DIY Tutorial: DIY Beautiful Bunting

In case you haven’t been following the blog for the last month or two (where have you been?!) you will know that we are in the middle of planning Wales’ first major wedding festival – CWTCHFEST! One thing that is always popular in a festival themed wedding is bunting and we have a fantastic DIY tutorial for you today from one of our readers, Sam.

We will also be featuring Sam & Greig’s full wedding this Friday, if you can’t wait ’til then to see all her DIY elements here is her wedding video that we featured back in September.

DIY Beautiful Bunting


To make 1 metre of bunting you need:

  • Card
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Assorted Fabrics
  • 1m Bias Binding (25mm wide)
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron & Ironing board
  • Sewing Pins (optional) 1


Draw 2 triangle templates for the flags of your bunting (My largest triangle was 15cm wide and 20cm long). Draw the 2nd triangle 1cm smaller (This template will help you to sew the flag accurately with a 1cm seam allowance on both sides). Cut the triangles out.


Draw around the large template onto the back of your fabric. You need to cut two triangles for each flag. (TIP: If you turn the template upside down you can tessellate and save fabric). Use the smaller template to draw your sewing line inside. Cut out along the outside line.


It’s time to get sewing! 8

Place 2 triangles together with the ‘good sides’ facing each other (you can pin the these together if you like). Sew from the top down to the point – stop with the needle down, lift the foot and pivot the flag around. Sew down the other line to make a ‘V’ shape. Do not sew the top.


Trim the excess fabric off at the sides and at the point to reduce the fullness. Turn inside out and carefully poke the point through with a pencil. Trim any excess off the top so that you have a neat straight line. Iron each triangle flat.


Fold and iron your bias binding. 21


Start by sewing around 10cm of bias, sewing it closed. (TIP: make this longer if you want to tie the bunting to something). Add your first triangle by opening the bias binding, and slipping in the top of the triangle. Continue sewing along the bias tape, sewing the first triangle inside. Continue this process, adding triangles at equal intervals until you have reached your desired bunting length (you can pin the triangles if you prefer) When you’ve attached all of the triangles, sew another 10cm of bias binding at the end of the bunting -just as you did at the beginning.

And that is it! Your bunting is ready! 27

When it comes to Bunting the possibilities are endless…here are some pictures of other styles. You can use any mix of fabrics, hessian or even vintage clothing. You can also make it single sided but remember to cut out the fabric with a pinking shears to avoid fraying. If you don’t have a sewing machine you can attach the flags to some twice using tiny pegs for a rustic twist.

I have just started using twitter and I would love a tweet to let me know how you get on making your bunting. If you have any questions, then please just get in touch @sam_crafty  Poster-Web

CWTCHFEST: Sunday 19th April 2015

Here it is! we can finally reveal what we’ve spent months planning. Wales is getting its First Wedding Festival and we are organising it!

Poster Web


Cwtchfest is Wales’ first wedding festival.

For anyone planning a welsh wedding, be it outdoor, festival, vintage or modern in style, we’ve got it covered!

On Sunday 19th April 2015, a beautiful meadow near Cowbridge will play host to our event. Gates open at 11am and we have a jam-packed day organised. With free onsite parking, our event will feature live music & DJ, workshops for all you DIY brides, An exhibition marquee with over 50 of wales’ finest wedding suppliers (11-4pm), talks from wedding experts, food & drink PLUS lots more.

As the sun goes down, relax and enjoy more live entertainment & DJ, have fun in our photo booth and see our giant LOVE letters, Sounds great doesn’t it?!!

We are thrilled to be collaborating with some of the best wedding companies in Wales to bring you this unique event and we’d love to invite you to join us.

buy tickets here

Where is it taking place?

The lovely people at Bluebell Meadows have given us use of their beautiful meadow in Llancarfan (3 miles from Cowbridge).

garlands field

We also have the amazing Cariad Canvas & Wedding tipi providing their Stretch Tents,Tipis, bell tents and festival flags.

cariad canvas 6stretch tentcariad canvas1415482_714729468616702_2251508551130564568_oImages courtesy of Cariad Canvas

buy tickets here

County Marquees are also on board (hurray!) and they will be providing one of their wonderful marquees to showcase just how fabulous an outdoor wedding can be. They will also house our 50+ wedding exhibitors.

hepburn1hepburn3hepburn5weddingMarquee20weddingMarquee10weddingMarquee27Images courtesy of County Marquees 

Live music

The Igency are working with us to provide a variety of live acts to keep you entertained throughout the day and if you happened to watch The Voice last night, we can also confirm Shellyann (from Ilectric) will be performing and yes… you can also book her for your wedding too!


