Bride To Be Diaries: Heartbreaking Post from Our Boobless Bride

Our Boobless Bride, Dawn, is getting married this week! Here at Cwtch HQ we are so excited. This beautiful lady deserves every ounce of happy coming her way.

When we plan our big day, we have so many key things in mind. Happy thoughts, if you will.  When these are taken from us, it seems like it would be almost impossible to get married without them.  Our brave, head strong, beautiful Dawn had to go through this recently.  If you take anything away from todays post, it would be how to handle those challenging, under hand and mean ‘tests’ that life throws at you sometimes.  Be more like Dawn, keep living and loving.

Over to Dawn for her last post as a Miss.

New Bride To Be Diary

Our Boobless Bride


All the best laid plans… I had intentions of sharing with you each step of the wedding planning.  From the place settings I have designed to the bespoke wedding dress made especially for me by the wonderful Helen Thomas-Powell at Do You Believe?  But alas… it was not meant to be.  The bouquet I was making… put to one side, the bunting I was planning… bought from a retailer all those intimate little touches seem so unimportant now.  More than ever my big day is just about marrying the man I absolutely adore.

Just in case the terminal diagnosis of my children’s father, the drawn out sale of my house or my cancer diagnosis was not stressful enough, it seems another heartache was going to hit my family – and boy did it hit hard.  The day of my last chemo my dad got a call from the doctors that would change our lives forever. His blood results had shown a problem… a few days later Dad joined me in the BIG C club.  He fought alongside me every step.  We shared stories about treatment, many tears and became each other’s sound board. Both Dad and I were in remission and very much looking forward to the big day.  He had tried on his suit – planned his speech.  All going great… and then a cough… a simple cough that would not go so needed investigating.  Next thing I know we are all around his bedside saying our last goodbyes.  A SUPERBUG?!  Not cancer?!  A bloody superbug has taken him with no notice or warning.  A routine trip to the hospital and never came home.  But as only my dad could – he said his final goodbyes insisting that the wedding went ahead as planned.


So, my dad will not be at my wedding.  We were so ignorant.  We thought if the cancer came back we would simply move the wedding forward.  Never in my wildest dreams did I see this coming.  He hadn’t even seen my dress – this cannot be happening.  Then a true miracle happened – my wonderful friend, wedding photographer and Cwtch boss Maria and my wonderful Fairy Godmother Helen got my girls and I all kitted out and shot ‘my wedding’ for my dad to see.  They took beautiful pictures of us staging the big day.  I had them developed that day and took them to my dad.  You can’t come to the wedding dad, so we will bring it to you.  I cannot begin to express how much that simple act of kindness meant to me, my dad and my family.  Beautiful people with beautiful souls.


I am now counting down the days, not with tears in my eyes but a determination to have a wonderful day that dad would be proud of.  For all my fellow brides who face the aisle without their daddy, I feel your pain but encourage you to walk with pride in the knowledge that he is with you every step.31153-0090

So next time I speak to you I will be Mrs Wilson and I can finally show you my dress and all the wonderful contributions my gorgeous friends have made.  Every one of you wonderful people will get a mention and thank you – but don’t want to give too much away now do I?  So for now…. Sssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it’s a secret.

Dawn, we think you truly are a very special woman, and your strength should be bottled and sold. We can’t wait for to see you in your dress and hear all about your big day. You are going to be the most beautiful bride. ~ From all of us girls at Cwtch the Bride xx

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