Bride To B Diaries: DIY Bride Lets Others Help Out

Weddings are all about bring families together, all helping out and pulling together. Today our DIY Bride talks about what happens when you don’t let others help out. Over to you Jess.

B2B DIY BannerOur DIY Bride

SAM_0419The Benefits Of Allowing Others To Help Out.

The wedding is within view and there is still so much to do! Thankfully I have some very special people who are rallying around me.

When I started planning and making stuff for the wedding I was quite literally doing it all myself. I knew what I wanted and I had the time (how foolish was I?!) – Why would I ask anyone to help?

Mum “Can I help with that?”

Me “No its fine, I have it sorted”

Mum “I’ll pay for that”

Me “It’s ok, we can afford it”

There were similar conversations with my husband to be, my lovely Maid of Honour and my Dad. I am Wonder Woman, I can do it all by myself – right? BIG RED BUZZER – WRONG ANSWER!

A couple of things happened in quick succession:

  • My mum and I had a falling out about how I wasn’t allowing her to be involved at all.
  • I visited the caterers and realised I had not considered the evening food decorations which I most definitely did not have time to sort out.
  • An article came up on my wedding app about how 2 in 5 mothers do not feel involved in their daughters’ weddings. (This came up the day I had the falling out with Mum)Friends Again x(Mum and Jess are friends again.)

How did I miss this? It was obvious – it wasn’t about others interfering or about me admitting defeat. My wedding, like most, is about more than just the one day. The excitement of the lead up to the big day is just as important. The special people in my life just wanted to be included.


  • My husband to be is sorting out the wedding music, playlists and PA system.
  • Mum and Andy (Mum’s boyfriend) helped with table decorations.
  • Mum and Andy’s mum made the bunting.
  • Dad is sorting the decorations for the evening food – Street Style MexicanJ.
  • Sharlene (Maid of Honour) helped with the jar decorations.

All Decorated JarsDecorated Jars 2Sharlene is also going to be making my wedding cake, my bouquet and helping with the button holes, Mum and Andy’s mum are making the serviettes, Mum is sorting the hen celebrations (Next blog!) and Dad is sourcing the evening cutlery, crockery and glasses.

This leaves me with 9 weeks to finish my wedding dress (I have started it ….. yesterday!), finishing touches to Sharlene’s and Mum’s dresses, table plan and finalising arrangements. Oh, and get in shape! Gym – here I come!

Suddenly it all seems so much more possible, I may even be able to get some sleep in there somewhere ;)

I am so grateful to the wonderful friends and family I have around me. They are the ones who will make the wedding day Super Special for Rod and I. All it took was a stern talking to from my mum.

Motto of the story…Let others in and don’t be so stubborn. You will be surprised and awed with the amazing things your family and friends can do. #HiddenTalents

Until next time lovely ladies…. JxTable Decorations 3

Bride To Be Diaries: Our DIY Brides Fabulous Favours

Wedding favours are a brilliant way to bring in something very personal to your wedding. Our beautiful DIY Bride tells us all about how she decided on her fabulous favours. B2B DIY Banner

Our DIY Bride


Fabulous Favours

This month is all about favours.

Wedding Favours have been a custom for centuries and is common worldwide as expression of thanks to guests for attending. Giving a sweet treat was a symbol of prosperity and almonds were considered lucky. This eventually led to the traditional favour of sugared almonds. Now people give all sorts of wedding favours from chocolates to soap.20160709_194143

I knew I wanted to make my own favours. I was thinking about chocolate truffles (I make them every year for Christmas presents) but they are a big time commitment and I’m a little short of that atm. Then I thought ‘my bread maker can make jam – I could give little pots of jam’. However, with the afternoon tea style wedding breakfast I realised that to give anything sweet was not going to be special. (I have ordered lots of cake for the afternoon tea!)

This left me in a predicament. What was I going to give my guests? Even Google was not being its usual helpful self!

