Cwtch Of The Week: Bethan & Austin’s Monet Cwtch by Maria Farrelly

Todays Cwtch of The Week: Bethan & Austin’s Monet Cwtch, is called exactly that as it is taken from the beautiful wedding that I had the pleasure of photographing in April. Just take a look, it was like we stepped into a Monet painting.

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Cwtch of the Week: Bethan & Austin’s Monet Cwtch

Bethan&Austin_Maria Farrelly Photography-6278Image by Maria Farrelly Photography

Welsh Bride Bethan & her groom Austin tied the knot in a beautiful venue called Priors Tithe Barn in Brockworth (just outside Wales).

AS an added bonus, we asked the beautiful Bethan to tell us all about their proposal story because, well, who dissent love a proposal story!? Over to you Bethan……

I always felt bad for Austin whenever he asked me what kind of engagement ring I wanted (for some point way in the future of course!). I never really had an answer, as I had never seen one that I had really, really loved. Well apart from the huge, can’t lift your hand off the table, so sparkly it blinds you, diamonds in the expensive shops no one can afford!

One day we were walking past an antique shop in Cheltenham when I saw the most beautiful ring in the window and commented on how pretty it was. That was all the encouragement Austin needed and he rang up about it the very next day! Austin planned on proposing on our first family holiday together in Dorset with our little boy Dylan. However, when he went to pay for the ring the card was declined as they suspected fraudulent activity! After much begging and pleading with the shop to hold the ring for another week whilst we were away, Austin had to work on plan B.

Austin decided to propose at a meal he had booked for our anniversary at the Hand & Flowers restaurant in Marlow; a Michelin starred restaurant owned by one of my favourite chefs Tom Kerridge. Due to the huge waiting list Austin had booked this surprise a year in advance and thought this would be somewhere really special to propose. It had always been somewhere I had wanted to visit since seeing it on an old episode of Masterchef – which is very ironic given my lack of cooking skills!

After lots of calls and emails to the restaurant, everything was in place for the proposal. We had the most incredible meal I have ever had and when dessert came out, there was a very small box next to mine. Austin then went into his prepared (and very beautiful!) speech before ending by asking me to marry him. Apparently I made lots of random noises for a very long time, but didn’t actually say yes until prompted for an answer! When I finally did, all the staff offered their congratulations and we had a champagne toast before I made several tearful phone calls to family and friends. Although I do still tease Austin that he didn’t actually go down on one knee in the packed restaurant! It was so thoughtful and very special. We even went back there for a celebratory meal one year later, and plan on visiting again after the wedding when we have some more news to celebrate!

Nothing says ‘yes I will marry you’ like a lot of random noises.  We love this!  And you are in for a treat, as I have ready, their whole special day and cannot wait to share the whole wedding with you all very soon.

Enjoy~ Maria xxx

Adam and Zoe’s welsh Seaside Wedding by Ben Walton Films

You know that moment when you watch someones wedding film and rather than yawn you get goosebumps? Yeah… this is one of them! and you know when the guy that made the film happens to be really young and oozing a ridiculous amount of talent that it kind of annoys you (haha)… yeah…. Meet Ben Walton folks! He’s flipping awesome!

I’ve personally had the pleasure of working with Ben. We both shot a wedding together a few years back. I think he was half my age then (mannnn that makes me feel so old to type that!)

Anyhow, today, I want to share with you one BEAUTIFUL wedding film. Seriously, I shed a tear and think you might too. The Father of the Bride’s speech alone warrants a tissue. There is so much I love about this wedding. I’m just gutted I didn’t get to photograph it ~ Maria  

Adam & Zoe’s Welsh Seaside Wedding

Adam & Zoë’s wedding was set on the coast in the seaside town of Aberystwyth. Preperations & ceremony took place in the town followed by the reception slightly set back off the coast at Nanteos Mansion. A great venue, surrounded by fields, rolling hills & sheep.

A to Z // A Welsh Seaside Wedding from Ben Walton on Vimeo.


