Bride To Be Diaries: Our Spring Bride Ali Is Planning

Our Spring Bride Ali is planning in this post. She is telling us all about marking off all of her to do list and making sure that she is organised. Over to you Ali. New Bride To Be Diary

Our Spring Bride

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Planning, planning, planning…

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We’ve hit the 300 mark… There are now less than 300 days to go… That’s less than a year?! As I write this, we are exactly 295 days off… Just under 10 months… Which is CRAZY!

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Like… This time next year… Not only will we be MARRIED… But we’ll be home from honeymoon… Now there’s a sad thought!

So anyone that knows me well, will know how much I LOVE a plan… a list… love me a rule to follow, and I am the QUEEN of getting stuff done, yesterday.

I think one of the things I got most excited about first, after getting engaged, was choosing my planner! I finally settled on this one from M&S … It’s not just a planner… hehe

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“Wow Ali, your lust for planning must be ideal when you’re arranging the biggest day of your lives… right? Eh? Eh? …”

Did I mention I’m also notorious for changing my mind? Ha!

But yes… Yes my love for planning in advance has many benefits in this particular instance…

I’ve already got my dress on order… since October ’15!

Which, I totally understand will make many of you shudder, especially since I literally just mentioned the changey-mindey business… but lemme explain.

I knew EXACTLY… PRE-cisely which dress (in an ideal world) I wanted.

I’d pinned it, on all 6 (yes 6) of my ‘Final’ wedding boards on Pinterest… It was torn from a magazine and glued in to my good old fashioned Wedding Scrap Book… and to be honest… I NEVER expected to find it in the UK, let alone locally.

Photo 04

Then one day… I was flicking back through the magazine I’d ripped it out of, ready to pop it in the recycling… and I spotted some small print next to where the picture use to be…

“Timeless Elegance Bridal” … “High Street Arcade” … “CARDIFF”

THE DRESS, was in Cardiff!

“Ok, ok calm down. It’s going to cost an absolute fortune so don’t get your hopes up ok?”


But it didn’t! It was less than £1,000, which I never, ever expected.

Needless to say I was in the shop that weekend, in love, and the rest is… well Daddy’s business (haha).

Photo 05


Photo Credit: De Courceys Mannor 

The venue is a similar story.. We saw pictures online of somewhere we loved, found out it was literally 10 minutes away from our front door, visited, fell in love, booked it. DONE!

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My Bridesmaids dresses are in dress bags, hanging in my wardrobe…They were £35 on etsy! I KNOW… Right!

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I bought my shoes… And then I bought another pair. You can never have too many, and it’s good to have options!

We’ve been accumulating table decorations (empty jars etc)… We’ve booked the florist, photographer, hair, music, cake, bought the invites… booked the HONEYMOON!

Photo 09

Mr Roberts has nothing! But he is very much the opposite to me and like to take his ENTIRE LIFETIME to choose things and shop around to be sure he’s getting the best deal… So I’m guessing I’ll know what the groomsmen are wearing … on the day? Which I’m totally fine with… honest!

The ushers suits are sorted…

Photo 10

Dads’ are also a work in progress… As are the Mothers’ … (My mam is basically my fiancé in female form, and will probably get her outfit in some incredible sale the day before the wedding… yes, I’m marrying my mother… and I think I’m ok with that… he even does my ironing.)

So all that’s really left to do now is;

* All the grooms stuff

* …and the groomsmen’s stuff

* Rings

* Cars… which we’re hoping to sort this weekend…

Oh and registering intent and booking the registra… kinda important that one! Oh… and, and … makeup. But that’s an entire post for another day!

So until next time Ali xxx Photo 11

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did. If you missed any of Our Spring Brides posts click here. ~ Kate

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