DIY: Heart Shaped Magnet Wedding Favours



You Will Need

  • Fimo (or a different brand of oven bake clay)
  • Magnets (we bought ours from eBay)
  • Cookie cutters
  • Rolling pin
  • Glue
  • Craft knife
  • An oven

Step by Step

Step 1: Pre-heat your oven according to the instructions on your clay

Step 2: Pick your chosen colour of Fimo and start kneading the clay to warm it up. This can take a little while.

Step 3: Use your rolling pin to create a flat base – much like rolling out dough! You don’t want the Fimo too thin, about 2mm is about right

Step 4: Use your cookie cutter to cut out your shapes. It’s best to turn the shape over (if you’re using letters for example) so that any marks you make on the Fimo will be on the back of your magnets,not the front). Tap the top of the shape lightly to get it to release from the cutter if it gets stuck.

Step 5: Put your shapes onto a baking tray – best to line it with greaseproof paper if your tray isn’t new, you don’t want any food stuck on your magnets!

Step 6: Cook in the oven following the instructions on the packet (every type of clay is different).

Step 7: Leave the shapes to cool

Step 8: Glue your magnets to the back and hold lightly into place until the glue sets. Leave for a few hours to set completely.

Ta-da! Done :)

Colour Inspiration: Regal Purple

SarahDIY bride Sarah is here with another wedding colour scheme inspiration post – this time we’re talking about Cadbury purple! Well, after all that chocolate at Christmas it’d be rude not to… Follow the Pinterest board here!


We know from our chats on Facebook that at least a few of our brides have chosen purple as one of their main colour scheme choices, so what better colour do to next in our colour scheme inspiration series than regal purple? (Or Cadbury purple as some people call it!) :)

When I think of purple of I think of rich, vibrant hues, luxurious fabrics and beautiful deep colours – from the deep gloss of aubergine to the far more subtle lilac, there are a million shades on the spectrum that you can incorporate into your wedding so get creative!

I’ve picked some of my favourite images below to help get your minds buzzing – as always you can click any photo to see a larger view and, where applicable, where you can buy the item. Don’t forget to check out our purple Pinterest board, too! :)

Can’t see the gallery? If you’re reading via email please click the title of the post to view on the web.

What colour would you like to see next? We’ve been asked for ‘non festive red’ so that’ll definitely be up on the blog soon! If you have any suggestions for that theme then we’d love to hear them in the comments! :)

If purple isn’t your colour then try these posts instead:


Sarah x

Alternative Engagement Rings

We know a few of you got engaged over the holidays, so SarahDIY bride Sarah is here with a guide to alternative engagement rings – in case a big sparkly diamond isn’t your cup of tea! :)

Ring shopping isn’t always as easy as it first appears. I remember being adament that I wanted  a princess cut diamond (that’s a square one for those not in the know), for years and years – but as soon as a tried one on I realised how stubby it made my fingers look. Similarly I thought solitaire diamonds were too boring and traditional, until I tried one on and thought “hrm, actually, this looks way better….”.

Not everyone knows what type of ring they want, and that’s okay! Some people don’t want to wear rings at all and some people want something a little less flashy than your traditional bling. Here at Cwtch we’re proud of the diversity of our readers, so I thought I’d put together a little round up of slightly more alternative engagement rings, for those people who don’t like or choose not to go with societal norms. After all, it would be boring if we were all the same, right? :)

Click on any photo to see a larger version and, where appropriate, a link to purchase it

Vintage rings

First up, the vintage rings! :) A lovely way of getting something unique, with a vintage ring you have the added bonus that you might get a wonderful story along with your new piece of jewellery, plus they tend to be a little cheaper – perfect if you’re on a tight budget or feel a little queasy at the idea of paying thousands for a ring.

Etsy is a great source for vintage engagement rings if you’re shopping online (you can even find some on eBay.) Alternatively pop into your local independent jewellery store – if they don’t have any they should at least be able to point you in the right direction :)

It doesn’t have to be a diamond

We say tradition shamition – if you don’t want a diamond (for ethical reasons perhaps) or simply don’t like the look of them that much then there are a wealth of other sparkles for you to choose from. Emeralds, sapphires, garnets – if everyone is different then why pigeonhole ourselves into only choosing one gemstone? :)

Plain & simple

 Don’t want a big sparkly thing at all? No problem! Your engagement ring doesn’t have to look like the stereotypical engagement ring to be an engagement ring, so if big gems aren’t your style try some of these alternatives instead.  You can get a sterling silver plain band for less than £7 if you’re not bothered about cost (and no one is saying you have to be! Your ring, your rules).

Of course if you do want a diamond but fancy something a little more subtle then this rose gold ring is a beautiful choice and uses an eco friendly diamond to boot! :)

Ethical choices

Speaking of eco friendly diamonds – it’s worth knowing where your diamond comes from before you hand over your credit card. Try and look for terms like eco friendly, ethical diamonds or green diamonds (not to be confused with the colour) as that should ensure that your diamond hasn’t come from a less than desirable place. You can even buy diamonds that have been grown in a lab now, as opposed to mined, with is a far more ethical choice! :)

Here are some of my favourites – Etsy has a great range of eco diamonds too (although a lot of them are based in the USA so don’t forget to factor postage costs into the equation if you decide to go down that route).

Would you choose an alternative engagement ring? Or did you go for something more traditional? :)



Gift Ideas for Your Ushers, Groomsmen & Best Man


Struggling with what to buy the men in your wedding? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Budget DIY bride Sarah has put together a few ideas for gifts for your ushers, groomsmen and best man (or men!).