Kerry and Tom’s beautiful Snowdonia Engagement Shoot

As much as we LOVE to feature real welsh weddings on Cwtch The bride, we do strongly believe that an engagement shoot is well worth the investment if you can stretch that budget a bit further. Engagement shoots or pre-wedding shoots (as some call them) are a great way to work with your photographer before the big day. This is the perfect icebreaker particularly if you are nervous in front of the camera. 

Today we are sharing Kerry & Tom’s Engagement shoot by Amy & Omid Photography. Lets hand you over this lovely Husband & Wife photography team to tell you all about this beautiful photo-shoot in Snowdonia. Kerry_and_Tom-1

Snowdonia Engagement Shoot by Amy and Omid Photography

Having lived in North Wales in the first two years of our own marriage, it was so exciting for us to come back for Kerry and Tom’s pre-wedding shoot! We just love Beddgelert, a picturesque village in Snowdonia. It also happens to be where Tom grew up – lucky him!

Kerry_and_Tom-3The shoot was beautiful. We met in Tom’s mother’s home by the Glaslyn river to get to know them as a couple and their ideas for the wedding day. Their vision for the engagement shoot was impressive – Beddgelert is Tom’s home, and they wanted that to come out in the pictures. For the first shot of the day, Tom and Kerry sat on a stone wall with the historic church and majestic snow-capped Moel Hebog in the background. The photo happens to be the view from Tom’s childhood home. And years later here is Tom with the girl of his dreams in the same spot — how romantic! From then on the shoot unfolded naturally as we went for a walk together through the village, then along the footpath and into the wild, stunning Glaslyn Gorge.


As a couple who got married in Snowdonia, whose passion for photography was kindled in North Wales, it was such a joy for us to return for this shoot. It was a reminder of why it has such a special place in our hearts. There is so much variation in Kerry and Tom’s photos — from the snowy-mountain backdrop to the railway tracks of the Welsh Highland Railway. Our favourite shots are the very last ones of the day. Kerry and Tom were great sports and so we went off the path and into the moss-covered woods. All they had to do was be themselves as a couple as they sat on a really, really old, moss-covered stone wall ruin and we simply snapped away. And, of course, a mandatory tightly squished cwtch to finish off the shoot!

Kerry_and_Tom-4 Kerry_and_Tom-5 Kerry_and_Tom-6 Kerry_and_Tom-7 Kerry_and_Tom-8 Kerry_and_Tom-9 Kerry_and_Tom-10 Kerry_and_Tom-11 Kerry_and_Tom-12 Kerry_and_Tom-13 Kerry_and_Tom-14 Kerry_and_Tom-15 Kerry_and_Tom-16 Kerry_and_Tom-17 Kerry_and_Tom-18 Kerry_and_Tom-19 Kerry_and_Tom-20 Kerry_and_Tom-21 Kerry_and_Tom-22

 These are just wonderful aren’t they? What a gorgeous couple with an absolutely breathtaking backdrop. Lovely lovely x

Chris & Vicki’s Modern Wedding With A Vintage Twist By Anderson Photography

Chris & Vicky tied the knot in April this year at the beautiful Glangrwyney Court. This stunning modern wedding with a vintage twist was fun of laughter, cwtches and great fun (just what we love to see in a welsh wedding) and all wonderfully photographed by Anderson Photography. Lets hand you over to Bride Vicki for all the details… 


What was your budget? 

Our budget was £12,000 but we did go over slightly as most couples probably do! It is easy to get carried away even when you’re keeping track of everything on an excel spreadsheet lol!


How would you describe your wedding theme?

Our wedding was Vintage with a modern twist!V&C0099
Decorations included vintage bunting, wooden logs and jam jars but our centre pieces represented us as a couple. These included –

Kings of Leon Record – Our favourite band
Rugby Ball – Our love for rugby
Flintstones sign – We are known to friends as Fred & Wilma
World Globe – My traveling days & Chris days in the Royal Navy
Beans – Chris’ favourite food

What was your favourite part of your wedding?

