Engagement Shoot: Rebecca & Dave by Christopher Ian

Good morning all! You will remember, 10 days ago, we featured Rebecca and Daves Cwtch of the Week, taken from their Engagement Shoot in the breathtaking Pen Y Pass  in North Wales with Christopher Ian. Well today, we get to show you the entire, beautiful shoot!  These two, along with Christopher, chose an absolutely beautiful backdrop in which to have this shoot. Its rugged beauty is such a contrast to the gentle cwtches Rebecca and Dave give each other.  But don’t listen to me, listen to Christopher, and have a look for yourself……..  

Engagement Shoot Slim

Engagement Shoot: Rebecca & Dave by Christopher Ian

 Rebecca & Dave had their engagement shoot in the heart of the welsh countryside near Pen y Pass, a stunning mountainous region with incredible views. These guys really wanted to create images that were full of dramatic backdrops and really appreciated the fine art photography approach.
The environment really sells that so easily but what made it truly amazing were these guys, I have never laughed so much in all my time photographing engagements and weddings! Their wedding is going to be incredible, a wonderful location in Criccieth in Cardigan Bay, in the Eifionydd area of Gwynedd in Wales. Come back soon to see how their wedding was just as awesome as their engagement…

Wales-Engagement-Photographer-6-1020x649 Wales-Engagement-Photographer-7-1020x680 Wales-Engagement-Photographer-8-1020x680 Wales-Engagement-Photographer-9-1020x680 Wales-Engagement-Photographer-11-1020x669 Wales-Engagement-Photographer-12-1020x661 Wales-Engagement-Photographer-13-1020x635 Wales-Engagement-Photographer-14-1020x619 Wales-Engagement-Photographer-15-1020x639 Wales-Engagement-Photographer-16-1020x663 Wales-Engagement-Photographer-17-1020x651 Wales-Engagement-Photographer-18-1020x656 Wales-Engagement-Photographer-22-1020x680 Wales-Engagement-Photographer-23-1020x680

Its just beautiful guys! What a stunning setting for such an exciting shoot! Thank you for sharing x


Cwtch of the Week: A Hill Top Cwtch

Happy Monday once again lovely Cwtchers!  Gorgeous shot today for Cwtch of the Week, not only of a gorgeous couple, Hannah and Owen, on their engagement shoot captured by the fabulous Michelle Huggleston (awesome surname, we know!), but it shoes off one of Wales’ most beautiful spots!  Over to Michelle and Hannah the B2B to tell us a bit about it and their engagement story…….

COTW Banner

Cwtch of the Week: A Hilltop Cwtch

This was taken at the breathtaking Worm’s Head in the Gower. It’s one of my favourite places and where my lovely couple got engaged, so it was a perfect place to shoot their engagement session!
Meet Hannah and Owen, getting married on 1st June 2017 at The Corran in Laughne.

Michelle Huggleton COTW (Hannah and Owen)

Hannah’s Story:  Owen and I met in Swansea University, Owen then asked me on a date. He swept me off my feet and took me to Worms Head, Rhossili, Gower, Swansea. He packed a picnic basket and we sat on the cliff top watching the sun set, from that moment on I knew he was a keeper.

After 5 Years of been together Owen set up the same scenario for breakfast. He then got down on one knee and asked me to Marry him, without any hesitation I said YES. 

He then planned a fantastic weekend of celebrations, with friends and family.

Wedding planning started off challenging, However once we set our hearts on The Corran, Laugharne, things started falling into place. We would love a very casual wedding and this setting provides that. We hope to celebrate with family and close friends to start the next chapter of our lives together in June 2017. 

Fabulous – we just love a love story.  Thank you Michelle, Hannah and Owen for sharing, a gorgeous way to start the week.  And to top it off lovely cwtchers, we have the full E-Shoot to show you in a couple of weeks, so keep an eye out! x

Engagement Shoot: Becky and Lyndsey Seaside Shoot by Rocksalt

Morning everyone!
So last Monday, you will remember the gorgeous Cwtch of the Week of Becky and Lyndsey on Sully Beach, including their bundle of beautiful fluff, King Charles Spaniel, Toby.  Well we have another treat for you, Hannah from Rocksalt has fabulously sent over the entire E-shoot for you to enjoy and to brighten up your Thursday.  Over to the girls to tell you all about their story…..


Engagement Shoot Slim

Engagement Shoot: Becky and Lyndsey Seaside Shoot by Rocksalt

Lyndsey and I met on a dating website during January 2014 and after a lot of messaging and talking on the phone we arranged to go on our first date.



Our first date was at a local coffee shop on Barry Island and we instantly got a long. We walked along the sea front and around the point and for me, wearing of my hangover and nerves. After a long walk and talking to many strangers on the way, we then went for a drink where Lyndsey completely kicked my butt at pool. I knew we were going to get on.



We got engaged when we went away camping in May 2015. It was a gorgeous sunny day and Lyndsey took Toby (our dog) for a walk across the field and sat down on the side of the bank.  As I watched her I thought this was the perfect time. I grabbed a bottle of preseco and the ring and went to join her on the bank and after a few glasses of bubbles I asked her to marry me. She cried a lot (I hoped with joy), so i said is that a yes then? Of course it’s a big fat yes, was Lyndsey’s reply.


