Bride To Be Diaries: Our Valley Bride Vicci Introduces The Men

Today we are handing you over to our lovely Valley Bride to be, Vicci. We’re going to find out all about THE MEN :)  

New Bride To Be Diary

Our Valley Bride

So last time we met, I took the opportunity to introduce you to my lovely bridal party. So I thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to introduce you to the other side of things in the form of the Groomsmen!

The 3 Best Men

Deciding on a Best Man was a difficult one for J as he has a very close and large circle of friends. He contemplated for a while on what to do before concluding that 3 heads are better than 1.  And here goes the introduction to the 3 best men…boys 1

Mr Loyal

Let’s start with Jack! When I met J, Jack had begun his travelling adventure in Australia. Despite meeting him on a couple of occasions when he would briefly return to the UK or hearing him speak to J at an unfriendly time of the morning (usually a drunken Jack who had forgotten the time difference), I didn’t really get to know Jack until he moved home, and then into our street when he became a welcome regular on our sofa. Jack is very laid back but very loyal to his mates so I can totally understand J’s decision to have him as a Best Man… Mr Loyal!jack 2

Mr Reliable

Next we have Ginge or Mathew. Ginge is always there when you need him and he is very true to his word. I say this because he helped us move out of our previous home, and because we had a stop gap before moving into our new home, helped us move back in 6 weeks later. We did try to do it without his assistance as we didn’t want to ‘take the mick’ but he found out and was there straight away. Mr Reliable!

Matthew 1

Mr Protector

Last, and by no means least, we have Barnesy or Leigh. J and Barnesy have grown up together and are more like brothers than friends. Barnesy and I have a fun friendship full of banter. Barnesy takes it upon himself to protect J at all costs, even when he isn’t there??!!  You see, there was one night very early into mine & J’s relationship where we all met in Cardiff at the end of a night out to share a lift home (by which time Barnesy was quite tipsy), he had clearly had a little scuffle, so when I asked him how, he proceeded to explain how he had been protecting J, even though J wasn’t with him but with me! Mr Protector.leigh 1

Asking the 3 Best Men…

(Giggle to myself as each time I see that I cannot help but think see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Note to self – I have to ask them which they would like to be. Oh, and with a bit of wedding excitement in me, OK a lot, I can see the best men gifts…haha)

Warning to the future Brides to Be, this is where you quickly come to realise that men have a totally different outlook on Weddings to women.

I was filled with so much excitement and so many ideas of how I was going to ask my lovely ladies and J opted for the simple route… Just ask! However one thing J did want to do was ask all 3 in the same weekend, something which proved difficult given the hectic lifestyles we all lead! Even this very basic plan didn’t actually go to plan…

We had Jack and his then girlfriend now wife, Bryoni pop over for a catch up and mid way through the evening, whilst the boys were nattering, Bryoni asked if I had decided on my bridal party. I very excitedly confirmed and also shared that I had also asked them and proceeded to give full chapter and verse on how (I do love to talk). When I finally finished my very exhaustive version of events, Bryoni asked if J had decided on a Best Man. It was at that very moment that the boys conversation went quiet, and I awkwardly (knowing Jack was one but that J hadn’t planned on asking that night) grabbed for my drink (you see, I have a poor poker face when caught off guard – picture a child whose mouth is covered in chocolate trying to deny eating the very last bar in the fridge that they blatantly know isn’t theirs…that’s me). J just casually turned to Jack and in the most calm and relaxed tone of voice said, “do you fancy it?” Jack got all excited and instantly responded. J then explained the plan of 3 best men and shared who else was and that he would be asking them soon.jack 1

Next came asking Ginge. We popped in to see Ginge & Jodie’s new home, and caught Jodie heading off to a children’s party with their little ones Lacey and Olivia. As Ginge finished the tour of his new pad by showing us the garage, J just casually asked Ginge to be best man and was met with a very different response to Jack’s, a nervous “you sure, me?” and didn’t actually give an answer. J had to ask again (funny, he had to ask me twice too, but you already know that story). J reassured Ginge that he wasn’t on his own, which saw a nervous Ginge turn into a pleased Ginge.mathew 2