I don’t think i could possibly choose as the whole day was absolutely perfect!! One part that stood out for me – i am a fluent Welsh speaker and my Husband is not but he learnt one of his vows in Welsh for the big day! I think our friends and family were all completely shocked to hear him speaking Welsh and it meant so much to me. V&C0208V&C0210

Tell us about your Wedding Dress

I purchased my dress from Celtic Brides in Cardiff and felt like a million dollars as soon as i put it on! It was everything i had been searching for over the 3 months i had been looking! it was perfect for me, a ‘Vicki’ dress!V&C0103My wedding dress was the last one i tried on! 8 shops on, dress number 47!!! I know they say you can try too many on and start getting confused but i hadn’t found the one so had to keep on looking! and thank god i did! This is the most amazing and expensive dress you will ever wear so don’t just settle, make sure you feel like a princess and it’s the one!
V&C0171I was sooo lucky, i didn’t have one bad experience in any bridal shops and they were all very accommodating and it was such an enjoyable experience, even if you do find ‘the one’ in the first shop, keep looking just for the fun of trying dresses on and feeling special! V&C0735Shops i visited included – Laura-May Bridal, Perfections, Jadie-Leigh Boutique, Cardiff Bridal Centre & Timeless Elegence

Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why?

We had 4 Bridesmaids in total – My two teenage cousins Skye & Sommer who came all the way over from Australia (they emigrated 10 years ago) and my two close friends Becky & Chloe who have been a part of my life for 15 years. V&C0395Our best man was ‘EDDY’ (Daniel) who has been Chris’ Best friend for many years.

We choose these as we have been through so much together over the years and wanted them at our sides to witness our special day!

Why did you choose your venue?

We wanted somewhere where none of our friends had got married. And as soon as we viewed Glangrwyney Court we knew it was the venue for us. it had the rustic, relaxed, country look we were looking for. But most of all they offered the flexibility and freedom for us to plan our day the way we had dreamed. By simply offering the venue we were free to create our own bespoke wedding by hiring our own caterers, band an marquee company.

Tell us about your photographer

Our photographer was Anderson Photography. (David Williams)

We spent a good few months visiting different photographers but as soon as we met Dai we knew we wanted him to shoot our wedding! He was so friendly it was as if we had known him for years! And his albums were stunning! We had a pre-shoot (engagement shoot) a few months before the wedding where David made us feel right at ease in front of the camera! it was good to get to know him more before the big day and for him to know us as a couple.V&C0372On the morning of the wedding David and his shooter Adam arrived first thing an didn’t leave until last thing at night! nothing was too much for them, even all the photos with nans, aunties, cousins, friends, girls, boys etc!
But what we loved most was the naturalness of his photos, half the time we didn’t even know they were there! You definitely get what you pay for, make sure you keep a healthy budget for a high quality photographer. A picture tells a thousand words and something you can keep forever! V&C0123We are so pleased with our photos!

How did the proposal happen? 

The proposal happened on the 24th July 2013 at 35,000 feet on a Boeing 737 on our way to Mexico! As we were late checking in we weren’t even sat together on the plane (obviously at this point i was oblivious to Chris panic) about 2 hours into our 10 hour flight the air hostess came to my seat and asked if i could follow her to the back as her manager wanted to speak to me! At this point i started panicking, going beetroot red, thinking they had found drugs or something in my bag! As i got up from my seat and turned around there was Chris on the tannoy of the aeroplane. As i approached the back of the plane all eyes were on me and Chris’ voice echoing over the tannoy – ‘Vicki, i know you love surprises and this is the biggest surprise of your life! you’re my best friend and i love more than anything, will you marry me’ at this point he was down on one knee with a ring in his hand and another air hostess was waving a camera in my face! i was so shocked that all i could say was OMG! The air hostess then asked me if that was a yes? to which i replied YES! She then announced to the other passengers that i had said yes and the plane erupted with applause! We were lucky enough to have another couple swap seats with us so we could spend the rest of the journey sat together enjoying complimentary Champagne!V&C0741

Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share?

