Cwtch of the Week: A Wintery Cwtch by Richard Savage

Happy Monday you lovely lot!
We have a gloriously warm and cwtchy Cwtch of the Week for you today! Shot by the fabulous Richard Savage, this is the perfect look for a winter wedding! Over to Richard to tell us about the shot….
H&B, Cwtch of the Week-002
Hollie & Ben, got married at the amazing Rosedew Farm on the 23rd January 2017.  Not only was this my first time being at Rosedew Farm but it was also my first wedding of 2017, with Hollie & Ben having a 3pm ceremony and after we carried out their group shots we decided to catch the last of the light which was left and we decided to head down to the beach to make the most of the sunset, I love the light and intimacy in this image with it being really cold I love the cardigan/shawl keeping bride Hollie nice and cosy.
A perfect winters wedding <3 x
It really is a perfect winters wedding Richard! Thank you so much for sharing, its beautiful xx

Cwtch of the Week: A Forestry Cwtch by Kate Richards

Good morning one and all!

Nice weekend? I know, I know, its Monday again. But fear not, we are hear to do what we do best, and thats give you a little wry smile by showing you a lovely Cwtch of the Week.

Shot by the lovely Kate Richards, this is like the end of every 80’s romance movie we ever sat and wished we were part of! Its just gorgeous.
Over to Kate to tell us all bout this lovely moment of Alan and Beck…..

A Forestry Cwtch

This photo was captured during a pre-wedding photoshoot in the woodland at Dunraven Bay. The couple picked this location as it was a place they had both spent a lot of time at growing up, and held a lot of fond memories for them.
After various posed shots, I asked Alan to give Beck a kiss, he then decided to go one step further, grabbed her around the waist, picked her up and gave her a huge cwtch and a kiss! Who could miss a moment like that?! click.
I love this photo because although obviously photographed, it looks like the couple are in their own little woodland bubble, not a care in the world – just the two of them, truly happy.

Thank you so much for sharing Kate xx

Cwtch of the Week: The Sibling Cwtch

Back in the summer, our very own Maria Farrelly shot an amazing wedding. It even had its own title, ‘Hadstock’. Festival themed, it was so pretty, cool, with face pain and glitter and everything!

During the speeches, the beautiful bride’s sister, stood up to say a few words.  When they were younger, the girls tragically lost their Mother. I will hand over to Sian to tell you what this photo means to her……


This picture was taken moments after my sister had finished her incredibly heartfelt speech at our wedding in July. I really think it speaks volumes and has perfectly captured how much she really means to me.welsh_green_wedding_maria_farrelly-1

She is my world and after losing our mum at an early age we have been joint at the hip.
We have had our childhood scraps, In fact she tried tried to kill me on the day I was born; the chubby handed 3 year old fed me a polo; it was touch and go!

But I made it through and we have be partners in crime ever since. We know exactly what each other is thinking and can make each other laugh sometimes with just a glance.


I’m so thankful and proud to call her my best friend xx




Cwtch of the Week: The Cwtch that started it all

So, I’m feeling nostalgic today. I’ve been looking back on all of our wonderful ‘Cwtch of the Week’ posts and I’ve found our very first. Originally posted in February 2013, I thought I would share with you where it all began!

Over to Maria, the very wonderful photographer of this gorgeous image and found of Cwtch the Bride……

COTW Banner

verb Cwtch kuh・ch

Welsh word for an affectionate hug. There’s no literal English translation, but its nearest equivlent is “safe place”. So if you’re cwtching you’re giving them a “safe place”.

We love a cwtch (we made it our name so we must do! :) ) – so much so that we thought we’d instigate a fun little feature called Cwtch of the Week, to showcase some of our very favourite images of our favourite Welsh past time.

For those of you wondering “isn’t it just a hug?” – ask anyone who lives in Wales and they’ll tell you – a cwtch is a warmer, friendlier, snuggly version of a hug. Tidy!

Our first CotW couple is Rebecca and Tom, with this gorgeous shot from their engagement shoot last year. How lovely? :)

915c96ba-5119-43fc-ac65-37826adf8583-498-0000008d62090630_tmpImage by Maria Farrelly Photography

And what a lovely one to begin ouru lovely Monday tradition. Remember, if you have a photo you think fits the bill please feel free to tweet or email us – we’d love to see it! :)