Happy 3rd Birthday To Us!

YAY! Not only is it the most romantic day of the year today but we are also celebrating our 3rd Birthday!

Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us….


Cwtch The Bride has come a long way in three years. We’re now averaging over 20,000 views a month, we’ve introduced our super popular LUSH LIST and organised Wales’ first major Wedding Festival, CWTCHFEST. We’ve also been shortlisted for some very prestigious awards and rubbed shoulders with some of the worlds best wedding bloggers.

But shhh… none of us are professional writers. I for one take photographs for a living and find this writing malarky really hard at times. It really is a labour of love.

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This whole blog was a crazy idea I had that has somehow snowballed into this beautiful loveable monster which I wouldn’t change for the world.

Three is a good age to be. As a blog, we’ve found our feet, our voice and our curiosity is telling us to try even more new things. We now collaborate with more creatives businesses, explore more ideas and push all those buttons!

Lucky for us, Wales has a great wedding industry that supports our development. Without all these local welsh wedding businesses investing in us, we wouldn’t be able to grow. And all of my crazy ideas would simply remain ideas. So a huge thank you to everyone that has been involved in Cwtch The Bride, I love you all dearly.


I guess if we were to be called that, I’d take the role of Hannibal (not Lecter). I’m sure they’d be arguments over who’d be BA Baracas or Murdoch…  I’m not saying a word!


My team is simply the best! The Cwtch Team has grown a lot over the years. These ladies above (besides me in the black) have been more than just work colleagues. They were initially my clients who had each booked me to photograph their weddings. They then each became voluntary writers for the blog and now… we’re all firm friends! I love them all to bits.

Some have now had babies and have reluctantly moved on (once you become a cwtch girl, its hard to leave) However, I now have some equally talented and inspiring ladies now working with me which I’m looking forward to introducing very soon.

What has now become very clear to me as the blog continues to grow is that Cwtch The Bride is more than just a resource for couples and the Welsh Wedding Industry. Its a community. A place for brides to not only seek inspiration but to share their own experiences and offer their own unique advice. I cannot wait to see where the next 12 months will take us.

So… today… lets eat cake, sip prosecco, party and make a toast to the best wedding blog in Wales!


Cake by The Little Cake Cupboard. Image by Maria Farrelly Photography

A surprise….

Make sure you pop back to the blog this afternoon. We have a fabulous Valentines Day offer you are going to love!

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And finally… if you have woken up this morning to a beautiful wedding proposal and find yourself now engaged. A HUGE congratulations from all of us here at Cwtch The Bride! We are ridiculously happy for you!

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Midweek Mini: Lindsey, Mark & Raspberry Jam

Our midweek mini feature this week was written by the lovely Lindsey. Lindsey was one half of the amazing duo who worked so hard to help make CWTCHFEST a reality and you will be seeing a lot more of this lady on the blog in the future.

All images in this post are by Maria Farrelly Photography.


There are so many wonderful moments from our day that I will hold dear.


One of my favourites that I want to share with you guys on Cwtch was a moment on the dance floor in the middle of our band’s second set.

Our band Raspberry Jam blew us all away- we had been so relaxed about the whole wedding planning process we had managed to find a band that we didn’t even have to pay a deposit.  We were not even sure they would show up  and when they did and were awesome we could not believe our luck! 935
Mark put his arm around me and we looked around and he asked ‘Happy?’
And we took that moment to absorb all the happy smiling faces of all we loved crazily dancing to Mumford and Sons and felt the absolute pure love in that room. 9519581002
There are not many moments in your life when all you love dearly are together in that joyous way.  I can close my eyes and still remember that feeling of utter happiness and I am so grateful to have experienced it. 951 958 9671002
And if you want to see Lindsey’s gorgeous St Fagans wedding in full click on this link :)

Midweek Mini: A Missing Memory by Kate

Sometimes on your wedding day things don’t go completely as hoped. Here is Kate to tell you about her missing memory. All images in this post are by Maria Farrelly Photography.

A good memory!

A good memory!