My sister-in-law made some vintage decorations for our tables. We spent months collecting empty wine / champagne bottles and jam jars which she then painted with pastel chalk paint and decorated with vintage lace, pearls and hessian. Really cheap and effective idea! V&C0423

What was your first dance & why?

Our First dance was – Kings of Leon – Pyro. We choose this song as King of Leon is our favourite band and this was the song we were listening to when we first told each other we loved each other.V&C0792Don’t worry if you think your guests won’t like the song or if you think it’s not lovey dovey enough. Go with what means something to you as a couple!

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently?

I would have bought a ‘Bernard’s Watch’ so i could have stopped time and made the day last longer!V&C0723

Do you have any advice for future couples?

DON’T stress! enjoy every minute! it will be alright on the night! V&C0669

Embrace every second, it goes so quick and some of it becomes a blur! (book a videographer to catch the moments you may miss / forget)

Escape from your guests for just 10 minutes to get some alone time with your new Hubby!V&C0716Don’t rush into booking vendors (especially photographers / videographers), look around and research, you will cherish your photos and video for the rest of your life.

Remember the day is about you and your partner, do it YOUR way!

What’s the best piece of marriage advice you received?

Never go to sleep on an argument!


What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding?

We loved all the Wedding Fayre’s, seeing all different ideas / vendors and piecing our wedding together bit by bit. (Cwtchfest is definitely worth a visit).  I also loved putting all our ideas together on Pinterest! if you haven’t got this app – GET IT! But most of all seeing all your hard work and vision come together on the day, it all pays off!V&C0287

The Suppliers

Photographer: Anderson Photography
Videographer: Aurora Videography
Wedding Planner: Rebecca Gould
Ceremony Venue: Glangrwyney Court
Reception Venue: Glangrwyney Court
Bride’s Dress: Eternity @ Celtic Brides
Bride’s Shoes: Charlotte Mills
Bride’s Headpiece: Liza
Bride’s Jewellery: Gemtime Jewellers
Groom’s Outfit: Dyfed Menswear
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: For her & For him
Bridesmaid’s Accessories: Tresor Paris & Joma
Cake: Made by a friend
Flowers: Hilary’s Florist
Hair: Hairplay
Make Up: The Beauty Spot
Band: Killers of Leon
DJ: Dragon fly Disco
Caterers: Sugarloaf Catering
Any Reception Decor/Props: Cherry Blossom Fancies
Transport: Bradfords Coaches

The Wedding Album

V&C0001 V&C0002 V&C0006 V&C0009 V&C0011 V&C0041 V&C0049 V&C0053 V&C0059 V&C0067 V&C0099 V&C0103 V&C0106 V&C0117 V&C0123 V&C0129 V&C0132 V&C0135 V&C0161 V&C0164 V&C0169 V&C0171 V&C0172 V&C0175 V&C0181 V&C0194 V&C0198 V&C0201 V&C0202 V&C0206 V&C0208 V&C0210 V&C0245 V&C0249 V&C0261 V&C0271 V&C0285 V&C0287 V&C0300 V&C0309 V&C0354 V&C0361 V&C0372 V&C0395 V&C0423 V&C0436 V&C0447 V&C0453 V&C0459 V&C0461 V&C0473 V&C0502 V&C0506 V&C0516 V&C0518 V&C0531 V&C0535 V&C0537 V&C0551 V&C0552 V&C0557 V&C0568 V&C0569 V&C0573 V&C0630 V&C0644 V&C0648 V&C0652 V&C0654 V&C0659 V&C0669 V&C0673 V&C0677 V&C0686 V&C0688 V&C0693 V&C0711 V&C0716 V&C0717 V&C0723 V&C0735 V&C0741 V&C0743 V&C0744 V&C0782 V&C0792 V&C0795 V&C0806 V&C0812

Jon & Sam’s Rustic Wedding at Wolfscastle Country Hotel, Pembrokeshire by Maria Farrelly

Oooo… today we are sharing Jon & Sam’s stunning rustic wedding at Wolfscastle Country Hotel in Pembrokeshire. Photographed by me (Maria Farrelly Photography). Pembrokeshire is one of my favourite areas to photograph in Wales and this couple were an absolute joy to work with.  They were relaxed throughout the whole planning process, right up to the day itself! The weather couldn’t have been any better and the whole day went without a hitch (which in this industry is VERY RARE!) haha… enjoy! ~ Maria x 

Jon & Sam’s Rustic Wedding at Wolfscastle Country Hotel

wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_076What was your budget? 