A couple of weeks later whilst watering my house plants I had an eureka moment.20160611_120036

Plants…. I could give my guests baby plants, in little pots tied up with ribbon. My Money Plant – AKA. Miss Money Penny, was trying to sprout new plants. I could give baby money plants to my guests. According to Chinese Feng Shui they bring wealth and good fortune. (We can only hope!)20151031_145715

BOOM! With the idea in the bag it was really easy to sort. I bought some small plastic pots from Amazon and a bag of earth and started planting. The pots will be covered with hessian and lace and topped off with a pretty painted humming bird and a label to say what the plant is all about.

I love these plants, plus they were cheap to make and really personal. They have another 3 months to grow before the big day. I am (a) hoping they do not die and (b) bring me some fortune in the meantime as all of our money is going on the wedding! :)IMG-20151027-WA0001

If you want to give this a go – I have a few tips:

  1. The plants took longer to grow than I thought they would. So plant early.
  2. Plant more than you need – I have lost a couple along the way.
  3. Choose a plant that is seasonal to your wedding or is an all-round grower.
  4. Don’t rule out the garden centre – you can get some lovely small plants there that would work really well. It was my back up plan if growing my own did not work.20160608_112107

I just hope everyone will like them now.

Take care. Jess x

I love these. So personal and something that will last for ever. Can you keep me one? If you missed the last post from Jess click here. ~ Kate

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Introducing Our DIY Bride Jess

I have a real treat for all you brides attempting a little bit of DIY for your wedding! Today’s bride to be is making so many things for her wedding…..but are there any of you attempting to make your own wedding dress….GULP!!!! How could we not ask this beautiful lady not to share her planning adventures with all of you! Introducing our DIY Bride Jess…Enjoy. 
Portugal 2015 (3)SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESRod and I met just over 13 years ago at University in Liverpool, we were 20 years old. It took what felt like months to make our feelings known to one another. In reality it was 2 weeks. The 24th September will be our wedding day and the 14th anniversary of our first date.rod & jess5SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Writing this blog has given me cause to reflect back on the last 13 years, for marriage is a commitment people have been making to one another for centuries. (Although not always for love!)

We have had our share ups and downs just like everyone else and it hasn’t always been strawberries and cream. However, no one else has made me laugh so much, made me feel so special or accepted me for who I am than Rod.rod & jess8SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

We are both 34 years old (although I am 6 weeks older!). We moved to Swansea 6 years ago to be closer to the surf. We both love doing sports like surfing, running, cycling, yoga… the list goes on. Rod is a support worker on a mental health ward and I am a business manager for a local engineering company. In addition to the sport we both like to be creative in our spare time. Rod plays guitar and writes his own music. I am always working on some kind of arts and crafts or sewing project.Portugal 2015 (4)

What else can I say about Rod…? I love the fact that he makes me laugh so much, and he is musical, intelligent and handsome too of course! If there is one thing I could change about him it would be his stubbornness, and that he doesn’t listen to me. (Ok, that’s two things!)SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESrod 2

What does he say about me? I’m kind, intelligent, artistic and beautiful. (Isn’t he nice!)

The one thing he would change? I always take on too much (like planning a whole wedding!)

2016 will be all about the wedding for me and for Rod I suspect it will be ignoring the mania as much as possible. He has already told me that I’m a ‘Bridezilla’! Ha – I’m just getting into my stride!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

I am planning on doing a lot myself for the wedding including the bridal gown, decorations, button holes, favours, flowers…. the list goes on. I may have bitten off more than I can chew this time though! (Don’t tell Rod)

With just over 9 months to go until the big day I shall post regular updates on how it’s all going, including the ups and melt-downs!

Take care

Jess x


I don’t know if i would be brave enough to attempt the dress but I can’t wait to hear all about it. I made loads of bits for my wedding and all my guests really appreciated the effort. If you are looking for some inspiration why not join us at Cwtchfest. Hurry hurry hurry….buy your much sort after tickets here!!! ~ Kate