.

penarth pier proposal 11

I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing; it was finally sinking in that he had done all this for me!  I was speechless.  Finally he led me to the end of the pier where there was a red heart lit up on the floor and a little table covered in lights, then he reached over and picked up a box from the table, hidden underneath a bag of popcorn (my favourite food).

penarth pier proposal-01

Then he got down on one knee, I don’t think the words will you marry me had left his mouth before I blurted out oh my god yes!  By this point I thought I really couldn’t believe what was happening!  The first thing he did was give me a big hug and a kiss then spun me round to watch the fireworks he had prepared for this moment.  The fireworks were beautiful and it was such a brilliant way to finish off the proposal.  What makes this proposal even more special, is that Andrew was my first ever boyfriend when I was a teenager and now I can say he will be my last boyfriend too.

penarth pier proposal12


I think you can agree with me that Louisa is one lucky lady. If you would like to share your proposal story please email 

Nina & Alun’s pre-wedding photoshoot at Cosmeston Lakes, Penarth by Elaine Williams Photography

We love a good pre-wedding/engagement shoot on Cwtch The Bride. And today, we’re pleased to be sharing this super lovely one taken at Cosmeston Lakes, Penarth courtesy of Elaine Williams Photography.

Lets hand you other to the couple, Nina & Alun as they tell us a bit more about how they met  

“You two should get together”… we had heard this a hundred times!

How we met

Alun and I met 8 years ago in the bustling restaurant of Ikea. He was an ambitious young boy with dreadlocks and I was a very skint girl working two jobs. We got on straight away but a year and a half later I left Ikea. Alun and I didn’t really keep in touch when I left and to be honest I don’t think either of us gave each other a second thought.


2 years later and I was back at Ikea and who was still there… Alun! The dreadlocks had gone and he was now a senior co-worker. Our friendship hit it off again and we spent lots of time talking and realising we actually had a lot in common. Then came the summer party where Al and I first kissed, naturally we were the talk of the restaurant the next day but in my head that’s all it was, a drunken kiss. Fast forward to the Christmas party a year later and we were sat talking at a table where all our co-workers kept telling us we should “get together”. I remember Al looking at me and saying “why not?” I had my hesitations as we worked together but thought what have I got to lose?


We kept our relationship quiet for the first three months to see how it went but 3 years later and here we are!

The Proposal

In March 2015 Al and I took our first holiday on our own to Tenerife. Whilst we were there Al suggested we book a trip to Teide by night. They take you to the top of Teide Volcano at night and it is one of the only places in the world you can see all the star constellations. We stopped half way up to watch the sun set then carried on up the volcano. I remember stepping off the bus when we reached the top and looking up… it was absolutely breath taking, I had never seen so many stars. We spent an hour at the top with a guide pointing out all the constellations, it was pitch black and by the end I could not feel my toes from the cold. Afterwards they took us to a little Spanish restaurant for a meal. When we arrived back at the hotel I was still buzzing from the experience. I sat on the balcony trying to see if I could see any of the constellations and the next thing I know Al is on one knee in front of me. At first I thought he was joking and my response was “what are you doing you idiot” but I knew he was serious when he pulled out the most beautiful ring… of course I said YES! I couldn’t believe he had managed to keep it a secret and the ring had been in the safe the whole time… I had been in the safe a hundred times!

The Wedding

We are getting married in Greece in September 2016 and I am running round at the moment trying to organise everything. I didn’t realise how stressful planning a wedding can be, but I know it will all be worth it in the end.

woodland-engagement-cardiff-wedding-photographer-002 woodland-engagement-cardiff-wedding-photographer-003woodland-engagement-cardiff-wedding-photographer-008 woodland-engagement-cardiff-wedding-photographer-010 woodland-engagement-cardiff-wedding-photographer-011 woodland-engagement-cardiff-wedding-photographer-012 woodland-engagement-cardiff-wedding-photographer-013 woodland-engagement-cardiff-wedding-photographer-014 woodland-engagement-cardiff-wedding-photographer-015 woodland-engagement-cardiff-wedding-photographer-016 woodland-engagement-cardiff-wedding-photographer-017 woodland-engagement-cardiff-wedding-photographer-018 woodland-engagement-cardiff-wedding-photographer-019 woodland-engagement-cardiff-wedding-photographer-020 woodland-engagement-cardiff-wedding-photographer-021 woodland-engagement-cardiff-wedding-photographer-022 woodland-engagement-cardiff-wedding-photographer-023 woodland-engagement-cardiff-wedding-photographer-024 woodland-engagement-cardiff-wedding-photographer-025 woodland-engagement-cardiff-wedding-photographer-026 woodland-engagement-cardiff-wedding-photographer-027 woodland-engagement-cardiff-wedding-photographer-028 woodland-engagement-cardiff-wedding-photographer-029 woodland-engagement-cardiff-wedding-photographer-030

Pre Wedding Shoot: Beth & Paul at Mumbles Pier by Maria Farrelly

On Monday we briefly introduced you to Beth & Paul, today we have their Pre-Wedding Shoot by our own favourite Maria Farrelly. We also hear all about the proposal, and how they got to it, from the lovely couple. Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly008


Our proposal story is really less about the proposal and more about how we got there. It was really improbable that we would ever meet, or maybe it was fate and we always would have.

