Midweek Mini: Nicola & Jon’s Secret Wedding

Homemade Bride Kate is presiding over this week’s Midweek Mini to tell us all about her friends’ secret wedding…

Being in the wedding business one of the most common things that I hear is how expensive weddings are. I always tell my brides that the only part that is really important is the actual ceremony, the rest of it is all decorative. This could not have been more true for Nicola and Jon .

My friends had been engaged for years and whenever we asked when they were getting married they just keep telling us “We are getting married on Tuesday.” They never actually ever told us which Tuesday. You can imagine my surprise one day, when scrolling through Facebook, that I had a friend’s name come up that I didn’t recognise. I clicked on the profile to see that Nicola and Jon had secretly got married. It was just the two of them. They hadn’t told a soul. They had asked two random people to be their witnesses and yes, for those of you who were wondering, it was a Tuesday!

I asked Nicola what her favourite wedding day memory was and this is what she told me:

I’ve been thinking long and hard about one favourite memory and to be honest I couldn’t think of just one. Although as you know not everyone’s idea of a conventional wedding, I loved every moment of our secret day. From sneaking out of the house so the neighbours wouldn’t see us in our wedding clothes, the ceremony just being us and our lovely little honeymoon in Mid Wales. But I must say that this is my favourite photo. Caught off guard not posed, I think it shows exactly how I was feeling: complete and utter love.



We would love to hear your favourite wedding day memory or moment. Get in touch with us by emailing charlie@cwtchthebride.com

Midweek Mini: Anna’s Favourite Memory

We get so many real wedding submissions from our lovely readers that unfortunately we can’t feature them all, but between us we have come up with this idea for a midweek mini feature where we can share some of these moments.

Wednesday is going to become the day where we share readers favourite memories from their wedding days with some of their favourite photos to boot. So we really want you to get in touch!

We’re kicking off this week with the lovely Anna who works hard behind the scenes at Cwtch HQ, if you were at Cwtchfest you would have met her on the door (she is the one with the rather big baby bump!). Over to Anna:

All images in this post are by the fabulous Maria Farrelly Photography

All images in this post are by the fabulous Maria Farrelly Photography

My Favourite Memory

I feel like I should tell you about our first dance, as it is one of my favorites. We felt like the only people in the room.
But I think for me, my favourite memory is when things started to go a bit wrong! Sounds strange but let me explain. We got engaged Valentines Day 2010 and didn’t get married until August 2011. I had 18 months, let completely loose, to plan! All I had to do was run things by Rich to make sure he didn’t hate anything.
18 months. To start with it was fun but it soon became challenging,  almost competitive as so many of our friends were also getting married that year.  I wanted it to be unique. I became quite obsessive about finding the best this, or that thing that no one else would have.
18 months.
On the morning of the big day, everything was going great. We were all dressed and ready and looking fabulous.
The wedding was at 12pm and it was 11.48.
No wedding car.
Something very odd happened at that moment. Everyone started to get a bit stressy,  my bridesmaids sprang into action and put their work heads on and started ringing people for explanations and solutions.
But I just stood there.
It was at that point that I realised, 18 months of planning, and I could no longer give two hoots whether I got there in the vintage rolls Royce or on foot. I didn’t care what it looked like. I just wanted to get there and marry my best friend. Nothing else mattered anymore. I felt a little stupid for getting so obsessive with everything but no longer cared.
So, with the help of my amazing photographer (Maria), who drove my bridesmaids to the church, I got loaded rolled and stuffed, with a lot of laughter, into the back of my Dad’s Mazda, with my sister squashed in beside me and mum in the front, and got driven to my amazing future husband by my Dad.
That is my favorite part of the day. When I realised that all the peripherals I thought was going to make our day amazing, were just padding. They just didn’t matter.

Oh Anna we love this! And it’s so true, none of it really matters compared to getting married to your other half! If you want to share your favourite memory please email it along with up to 10 images (don’t forget to tell us who took them) to charlie@cwtchthebride.com