We didn’t have an exact budget. We tried to be as careful with our money as possible. So lots of research and I (Sam) haggled where possible, and even sometimes when not – but I think if you don’t ask you don’t get! We did discuss a budget but Jon wouldn’t give me one to work with. His actual words were “If I give you a budget you will reach it, and then some – it’d be more like a goal than a budget! So if we don’t set a budget then we may be able to keep the costs down!” He is lucky that I still married him ;-)wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_067

How would you describe your wedding theme?

From the beginning we wanted a summer wedding with a very rustic feel. A marquee, hay bales, jam jars with flowers in, barrels of ale, a hog roast and a live band. A simple, pretty wedding. But when we actually sat down and looked at the cost of venues and all the costs to achieve this idea we were so surprised that it was all so much more expensive that choosing a more formal setting. We were lucky as we chose to marry in our home county of Pembrokeshire so we had lots of more affordable choices, that weren’t too far from the original idea. So I guess to sum it up, our theme was formal elegant yet rustic wedding!  wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_083

What was your favourite part of your wedding?

To sum up one part of our day as the favourite is just impossible! From start to finish it was perfect. The sun was shining, we had a lovely breeze (which massively helped when the nerves kicked in, no one wants to be a ‘sweaty Betty’ on their wedding day!), everything went to plan. It’s true what everyone had said “it’ll all come together” and it did, and more!

Sam: I wanted to inhale every second during our actual marriage. I wanted to remember the look in Jon’s eyes when we said our vows. I was sure I’d cry, or maybe he would have, but it was all just dreamy and I am so glad that every last word sank in. I will never forget that. wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_048

Jon: When we sat in the wedding car and I looked at Sam, I just thought “that’s my wife!” that was a pretty incredible moment.wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_072

Tell us about your Wedding Dress

My bestie and Matron of Honour, Adele and my Mum came with me to White Bride bridal shop in Narberth, my home town. Adele had bought her wedding dress from there, and she told me how lovely the owner Sally, and her staff were. So I felt at ease before I had even walked through the door. I tried on 5 dresses that day, although Adele had picked out a 6th that unfortunately I didn’t have time to try on. Although I wasn’t that bothered about not trying it on, as it didn’t seem like a dress that would suit my curves, and it had a belt which I thought would have been a no no. I then visited a different bridal shop miles away in Winchester, and that very same dress I didn’t try on was there. I wanted to try it on just to be able to tell Adele that I tried it, then I could eliminate it and move on. Well, when I put it on, it was just breath taking (even if I do say so myself!!) The dress was made by the wonderfully talented Sassy Holford. The dress is called ‘Ruby’. I wanted to purchase my dress at White Bride. The ladies who work in this bridal shop just have such a friendly, wonderful approach that there was no where else I’d rather have gone to purchase my wedding dress. I have a complex with exposing my back. ‘Ruby’ had a ‘V’ plunge back with a silk trim. This wasn’t for me. I explained all this to Sally, who then contacted Sassy herself! Sally came up with a design that covered up this detail, and all of a sudden my dream dress was there! I had a ‘one off’ Sassy Holford – it was love at first sight!!wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_004wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_003wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_070

Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why?

Jon picked his best friend Kane to be best man. When I first met Kane I knew that I had stepped on the toes of their bromance! They are great friends, so there really was no one else for the job. I had 10 bridesmaids. Yes I know 10 is a lot – everyone I said the number ’10’ to gasped! We have big families and I didn’t want to leave any of my special girls out. I had 3 older bridesmaids in one style of dress and the younger 6 in another style. My beautiful little flower girls Isla was just 6 months old so she had the same dress as the younger girls but in a different colour. Choosing a dress to suit 10 girls all of different ages would have been impossible so I wanted to have them slightly different. The colours and styles went together beautifully. The girls all looked sensational. Kane scrubbed up well too ;-)wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_058

Why did you choose your venue?