I would love to write to you about my favourite memory. There are loads of beautiful moments that stand out in my mind. What I’m writing about is not one of those.
Tortworth_Court_wedding0581 Just before I got married, the registrar had a chat with me. Now being in the business I have often been in the room when this happens so it wasn’t something that I was particularly worried about. The problem was that this casual chat that I had witnessed didn’t happen for me. The chat ended up being a formal 20 minute meeting that completely threw me. So much so that the wedding coordinator even asked me what was wrong.
Tortworth_Court_wedding064 I had my very talented friend play the guitar as I walked down the aisle. I was standing in the doorway ready to enter and I was so thrown by the registrar’s interrogation that my mind went blank. Tortworth_Court_wedding073So this is where I tell you about my memory. Well this is where I tell about my lack of memory. I honestly have no recollection of walking down the aisle. I can’t remember seeing my husband standing at the top of the aisle. I can’t remember my dad proudly holding my hand. I can’t remember seeing all of my friends faces.

Tortworth_Court_wedding065 Tortworth_Court_wedding066 I wish I could say I was okay with this but it’s not the case. I’m really upset that this has happened but it is what it is. I have so many happy memories from the day but this unfortunately is the only one that eludes me.

Tortworth_Court_wedding071The chances are you won’t remember the whole day, but as you can see I am so lucky to have these beautiful images and an amazing video to fill the gaps. I can’t stress the value of these amazing people enough, massive thanks to Maria Farrelly for these photos and Apricot Tree Wedding Photography & Film for my video.

And even if some things don’t quite go to plan, as long as you end up married to your best friend you will still have the best day.


If you missed Kate & Sean’s full wedding then make sure you check out the whole STUNNING wedding day here.

Midweek Mini: Nia & Paddy’s Picnic Themed Wedding

The star of our midweek mini features this week is the amazing dad of our lovely reader Nia. Nia & Paddy got married on the 23rd of May at St. Matthews Church in Llanelwedd then had their picnic themed reception at Jubilee Hall
All images in this post are by Jenna Loves Photography.
We were incredibly blessed to have the sunshine down on us for our picnic themed wedding! The hay bales were set, picnic food laid out, wood chopped, cupcakes displayed, the florist had matched the church to our hymn ‘All things bright and beautiful’ perfectly. The morning preparations had gone smoothly, I was all set to become a wife to the love of my life!!!
Two memories that stand out from the day both include two very important men to me! My husband and my Dad!  Now between myself and hubbie we have 5 children, yes it’s a mad house! I will never forget in his speech how he spoke so fondly about each one, noting their characteristics, it made me realise how lucky we are to have such a strong family unit, cemented by our wedding day. I felt so proud to have married this very special husband, Father and Step-Father!

Now then my Dad isn’t much of a talker! He didn’t want to speak, so why put pressure on him? However what he lacks in public speaking he sure makes up for in dance moves!! We did a ‘Father/Daughter’ dance to his favourite song ‘Bad Moon Rising’. It was fast paced, and Dad twirled, dropped to his knees and pretty much nailed the performance! A very proud daughter to have a Dad at the age of 72 that can still dance like that!

Thank you for telling us your story Nia! It looks like you had a fabulous day.

If you would like your story to be featured on Cwtch the Bride email charlie@cwtchthebride.com

Midweek Mini: Jasmine’s Favourite Memory

The lovely Jasmine has got in touch with her favourite wedding memory for our new midweek mini feature.

I found it too hard to choose between my two favourite memories so I had to send in both! My first was my dad telling me that I looked beautiful as we sat in the wedding car. He lives about 4 hours away and we don’t see each other that often, so it was special. He was thrilled when I asked him to walk me down the aisle. I was a total Daddy’s girl growing up.

Images in this post are by McDonnell Photography

Images in this post are by McDonnell Photography

My second was our first dance. We had hired these amazing medieval minstrels to do a ceilidh style dance-calling for after dinner and at the last minute they offered to teach us a very easy Pavane to have as our first dance. We learned it in a little tower away from the guests. When we performed it, it felt very romantic and different – and very apt for our Caerphilly Castle wedding. I’m usually very clumsy so as it was an easy dance, I also felt very elegant.


Thank you Jasmine! We’d love to hear more stories from our readers, please get in touch with charlie@cwtchthebride.com