A Bride’s Gift

On Friday we featured Katie’s beautiful wedding which was photographed beautifully by our sponsor Christopher Ian. Katie and her friends Jo and Bex originally contacted Cwtch the Bride to tell us about the amazing idea they came up with while planning their weddings. Here Katie explains about A Bride’s Gift. All images in this post are from the Facebook page.997065_742632165816143_1640861969862275353_n

Like many brides, I grew my hair for my wedding… or rather enjoyed not having to bother getting a hair cut for a year before it ;)  As the wedding drew near, I was starting to fantasise about how nice it would be to have less of it to deal with and how much I’d save in shampoo.  At the time I was also doing 30 random acts of kindness in the 30 days before the wedding… mostly to have something to distract me from wedding planning nerves!  I found out about the Little Princess Trust, who make real hair wigs for children who have lost their hair through illness or cancer treatment.  You only have to have 7 inches plus to donate and I knew I would have lots more than this by the wedding.  I then thought, lots of other women grow their hair for their big day and might be interested in joining me.  I asked on Facebook and two friends who had both recently got married, Jo Fothergill and Bex McAllan, got in touch and said they’d like to do it too with others hoping to do it in the next year or so after their weddings when their hair had reached the right length.  We set up a Facebook page to share our progress and a Just Giving page to raise some money as each wig costs upwards of £350 to make. We reached this initial fundraising target of £1000 last month!

I was hoping to share this story so that other brides might get inspired to join us and consider donating their hair after their big day. There’s a very home-made video on the Facebook page showing our big cuts that happened last week (my editing skills are a bit shaky).
A Bride’s Gift is not itself a charity, just an informal group of brides supporting the charity the Little Princess Trust. Here is a message from the trust:
“Thank you all so very much for this wonderful support. With the funds raised, the charity can buy a further three wigs for poorly children and your hair donations will form part of another wig for a different child who needs help.
Please pass on our grateful thanks to your supporters too.
Kind regards
Monica Glass
Charity Manager”

Wow I hope you’ll agree that these three brides (two Welsh and one English!) are pretty special. I wish I had thought about this before having my hair cut after the wedding, it is such an amazing cause. If you are on the fence about going for the chop after the wedding perhaps this will be a little added incentive!

Have any of you thought about doing something like this, or have you already done it?! Please share your story with us (and any charity links and pictures) in the comments box.


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