Wolfscastle Country Hotel, Pembrokeshire, Wow what a truly beautiful venue. It would have been great for all weather conditions, and considering our wedding was in Wales, we realistically had to plan for rain and anything else was a bonus. We happened to be incredibly lucky and had perfect weather!wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_001
The staff were exceptionally helpful. The owners went above and beyond to make us happy, and we went through all the details with a fine tooth comb. Nothing was too much to ask for. The fact it was a hotel was a bonus. We had friends and family coming from near and far, so to have somewhere for people to stay was brilliant. The food was out of this world. All of our guest complimented our choice on venue!

Tell us about your photographer

Maria Farrelly photographed Adele’s wedding. She was brilliant that day, so we just had to have her! I love a selfie, but Jon is not keen on being centre of attention. Maria made us feel at ease. She went above and beyond her photography role, she even helped Adele to do up my wedding dress! She had beautiful, inventive ideas to photograph parts of our day that we could never have dreamed up. The images are stunning. We also had the photo booth – what great fun that is! We have got hilarious images of all of our loved ones just having THE BEST TIME! I would highly recommend her and her team.
wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_027wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_053How did the proposal happen? 

We had been together for 6 years. Marriage had been talked about, it was definitely something we both wanted, but felt there was no rush.
My Mum and step-dad Pete came to looked after our eldest son Dylan who was 2 at the time. Jon took me to London. I must admit, I had suspected that this could be THE weekend, but when Jon was so casual about us sharing cases, and didn’t appear to be hiding anything or being at all on edge I dismissed it and just wanted to enjoy a weekend just the two of us.
Jon surprised me with dinner at a restaurant that is special to us. Gaucho Broadgate. We sat at the table we had sat at a few years ago. It was a perfect coincidence! After our food we walked out of the restaurant straight onto Finsbury Avenue Square. If you don’t know where this is, then to set the scene, the floor is lit up in squares, it’s a very cool sight. Jon at this point was being a little odd, directing me to the centre of the square. Then all of a sudden he went down on one knee! It was breath taking! He said he loved me very much and would I marry him! I said “yes of course I will!”. There were a few people around who applauded and cheered! I cried! He slipped the ring on my finger, and then realised I hadn’t even looked at it. Surprising how handy the torch on the iPhone is! Wow. I am one lucky girl. I wear my engagement (and wedding ring) with pride. We had a magical weekend. Champagne bars, a meal at The Dorchester Hotel!!, a night at the theatre and a belting hangover!! A truly wonderful, unforgettable weekend.wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_082

Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share?

We wanted to make our wedding invites ourselves, thinking this would save us money. Actually when we priced up the stationary and how long it would take we had someone else to make them. Especially Made Wedding Stationary (Southampton), did a wonderful job. We ended up getting the lovely Natalie to do all our stationary, table plan and a post box for wedding cards. She was exceptional!wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_022 We liked an idea we had seen where the run of the day was written out to show guests what time to expect things to happen. We chose to use a wooden crate. Jon’s brother Sam had been able to get us one of these. Steph (Jon’s sister) and I painted out our chosen wording. This looked very effective, and I think it was nice for people to know what to expect. The wooden crate meant we kept with our theme too.
We borrowed a black board from my cousin Rhiannon, and asked people who used Instagram to hashtag #whitbywedding15 so we would be able to look at photos that people had taken.wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_079 We had invited a lot of children to help celebrate our day with us and our boys. So trying to think of entertainment for them was tricky. Trying to make sure that at the forefront of our minds, this is our wedding not a child’s birthday party. So we had a ‘kid’s table’. It had lots of colouring books, crayons, sticker books, stick on moustaches (everyone loves a ‘tash), small connect 4. We had outside games too. We borrowed these off friends, giant Jenga being one of them. Needless to say the kids were well entertained. wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_089

What was your first dance & why?