The fabulous wedding planner, Emma from Sylvie & Joan will be managing our workshops and we have some great DIY projects for you to try. Also, in the lead up to the festival, Emma will be our guest blogger, sharing some essential planning advice! emma-butler

How do I buy tickets?

This is a ticket only event and numbers are strictly limited, so be quick!!

click here for tickets

Over the coming weeks we will be revealing more details about this fabulous event and the wonderful businesses working with us. Seriously, there is not going to be another event like this in Wales! Do not miss out. Get your tickets today.

Want to get involved?

If you run a welsh wedding business and would like to book a stand at our festival,  we have a dedicated team handling all exhibitor bookings. Simply email for more information.

If you are are wedding business and would like to come along to socialise with the rest of the welsh wedding industry, you too can buy tickets.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Love The Cwtch Girls!

Cwtch Girls

Illustration by Slightly Wobbly Designs



DIY Tutorial: Home Made Jam Favours

Our Homemade Bride Kate got married on the 20th of December and is currently on her honeymoon in exotic Thailand, but she hasn’t left us empty handed. Here is a DIY tutorial for the jam favours her lucky guests were gifted with at her wedding. Home made favours are always well received as people appreciate the effort that’s gone in to them, and this one looks fairly easy too- bonus!

All images in this post are by Maria Farrelly Photography.


What you will need

Fruit- I used strawberries but you can use any fruit. Perhaps go to a ‘pick your own’ farm or even find a blackberry bush.
500g Jam sugar
A pot


Jam_Favours003Cut your strawberries to any size you fancy. The bigger they are the chunkier your jam will be. You don’t need to be perfect. They will break down a bit. Jam_Favours004 Jam_Favours006
Weigh out 500g of Jam Sugar. The reason I use jam sugar is that it has extra pectin and that helps it to set. Jam_Favours007
Add the sugar to the fruit. Jam_Favours009 Jam_Favours011
On a medium heat bring the fruit to the boil.Jam_Favours013 Jam_Favours014 Jam_Favours015 As you can see the sugar starts to melt and then start to reduce in volume. Jam_Favours022 Jam_Favours024 Jam_Favours030
The best way to test if the jam is ready is with a plate. Put a plate in the freezer and once it’s very cold put a drop of your jam on to it. The cold temperature will cause it to set and run your finger through it. It should wrinkle and not run if you turn it on the side. Also this is the perfect time to test how yummy it is! Jam_Favours026 Jam_Favours028 Jam_Favours029
The best way to sterilise your jars is place them in a cold oven and turn it on until it gets to 100 deg centigrade. If you don’t do this you will end up with mouldy jam! Jam_Favours031

Using the funnel fill your jars. Be careful the jam is really hot and sugar sticks and will give you a nasty burn! Jam_Favours032 Jam_Favours035 Jam_Favours036
Using stamps create a label for your jam and tie it around your jar. Jam_Favours037 Jam_Favours038 Jam_Favours039 Jam_Favours040
There you have it. It is such a lovely delicious favour and can be made any time of the year with any type of fruit. I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying them! I have them for my guests.  Jam_Favours042

DIY Tutorial: Colourful Sugar Favours

Our Homemade Bride Kate is back this week with these super simple DIY sugar favours that are easy to make but have a big impact!  All images in this post are by Maria Farrelly.

These little sugar cubes are just perfect to add a little touch of colour. They look so lovely on the table and even if your are sweet enough it entices people to have one in their coffee. Don’t worry though, it will not turn your tea a funny colour! DIY_sugar_cubes001

What you’ll need

Cup of Sugar
Food colouring

How to make

Place the sugar in a bowl and add 2 drops of your chosen colour. You can always make it darker by adding more but you can’t take it out!  DIY_sugar_cubes002Once again really carefully put a couple of drops of water in the sugar. I find it helps dropping it on the spoon helps as if you go overboard you haven’t ruined the mixture. Too much water will leave you with a big slushy mess! DIY_sugar_cubes003 DIY_sugar_cubes004Mix! This takes time. Don’t be temped to add more water. Just keep going. It will suddenly change for you. DIY_sugar_cubes006 DIY_sugar_cubes009 DIY_sugar_cubes010 DIY_sugar_cubes012 DIY_sugar_cubes013You are looking for the consistency of wet sand. If it is still a little dry add some more water. Remember you can always put it in but you can’t take it out. Slowly does it! DIY_sugar_cubes014 DIY_sugar_cubes016 DIY_sugar_cubes017Press the sugar into the mould. Any mould will do do. Even an ice cube tray will work but be careful as it might be too much sugar for in some peoples cups of tea. You need to really compact it in there.  DIY_sugar_cubes018 DIY_sugar_cubes020 DIY_sugar_cubes021Set them aside to dry for a few hours. They need to be dry all the way through. Sometimes the top is dry but the bottom is still wet. DIY_sugar_cubes022 Ta-da! Easiest thing ever. They look so effective. They can be a great way to bring through the colours of the wedding. DIY_sugar_cubes024 DIY_sugar_cubes025

Thank you Kate!