Let’s preface this with the admission that you absolutely don’t have to buy gifts for anyone in your wedding party if you don’t want to – there are very few hard and fast rules when it comes to weddings, so if this is something you want to skip then that’s perfectly okay! However, it is traditional to give the people involved in your big day a token gift to say thank you, and many people still do that.

When we got married we knew we wanted to give slightly more personal gifts to our ushers and bridesmaids, so Tzevai had some trophies engraved with his usher’s names and job role in the wedding – they seemed to go down well! It probably doesn’t hurt that most of them are sports mad ;)

What you buy, of course, is completely up to you. You might already have a firm idea of what you want to get – and that’s great! One less thing to stress about, right? But if you’re completely stuck (and trust me, you won’t be the only ones) then here’s a few ideas to help you out :) If you want to know more about a product just click on the photo for an enlarged view and a link to where it’s sold :)

A Nip & A Dram

First up, some gifts for the alcohol appreciators among us. One of the traditional gifts to buy your usher or best man is a hip flask – but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

I’ve put together some of my favourite options, along with some local whiskey from Penderyn to put in them. If you’re going for a Welsh theme (and as a Welsh wedding blog we wholeheartedly suggest that you do ;) ) then the Cymru flask could be right up your street. Hip flasks can also be personalised with your wedding date or a thank you message, which is always a nice touch :)

A Bit of Maintenance

Next up, for the, perhaps, more discerning gentlemen in your life – how about some nice grooming or maintenance kits? If you know one of your ushers loves to get a wet shave or that your best man has been hankering for a swiss army knife for a while then maybe consider those as your thank you gifts.

Nobody ever said you had to buy the same thing for every person or that you gift had to have your name emblazoned across it – sometimes it’s nice just to get a gift that you know they’ll like :) I personally love these personalised hankies, but then, I am a touch old fashioned when it comes to these things. (Of course I picked C for Cwtch but you can get any letter :) )

Something to Keep

Last but not least, we have the ‘something to keep’ contenders. It’s always nice to have a keepsake from a wedding, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy something that fits with your theme, colour scheme or personalities. Sometimes a keepsake can be the thought behind the item, rather than the gift itself.

I love this Beatles lyric print from Etsy – something to remind you of your friends, or these great personalised cufflinks (you can use any map so you can really get creative! Birth place, wedding venue, place you met them for the first time, the cufflink world is your proverbial oyster). I have a massive soft spot for personalised stationery sets (I bought one for myself for my 30th birthday and love it!) so I had to include one here. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box with your gift choices!

If you’re Welsh and Proud and are including some Welsh language in your day, then a set of usher or best man cufflinks in Welsh might be just the thing :) I also really like the dragon pocket watch – another super traditional gift with a nice twist :)

Can’t see the galleries? If you’re reading via email then click the title link to view on the web

I hope that’s given you a bit of an idea of what to buy for your ushers and best man – especially if you’ve been panicking a bit about it! :) As long as you buy with love then I’m sure they’ll appreciate whatever you get them – after all, that’s what friends are for, right? Undying love no matter what ;)


Sarah x

Budget Wedding: High Street Wedding Dresses Take Two

high street wedding dresse2

Our last high street wedding dresses post was super popular, so we thought we’d do another one! :) There are always a ton of new dresses hitting the high street as the seasons change (which sadly means some of our favourites are now out of stock, sob!) so we’ve done a round up of some of the new high street dresses that have been catching our eye this month. As always, you can follow our Pinterest board to keep up to date!

1. Monsoon – £299
2. Monsoon – £179
3. Marks & Spencers – £99

First up the traditional style dresses. Monsoon as always have a great collection in a range of prices,  but for budget you can’t really beat this M&S number for less than £100. These would all look great with a (faux) fur stole for winter, right? :)


1. Topshop – £59
2. Phase Eight for John Lewis – £750
3. Monsoon – £299

There are a lot of lace styles out at the moment, but these are the three that I’ve got my eye on. This Topshop beauty is so stylish, and definitely something you could wear again after your wedding if you wanted to (and who wouldn’t?). This lace dress from Monsoon looks lovely on the model, click over to the page to have a look :)


1. Jane Norman – £55
2. New Look – £25
3. Coast – £295

Next up some dresses for the shorties among us! (Yup, this category includes me.) It does mean you can go crazy with your shoe choice as people will definitely see them! Plus you won’t need to ask a friend to help you when you need to go to the loo, double bonus. They’re also perfect for summer weddings as they’ll keep you cool during the sunny weather :)


1. Dorothy Perkins – £35
2. Coast – £450
3. Topshop – £65

If you love a bit a sparkle (that’s all of you right? Yaaaay, sparkles!) then you’ll love the high street offerings right now – they’re gearing up for Christmas party season which means you can snag a bargain :) £35 for a wedding dress means you can spend more on wine / cake. Or wine & cake, your choice, I’m not judging.


1. New Look – £101
2. Coast – £350
3. Monsoon – £149

Okay, I know, I know. It would be a little whacky to have a feathery, ostrich style dress as your wedding dress…but, also, kind of awesome? Right? Plus it has sequins which are always a win in my book. Alternatively you could have these dresses as part of your evening costume change – imagine dancing in that one! :)

Would you consider going high street with your wedding dress? You can always get a high street dress altered to give you a better fit, and you’ll be able to return it easily if you change your mind, definitely something to think about! :)


Sarah x