Our first dance was You Are The Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne. The lyrics were perfect for us. I love music, and pay attention to the lyrics. Jon probably only remembers the chorus!
Jon and I are fun people so we didn’t want anything too heavy, and also didn’t want anything too slow. We didn’t want to end up doing the traditional ‘school disco’ dance. Also we had a swing shift band who played this song. The start alone was outstanding, give me goose bumps just thinking about it :-)wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_090

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently?

Hmm… yes and no… I loved my dress, it was so beautiful and I felt like a princess. Buuut it was quite big. In the bridal shop, lots of space to prance around :-) however the reality of the wedding day, it got trampled on A LOT. That wasn’t the end of the world I know, but I felt like I took up majority of the dance floor when I graced it with my presence! :-D So I wouldn’t have wanted to change my dress really… a bigger dance floor would have been great!

Do you have any advice for future couples?

Think of exactly what you want your day to be like, remember it’s just one day and you have to do it your way, not how you think others will want it to be. Don’t compromise as you may regret it. Something I regret is not spending enough time with my close friends. I was so conscious that I needed to spend time with family we do not see often I felt I neglected not only my close friends, but myself! I wish I had spent more time with my besties.wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_099

What’s the best piece of marriage advice you received?

Be happy, listen to each other, take care of each other, enjoy each other.

So far so good :-)wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_056

What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding?

As soppy as it may sound, knowing that we were going to be ‘The Whitby’s’ was amazing! I felt left out, Jon, Dylan and Evan were Whitby’s and not me, so as silly as that sounds that was exciting!
I had a few surprises for Jon, so knowing that he would have those on our special day was lovely. I got Jon and his Mum a hot rod to take them to church. They loved it! You can hear Edith squeal, (with excitement I hope not fear) as the car rode off from her house.wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_015
We had seen the band at our friend’s wedding. That was exciting as we knew our friends and family would love them.
In the last few weeks of planning, when everything just started to come together, they were amazing moments. Just being able to visualise this fabulous day!

The Suppliers

Photographer: Maria Farrelly
Videographer: Nick Pudsey – Pembrokeshire Video
Ceremony Venue: St Mary’s Church, Spittal, Pembrokeshire
Reception Venue: Wolfscastle Country Hotel
Bride’s Dress: White Bride, Narberth
Bride’s Shoes: Monsoon
Bride’s Jewellery: My Mum’s pearls she wore on her wedding day
Groom’s Outfit: Ted Baker
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Monsoon
Bridesmaid’s Accessories: Monsoon
Cake: Sian Lewis – a family friend
Flowers: Elsa Sharp
Hair and Make Up: Katie Evans – Katie Marie Mobile Hair Stylist
Band and DJ: Barry Hammett’s Swing Shift Band
Stationery: Especially Made – Natalie Studwell
Any Reception Decor/Props: Brother in law Sam Whitby made centre piece circles of wood, and for cake
Transport: Top Class Cars & Weddings

The Wedding Album

wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_001 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_002 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_003 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_004 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_005 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_006 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_007 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_008 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_009 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_010 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_011 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_012 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_013 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_014 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_015 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_016 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_017 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_018 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_019 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_020 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_021 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_022 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_023 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_024 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_025 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_026 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_027 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_028 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_029 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_030 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_031 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_032 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_033 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_034 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_035 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_036 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_037 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_038 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_039 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_040 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_041 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_042 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_043 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_044 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_045 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_046 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_047 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_048 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_049 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_050 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_051 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_052 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_053 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_054 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_055 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_056 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_057 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_058 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_059 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_060 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_061 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_062 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_063 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_064 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_065 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_066 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_067 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_068 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_069 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_070 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_071 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_072 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_073 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_074 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_075 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_076 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_077 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_078 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_079 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_080 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_081 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_082 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_083 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_084 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_085 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_086 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_087 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_088 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_089 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_090 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_091 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_092 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_093 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_094 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_095 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_096 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_097 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_098 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_099 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_100 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_101 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_102 wolfcastle_Pembrokeshire_wedding_103