If you have followed any of our tutorials we would love to hear how you got on!

DIY Tutorial: Wedding Dress Sugar Cookies

Homemade Bride Kate is back with another tutorial this week, this time it’s DIY cookie favours. This tutorial shows each step in detail and it looks super easy (I haven’t actually tried it myself so I could end up eating my words instead of the cookies!). All images in this post are by Maria Farrelly. For more DIY tutorials click here.

These cookies are so tasty and can be a perfect favour for the girls or an extra treat with the coffee at your wedding. They have that wow factor and people love anything home baked. It’s even something you can get your children or bridesmaids involved in to share the decorating with you. These are also things that I make around Christmas time and give a presents. Get creative!


What you will need

A baking tray
Electric mixer (I only have a hand held one)
Cup measures
Mixing bowl
Wooden spoon
Greaseproof paper
Heart shaped cutter
Piping bag


2 3/4 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1 cup butter, softened
1 1/2 cups white sugar
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1. Preheat your oven to 190°C . Cream your butter and sugar together. Now if you have a big fancy food processor then this is easy. If like me you only have a little hand held one then it is a little bit of an issue. A little tip to stop it flying around the room and covering you in a buttery sugar mess wrap your mixer with a tea towel. It should look light yellow and fluffy. cookie_favours004 cookie_favours006 cookie_favours007 cookie_favours009 cookie_favours0122. Add your vanilla extract. I used a vanilla bean paste and it is delicious.cookie_favours014

3. Beat in your eggs. 
cookie_favours016 cookie_favours019

4. Add the flour, baking soda and the baking powder. And mix all the ingredients together. Try not to cover your kitchen in a fine dust of flour like I did!  cookie_favours022 cookie_favours023 cookie_favours025 cookie_favours026 cookie_favours0275. If the ingredients are not coming together you can use your hands and rub them together. This is where the food processor comes in handy! 
cookie_favours0326. Keep working the dough. It will come together. Even if it doesn’t look like it will. At this point, if you can chill them for about an hour they will hold their shape better in the oven. 
cookie_favours034 cookie_favours037 cookie_favours038 cookie_favours0397. Line your baking tray with the grease proof paper to stop it sticking. cookie_favours040

8. Roll out a small amount of dough. You don’t want it to warm up too much and spread in the oven. You want the dough to be the thickness of a pound coin. cookie_favours041 cookie_favours043

9. Cut out the cookies with your heart shaped cutter. 
cookie_favours045 cookie_favours048 cookie_favours050

10. Lay them on your lined baking tray. Make sure you don’t place them too close together as they will just melt together and become one big cookie. 
cookie_favours05611. Place your cookies in your preheated oven for 8 minutes.  cookie_favours058 cookie_favours06012. They should be golden brown when they come out. Leave them to cool on the baking sheet for two minutes before moving them onto a wire rack to cool properly. At this point don’t be temped to eat them all. They smell amazing! cookie_favours061 cookie_favours064

13. For the royal icing, whisk one egg white until it is stiff.  cookie_favours066 cookie_favours068 cookie_favours074


14. Sift in 250g of icing sugar. If for any reason it’s still a bit runny you can always add some more. It’s hard to take it out. Whisk it until it is stiff and there are no lumps of icing sugar. 
cookie_favours076 cookie_favours078 cookie_favours079 cookie_favours08115. Fill your piping with your royal icing and cut the end point off. The more you cut off the bigger the hole and the larger your decorations will be. cookie_favours083

16. By squeezing the piping bag start designing your dress. Any design that you like. Each one can be different. Enjoy it. It can be something you get your children involved with. You could add food colouring to match your wedding colours. Go wild. Enjoy it! The icing can take a while to dry so make sure you don’t stack or wrap them too soon as all your beautiful decorations will be ruined. 
cookie_favours086 cookie_favours088 cookie_favours089 cookie_favours091 cookie_favours092 cookie_favours095 cookie_favours097 cookie_favours099 cookie_favours100 cookie_favours102 cookie_favours106 cookie_favours107Have fun!

Thank you Kate, you made it look very easy! Do let us know if you try this one at home :) x