In 2007 I had come out of a long relationship and needed a fresh start. I found a houseshare online and bravely moved in with a couple of strangers. Paul was a good friend of one of my new housemates. We moved in the same friendship group for a few months, sharing our love of photography. Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly084

On Paul’s birthday that year we went for a carvery with our group of friends. Paul suggested going to Mumbles for dessert. I didn’t know him that well at the time and laughed at the prospect of driving for an hour each way to get pudding. When I found out he was serious and we did indeed go to Mumbles for pudding I knew this was a man who was going to be important in my life.

Two weeks after we started officially dating, I was offered a job in London. This could have been the end of the early seeds of our relationship. Instead, it was the start of 18 months of driving up and down the M4 every weekend before Paul quit his job and moved to London. London is a difficult and expensive place to live and after living together there and then apart again for a bit we realised that our future only made sense together and in Wales. Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly064


One of my first encounters with Beth was at a party where she complimented me on my shoes.  I later discovered that shoes are a big thing in Beth’s life.

I knew that I had to pick a place that was special to us when I proposed so it was a choice of two places: the location of our first date out to Raglan Castle, or Mumbles which has always been special to us.  I engineered a weekend that involved both locations on consecutive days and bravely bottled it at the top of Raglan Castle, so on to the Mumbles it was. Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly071

Back to the shoes obsession… as I was plucking up the courage to pop the question by the lighthouse in Mumbles, Beth was being all romantic; listing how many shoes of different colours she owned.  When she added that we had to head back to top up the car parking ticket, the romance was palpable so down on one knee I got.  Presenting the ring, I was mugged by Beth’s inner magpie which swooped in and took the ring before then apologising and saying “yes”.

As Maria quickly discovered on our photoshoot, our relationship is built on laughter. I guess it runs in the family given Beth’s Dad’s reaction to us announcing our engagement. “Mumbles? Oooh nice…. Did you have pudding?” Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly029

The Shoot

Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly003 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly004 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly006 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly008 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly013 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly015 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly026 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly029 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly032 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly036 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly037 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly039 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly040 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly041 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly044 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly046 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly048 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly051 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly052 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly064 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly067 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly069 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly071 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly074 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly077 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly082 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly084 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly088 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly089



Cardiff Airport Proposal

A few weeks ago Sylvie & Joan was asked by the lovely Tjin to help him plan a marriage proposal for his beautiful lady Jess.

Tjin flew into Cardiff Airport on the couple’s second anniversary. Jess was waiting to collect him at arrivals

Here’s what happened…Happy Valentine’s!

Airport Proposal from Ryan Owen Eddleston on Vimeo.

Congratulations Tjin and Jess! xxx

Engagement Rings: The beautiful Clogau Compose Range

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the Clogau Compose range today. These Engagement rings are beautiful and an incredible gift to open this christmas! Lets hand you over to the fabulous Welsh based company, Clogau to tell you all about them.


Compose-rings-group (2)You have laughed together, cried together and you are the best of friends – fabulous times have been shared and memories have been made together with a lifetime of happiness and opportunity ahead of you both. How on earth will you find an engagement ring that captures the very essence and all the milestones in your relationship we hear you cry? Through creating a personal and bespoke Clogau Compose engagement ring together.

Our customers tell us that they love our style, the unique and rare connection to Wales through the gold used by Princes and Princesses and these are some of the reasons why they have been excited by composing their very own unique engagement ring.

The romantic ideals behind compose let you play a role in composing a ring that is the ultimate expression of your love, hopes and dreams and a reflection on your life together – unified in a personal heirloom piece.

The inspirations behind the current range which comprises of six ring designs are from real life brides – they are all quintessentially Clogau in appearance and essence and complement our customers’ personalities – glamourous, bohemian, classic, modern, romantic and trendsetting.

Let us introduce two of our truly sublime engagement ring designs and bride personalities which we feel begins to reflect the romance and aspirational qualities that every bride dreams of.

Bella – The Romantic Bride


An eternal romantic who has always dreamt of the perfect fairytale wedding. She wears her heart on her sleeve and her presence is always dignified and graceful. She is passionate yet playful, exuberant yet sensitive and always elegantly composed.

Capella – The Classic Bride


Preferring timeless elegance and embracing tradition whilst complementing this with her unique personality and style. She is both classic and classy, incorporating family traditions with her love of subtle luxury and aspirational vintage elegance. The brightest star in the sky.

There are currently four more personalities that we’d like to introduce to you over the coming weeks. We hope that their sentiments, styles and aspirations will engage with you and inspire you to create your own dream ring that reflects all you mean to each other.


We hope you will join us to meet our next two brides in a couple of weeks!

To find out more about Clogau Compose go to


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Cwtch the Bride only accepts sponsored posts from companies we think will be useful to you :)