Even though we were already engaged Lyndsey waited for the right time to ask me and give me my engagement ring. It was perfect. We went away, around about a year after our engagement, stayed in a really nice hotel just outside Bath. We were sitting on the band stand having a glass or two of bubbles when Lyndsey showed me the ring and asked if I would be her wife? Without hesitation of course I said yes.

We haven’t started planning a wedding yet but plans will start next year ready for 2018.  Becky_Lyndsey-12 Becky_Lyndsey-13 Becky_Lyndsey-15 Becky_Lyndsey-17 Becky_Lyndsey-20 Becky_Lyndsey-22 Becky_Lyndsey-23 Becky_Lyndsey-25 Becky_Lyndsey-27 Becky_Lyndsey-30 Becky_Lyndsey-31 Becky_Lyndsey-34 Becky_Lyndsey-35 Becky_Lyndsey-37

Thank you so much for sharing this with us girls, its a truly loving shoot, beautifully captured by Rocksalt Photography.  And that dog!!! We love Toby.  A lot xx

Mini Engagement Shoot: Ed and Jo by Rocksalt

Whilst having a little Facebook stalk of our amazing Welsh photographers, I came across this gorgeous Mini Engagement Shoot: Ed and Jo by Rocksalt.  The wonderful Hannah at Rocksalt then sent over these beautiful images of Ed and his wonderful Welsh bride Jo, and told us a bit more about it – we cannot wait to see the images from their wedding party -read on and I think you will agree…..

Engagement Shoot Ed and Jo

Mini Engagement Shoot: Ed and Jo by Rocksalt

Ed and his gorgeous new wife, Jo had an intimate ceremony at Chester Zoo a couple of weeks ago and in June will be having a blessing in a little chapel and then wedding party at Ed’s family farm where there will be little piglets running riot and home brewed ale to enjoy! I can’t wait for this wedding!!

All images by Rocksalt Photography

EdJo-1 EdJo-2 EdJo-3 EdJo-4 EdJo-5 EdJo-6 EdJo-7


Oh my! This is so pretty, and how awesome does the wedding party sound!? Piglets! Running! Like, everywhere! And then the ale? Goodness, this sounds like perfection! Thank you for sharing Hannah! x


Kerry and Tom’s beautiful Snowdonia Engagement Shoot

As much as we LOVE to feature real welsh weddings on Cwtch The bride, we do strongly believe that an engagement shoot is well worth the investment if you can stretch that budget a bit further. Engagement shoots or pre-wedding shoots (as some call them) are a great way to work with your photographer before the big day. This is the perfect icebreaker particularly if you are nervous in front of the camera. 

Today we are sharing Kerry & Tom’s Engagement shoot by Amy & Omid Photography. Lets hand you over this lovely Husband & Wife photography team to tell you all about this beautiful photo-shoot in Snowdonia. Kerry_and_Tom-1

Snowdonia Engagement Shoot by Amy and Omid Photography

Having lived in North Wales in the first two years of our own marriage, it was so exciting for us to come back for Kerry and Tom’s pre-wedding shoot! We just love Beddgelert, a picturesque village in Snowdonia. It also happens to be where Tom grew up – lucky him!

Kerry_and_Tom-3The shoot was beautiful. We met in Tom’s mother’s home by the Glaslyn river to get to know them as a couple and their ideas for the wedding day. Their vision for the engagement shoot was impressive – Beddgelert is Tom’s home, and they wanted that to come out in the pictures. For the first shot of the day, Tom and Kerry sat on a stone wall with the historic church and majestic snow-capped Moel Hebog in the background. The photo happens to be the view from Tom’s childhood home. And years later here is Tom with the girl of his dreams in the same spot — how romantic! From then on the shoot unfolded naturally as we went for a walk together through the village, then along the footpath and into the wild, stunning Glaslyn Gorge.


As a couple who got married in Snowdonia, whose passion for photography was kindled in North Wales, it was such a joy for us to return for this shoot. It was a reminder of why it has such a special place in our hearts. There is so much variation in Kerry and Tom’s photos — from the snowy-mountain backdrop to the railway tracks of the Welsh Highland Railway. Our favourite shots are the very last ones of the day. Kerry and Tom were great sports and so we went off the path and into the moss-covered woods. All they had to do was be themselves as a couple as they sat on a really, really old, moss-covered stone wall ruin and we simply snapped away. And, of course, a mandatory tightly squished cwtch to finish off the shoot!

Kerry_and_Tom-4 Kerry_and_Tom-5 Kerry_and_Tom-6 Kerry_and_Tom-7 Kerry_and_Tom-8 Kerry_and_Tom-9 Kerry_and_Tom-10 Kerry_and_Tom-11 Kerry_and_Tom-12 Kerry_and_Tom-13 Kerry_and_Tom-14 Kerry_and_Tom-15 Kerry_and_Tom-16 Kerry_and_Tom-17 Kerry_and_Tom-18 Kerry_and_Tom-19 Kerry_and_Tom-20 Kerry_and_Tom-21 Kerry_and_Tom-22

 These are just wonderful aren’t they? What a gorgeous couple with an absolutely breathtaking backdrop. Lovely lovely x