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Wedding favours are a brilliant way to bring in something very personal to your wedding. Our beautiful DIY Bride tells us all about how she decided on her fabulous favours. B2B DIY Banner

Our DIY Bride


Fabulous Favours

This month is all about favours.

Wedding Favours have been a custom for centuries and is common worldwide as expression of thanks to guests for attending. Giving a sweet treat was a symbol of prosperity and almonds were considered lucky. This eventually led to the traditional favour of sugared almonds. Now people give all sorts of wedding favours from chocolates to soap.20160709_194143

I knew I wanted to make my own favours. I was thinking about chocolate truffles (I make them every year for Christmas presents) but they are a big time commitment and I’m a little short of that atm. Then I thought ‘my bread maker can make jam – I could give little pots of jam’. However, with the afternoon tea style wedding breakfast I realised that to give anything sweet was not going to be special. (I have ordered lots of cake for the afternoon tea!)

This left me in a predicament. What was I going to give my guests? Even Google was not being its usual helpful self!

A couple of weeks later whilst watering my house plants I had an eureka moment.20160611_120036

Plants…. I could give my guests baby plants, in little pots tied up with ribbon. My Money Plant – AKA. Miss Money Penny, was trying to sprout new plants. I could give baby money plants to my guests. According to Chinese Feng Shui they bring wealth and good fortune. (We can only hope!)20151031_145715

BOOM! With the idea in the bag it was really easy to sort. I bought some small plastic pots from Amazon and a bag of earth and started planting. The pots will be covered with hessian and lace and topped off with a pretty painted humming bird and a label to say what the plant is all about.

I love these plants, plus they were cheap to make and really personal. They have another 3 months to grow before the big day. I am (a) hoping they do not die and (b) bring me some fortune in the meantime as all of our money is going on the wedding! :)IMG-20151027-WA0001

If you want to give this a go – I have a few tips:

  1. The plants took longer to grow than I thought they would. So plant early.
  2. Plant more than you need – I have lost a couple along the way.
  3. Choose a plant that is seasonal to your wedding or is an all-round grower.
  4. Don’t rule out the garden centre – you can get some lovely small plants there that would work really well. It was my back up plan if growing my own did not work.20160608_112107

I just hope everyone will like them now.

Take care. Jess x

I love these. So personal and something that will last for ever. Can you keep me one? If you missed the last post from Jess click here. ~ Kate

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