Bridesmaids and The High Street

Our Classic Bride Charlie is back again! (we can’t get enough of her this month). Her previous post, A review of Court Coleman Manor proved really popular with many of our readers. Today Charlie is delving into the high street to find some really cool bridesmaid dresses. Over to you Charlie,

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Bridesmaid dress shopping is HARD! Just think how difficult it is to find yourself a dress for a special occasion- finding a shape that flatters, a colour that suits your skin tone, a price tag within budget, and then when you find the perfect dress the shop doesn’t have it in your size! Take this trauma and multiply it by the number of bridesmaids you have… See what I mean?!

I had three bridesmaids who all had different heights, colouring and dress sizes so I thought the easiest option would be to get mis-matched dresses to suit them all, but I do think that mis-matched dresses still have to co-ordinate with one another in some way and this became even harder! If you are lucky enough that your bridesmaids are a group of best friends who all live near to each other then that makes for a super fun shopping trip but with my gorgeous girls all living at three far flung corners of the UK (Carmarthen, London and Yorkshire!) in the end I chose the easy way out which was to pick a “proper” bridesmaid dress in a classic timeless style that I knew would suit them all, and I hope you agree that they all looked gorgeous.

Charlies BridesmaidsImage by: Maria Farrelly Photography

As much as I loved the dresses and thought the girls looked stunning, when I see the vast variety of high street dresses out there at the moment I can’t help but feel wistful for the original relaxed style I had in mind. I have picked some of my favourite high street (and online) dresses that would (in my opinion) make amazing bridesmaid options.

High Street Bridesmaid Dresses


Asos BardotAsos Vintage Floral Bardot 

coast_AmoretteCoast Amorette

flapper dressMiss Selfridge Teal Flapper Dress

topshop_plisse_maxi_dressMiss Selfridge Plisse Maxi Dress

Coast_IstriaCoast Istria

Oasis_Paloma_midi_dressOasis Embellished Paloma Midi Dress

Oasis_Victoria_laceOasis Victoria Lace Midi Dress

topshop_Applique_shift_dressTop Shop Limited Edition Applique Shift Dress

Topshop_wheel_lace_dressTop Shop Wheel Lace Dress

Warehouse_Broderie_lace_dressWarehouse Panelled Broderie Lace Dress

Very_Kimberley_Walsh_Yoke_dressVery Kimberley Walsh Mesh Yoke Printed Dress

Very_Fearne_cotton_Paisley_dressVery Fearne Cotton Paisley Midi Dress


I hope that you have found this helpful! If you are still not inspired then don’t worry, my fellow Cwtch ladies will be here with more bridesmaid inspiration throughout May :)

If you do decide to take to the High Street to dress your maids, you may want to consider the possibility that a well meaning guest could potentially turn up in the same outfit. This is one of the small pitfalls of shopping the High Street and one way of avoiding any clashes could be to ask your female guests to avoid a certain colour scheme. If that isn’t your style then you could give the bridesmaids some matching accessories that will make them stand out as bridesmaids and link them as a group. But with all the gorgeous options out there the chances of the same-dress nightmare happening should be quite slim!

Have any of our brides taken to the High Street? I would love to hear how you found it!

8 thoughts on “Bridesmaids and The High Street

  1. Oh no – I’m going to be one of THOSE guests! I’ve just shortlisted all of the above for a wedding I’m going to next month ;)

    I went High Street for my four bridesmaids and dressed them in a gorgeous 60’s inspired ivory dress from Warehouse. I worked on the assumption that guests would stick to the ‘dont wear the same colour as the bride’ rule – which apparently counts for nothing anymore as two guests rocked up in white/ivory!!

    Thankfully my girls stood out and looked stunning, I added a bit of colour by having them all in duck egg blue shoes which looked great. x

  2. Oh my goodness that first ASOS dress is stunning! Fingers (& toes) crossed it’s not the dress of choice for bridesmaids at the wedding I have in Sept!!

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