Budget Wedding: High Street Wedding Dresses Take Two

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Our last high street wedding dresses post was super popular, so we thought we’d do another one! :) There are always a ton of new dresses hitting the high street as the seasons change (which sadly means some of our favourites are now out of stock, sob!) so we’ve done a round up of some of the new high street dresses that have been catching our eye this month. As always, you can follow our Pinterest board to keep up to date!

1. Monsoon – £299
2. Monsoon – £179
3. Marks & Spencers – £99

First up the traditional style dresses. Monsoon as always have a great collection in a range of prices,  but for budget you can’t really beat this M&S number for less than £100. These would all look great with a (faux) fur stole for winter, right? :)


1. Topshop – £59
2. Phase Eight for John Lewis – £750
3. Monsoon – £299

There are a lot of lace styles out at the moment, but these are the three that I’ve got my eye on. This Topshop beauty is so stylish, and definitely something you could wear again after your wedding if you wanted to (and who wouldn’t?). This lace dress from Monsoon looks lovely on the model, click over to the page to have a look :)


1. Jane Norman – £55
2. New Look – £25
3. Coast – £295

Next up some dresses for the shorties among us! (Yup, this category includes me.) It does mean you can go crazy with your shoe choice as people will definitely see them! Plus you won’t need to ask a friend to help you when you need to go to the loo, double bonus. They’re also perfect for summer weddings as they’ll keep you cool during the sunny weather :)


1. Dorothy Perkins – £35
2. Coast – £450
3. Topshop – £65

If you love a bit a sparkle (that’s all of you right? Yaaaay, sparkles!) then you’ll love the high street offerings right now – they’re gearing up for Christmas party season which means you can snag a bargain :) £35 for a wedding dress means you can spend more on wine / cake. Or wine & cake, your choice, I’m not judging.


1. New Look – £101
2. Coast – £350
3. Monsoon – £149

Okay, I know, I know. It would be a little whacky to have a feathery, ostrich style dress as your wedding dress…but, also, kind of awesome? Right? Plus it has sequins which are always a win in my book. Alternatively you could have these dresses as part of your evening costume change – imagine dancing in that one! :)

Would you consider going high street with your wedding dress? You can always get a high street dress altered to give you a better fit, and you’ll be able to return it easily if you change your mind, definitely something to think about! :)


Sarah x

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