Bride-to-be Diary: Picking The Bridesmaids Outfits

It’s time for another post from our new bride-to-be: Cath! :) You can find a little more about her and her wedding plans on her ‘meet the team‘ page – she’ll be here in the run up to her wedding talking about all the dilemmas and planning decisions that she’ll be making along the way :) Today she’s talking about picking an outfit for her bridesmaids :)


There’s nothing like a day out with the ‘maids for getting you all excited by the impending wedding day.  Less than two months to go and it’s actually the first time I’ve managed to get all my lovely bridesmaids in the same continent, let alone the same city, so this weekend was doubly exciting for me.  Reading this, you’ll now be expecting me to have a whole host of lovely ladies to keep me company during my journey down the aisle.  But no, it’s just the two: little sis, Caroline, and best pal, Ceri.   It just happens that one of them has spent the last year and a half living in New Zealand while the other has recently fled Cardiff for deepest, darkest Woking.

Working those shoes

Having maids spanning both hemispheres did make shopping for their dresses a little more tricky and meant we played it safe with styles to ensure it looks fab on both of them.  Traditional it is; at least with a standard bridesmaid’s dress, you can guarantee it will look great rather than one of them worrying about appearing too broad/tall/ridiculous (insert any other paranoia).  It also meant that my best mate had to contend with all my indecisiveness on her own!  Thanks, Ceri.

photo 1

So, with Caroline back and Ceri winging her way down the M4, Saturday was the one and only chance I had to deck them out from head to foot in accessories.  Think fur, feathers and Christmassy sparkle.  I’ll admit, I never realised there’d be such an array of cream fur shrugs to choose from.  Thankfully, Caroline and Ceri were more than happy to model them all.  Except the ostrich feathers…there was a definite refusal there!  I think Caroline was worried she’d look more like Emu than a glamorous right-hand-girl.  Actually, hats off to Ceri- she’d model ANYTHING.  She clearly rocks the Christmas look.

I did say feathers...

It was also nice to have a day about someone else for a change!  As much as I love this whole ‘bride-to-be deal’, it’s kind of nice to have a day off and dress someone else.  Although there was a slight tinge of jealousy where shoes were involved.  Teal suede and matching sparkle- I love them.  My own shoes (which are most definitely my Emmy shaped treat to myself) had better live up to expectations!


More than anything, the shopping trip was a good excuse to spend some time with my two favourite female chums and gossip and giggle our way through a Saturday.  Not that I needed reminding, but it made it clear why I’d picked these two to accompany me down the aisle.

Milk maids all this shopping is thirsty work

For me, choosing my bridesmaids was a relatively straightforward process.  I can be a little prone to panicking if something goes wrong when it’s all getting a bit stressful (and my mum is fussing about little details!- sorry Mum!) so my girls need to know me well and be able to keep me smiling.  My little (I still claim the right to call her that, despite her extra 3 inches!) sister was the obvious choice and first name down on the list.  We’ve always been close and I missed her loads when she was away on her travels.  When it came to friends, Ceri was also a cert.  Having been close pals since meeting in the sixth form, and her general insanities mean we’re always laughing.  Admittedly, sometimes at rather than with.

My choice of a small line-up was also affected by who Mike would choose for his entourage.  He spent some time contemplating his usher crisis- pick just his brother or the whole circle of friends.  Being one of a group of five who have been close since school, and having already been an usher for three of them, it would be difficult to decide who made the cut, but four ushers at quite a small wedding seemed a little extreme.  In the end, we decided to opt for a smaller group: he will have his best man and one usher, while I’ll stick to just two bridesmaids.

So, the next time we three shall meet again (sorry- I’m a bit of a Shakespeare geek, I had to get him in somewhere!), will be next week.  At my hen weekend.  Let’s hope that continues to underline what wonderful girls they be…Caroline, Ceri: are you reading this?!


Cath x

5 thoughts on “Bride-to-be Diary: Picking The Bridesmaids Outfits

  1. Ah Cath as someone who had a bridesmaid in Carmarthen, one in London and one in Yorkshire I completely understand! The reason I also went for traditional dresses.

    Great post x

  2. Hi Charlie! Your bridesmaids’ dresses look lovely in yesterday’s post. I don’t know if you were the same, but I’ve found it quite difficult balancing kitting them out and not wanting to take up all their free time/ make a hundred journeys down the M4, especially having had them down for shopping, I now need them to get their dresses fitted.

    • Yes it can be a logistical nightmare! I arranged for two girls to have fittings in Carmarthen as they both had links to it and my Maid of Honour found herself a seamstress locally. It will all work out!

      Ps and thank you :)

  3. Hi Cath, i have one bridesmaid in Cardiff, one in Carmarthen, one in Northampton and one who is away M-F in London……..i feel your pain! And mine are on the same continent!! but it is making the time we do get all together all the more special!!!!

  4. Hi Eleanor! You’re right, it’s extra fun when we all get to meet up. I think it also helps hat, being good friends, they’re obviously lovely girls and therefore don’t mind putting in a mile or two! Good luck with your co-ordinations! X

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