Bride To B Diaries: DIY Bride Lets Others Help Out

Weddings are all about bring families together, all helping out and pulling together. Today our DIY Bride talks about what happens when you don’t let others help out. Over to you Jess.

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SAM_0419The Benefits Of Allowing Others To Help Out.

The wedding is within view and there is still so much to do! Thankfully I have some very special people who are rallying around me.

When I started planning and making stuff for the wedding I was quite literally doing it all myself. I knew what I wanted and I had the time (how foolish was I?!) – Why would I ask anyone to help?

Mum “Can I help with that?”

Me “No its fine, I have it sorted”

Mum “I’ll pay for that”

Me “It’s ok, we can afford it”

There were similar conversations with my husband to be, my lovely Maid of Honour and my Dad. I am Wonder Woman, I can do it all by myself – right? BIG RED BUZZER – WRONG ANSWER!

A couple of things happened in quick succession:

  • My mum and I had a falling out about how I wasn’t allowing her to be involved at all.
  • I visited the caterers and realised I had not considered the evening food decorations which I most definitely did not have time to sort out.
  • An article came up on my wedding app about how 2 in 5 mothers do not feel involved in their daughters’ weddings. (This came up the day I had the falling out with Mum)Friends Again x(Mum and Jess are friends again.)

How did I miss this? It was obvious – it wasn’t about others interfering or about me admitting defeat. My wedding, like most, is about more than just the one day. The excitement of the lead up to the big day is just as important. The special people in my life just wanted to be included.


  • My husband to be is sorting out the wedding music, playlists and PA system.
  • Mum and Andy (Mum’s boyfriend) helped with table decorations.
  • Mum and Andy’s mum made the bunting.
  • Dad is sorting the decorations for the evening food – Street Style MexicanJ.
  • Sharlene (Maid of Honour) helped with the jar decorations.

All Decorated JarsDecorated Jars 2Sharlene is also going to be making my wedding cake, my bouquet and helping with the button holes, Mum and Andy’s mum are making the serviettes, Mum is sorting the hen celebrations (Next blog!) and Dad is sourcing the evening cutlery, crockery and glasses.

This leaves me with 9 weeks to finish my wedding dress (I have started it ….. yesterday!), finishing touches to Sharlene’s and Mum’s dresses, table plan and finalising arrangements. Oh, and get in shape! Gym – here I come!

Suddenly it all seems so much more possible, I may even be able to get some sleep in there somewhere ;)

I am so grateful to the wonderful friends and family I have around me. They are the ones who will make the wedding day Super Special for Rod and I. All it took was a stern talking to from my mum.

Motto of the story…Let others in and don’t be so stubborn. You will be surprised and awed with the amazing things your family and friends can do. #HiddenTalents

Until next time lovely ladies…. JxTable Decorations 3

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  1. Hi,

    Are there any photos of the wedding day as it looks like the venue was Nash Point, which is where I am getting married this year. Would be lovely to see how the venue was decorated!


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