Finally came asking Barnesy. J and I called in for a casual catch up with him (should have come across as odd as nothing is ever unplanned or casual with us, furthermore we only ever do things as couples and Kirstie was at work). J asked an expectant Barnesy who was clearly really very pleased and very excited to get onto planning the stag! This is the point at which my secret hen became a secret no more. After J had explained that there were 3 best men, literally 5 minutes after being asked to be Best Man, Barnesy said, “so where are we going on the stag if the girls are going on a cruise?”. As I laughed hysterically, a very bemused and confused looking Barnesy was brought up to speed on the secret hen by J. Once Barnesy was up to speed he looked his confused look turned to one of devastation, it probably didn’t help that I called him the Best Best Man ever (that’s the banter I mentioned earlier). He looked awful and panic stricken bless him! It was all cool though as I had kind of worked it out from some of the conversations that had gone on around me.

leigh 2

Fabulous Vicci! Thanks for this great insight into these top guys! 

Introducing Our Valleys Bride Vicci

Morning you beautiful lot!

Today I have the pleasure of introducing our Valleys Bride Vicci. This lovely lady met her man at the gym, gazing across the room, sharing sly glances and cheeky smiles, getting all hot and sweaty until finally she pinned him down, quite literally. This is a girl who knows what she wants and how to get it. She is mega organised and loves a spreadsheet and we all know we need that in wedding planning! So put your hands together in welcoming our latest bride to be Vicci! 


Well hello there!  A little like those BTBB’s (brides-to-be-bloggers) who have gone before me, I would like to introduce myself as Vicci (to friends), Toe (to family) and Victoria (when I have done something wrong).  My other half also goes by 3 different names, which I will share with you to ensure that there is no confusion in future blogs; I mix between James, Jamie and J, but can definitely confirm they are all one person!


I am an Office Manager by day, but also manage to be Zumba Instructor and Volunteer Gymnastics Coach once a week (ooo and now a Cwtch the Bride Blogger).  I do manage to squeeze in some ‘me-time’ in the form of Aerotone, Gym and Yoga, and also some ‘us-time’ with J, going for meals, socialising with friends and family and regular visits to the cinema.  Throw in organising a Wedding and bingo, that is us!  As you can tell life is pretty hectic for us, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!  I’m a little on the organised side, ok, I am a little bit of a control freak or OCD when it comes to planning, so we will be fine (spreadsheets and files are working on overload at our house, sooooo exciting) – nothing like a time challenge to get you through the days. FB_IMG_144584239135820151225_132208~2

I’m originally a Valley Girl from Treorchy, but we now live in Beddau (not far from the Spring BTBB) with our part-time little man, a shih-tzu named Harvey.  I say part-time, because he is absolutely spoiled rotten and doesn’t cope well being left alone.  Add to that the aforementioned busy lifestyle and it just makes sense for him to spend time with my Mum, Dad and Gran through the week.FB_IMG_1445842351810FB_IMG_1451690067920

So, that’s a little intro to us, now a little intro to our day.  We had always spoken of saying our vows with our feet in the sand, but where we had in mind was not ideal for some close family and friends who we really want to share our day with.  So a nifty little switch of plan and we will now be having a very intimate wedding, with a big after party and the honeymoon of our dreams.  One thing we are very set on – it’s’ ‘Our Day, Our Way’and we are trying to make it as personal as possible, trying to capture things that are close to us and our hearts.


I am so excited to be sharing my journey with all you lovelies, and promise to share the ups, downs, tears and laughter.

Until next time, Mwah x

Ahhhhhh…..isn’t she just lush. If you are looking for some inspiration you have to come to Cwtchfest get your tickets here! Hurry as they are selling like hot cakes. ~ Kate