Bride-to-be Diary: Introducing…Cath!

We’re thrilled to introduce our new bride-to-be: Cath! :) You can find a little more about her and her wedding plans on her ‘meet the team‘ page – she’ll be here in the run up to her wedding talking about all the dilemmas and planning decisions that she’ll be making along the way :)


Hey there Cwtchettes (and maybe the odd Cwtcher), my name’s Cath and I’m excited to say that I’ll be your new, wintery, bride-to-be.  Being a lover of all things warm and snugly, I was thrilled when Mike, my hubby-to-be, got just as excited about the idea of a Christmas wedding so we’ll be taking the trip down the (potentially icy) aisle on 21st December in Cardiff.

So, with three months to go (!) and the clock ticking, there are still a whole host of decisions to be made as we attempt to pin down the details for our big day.   To feather or not to feather, that is the question.  Or perhaps the most pressing question should be which rings to buy (thanks for the useful post on that, Hannah!)…or what on earth we’re going to do about table decorations. Argh!!!


Having been catapulted, rather unexpectedly, into wedding planning in August 2012, it’s fair to say I was more than a little excitable.  Within moments of touching down in Heathrow I already seemed to be submerged in a sea of magazines, blog posts and pretty pictures.  Actually, before we’d even left Alaska, shared our news with friends and family, or even had a good night’s kip after the excitement of getting engaged twelve hours earlier, we were both already scheming away and pretty much had the music choices for the day sussed, along with two potential dates for the big day.

But then an off-hand comment from Andy, Mike’s best mate and future best man, brought us back to earth with a bump.“Of course, it’s just another party to us.”  He has a way with words, does our Andy!

It was probably the first time it hit us that what he said was true: many of our friends were all weddinged out.  Which also meant, to a certain extent, we were too.  We’d all been there and seen that.  And that.  Oh, and that too.  How were we going to ensure our wedding was not “just another party” or a pick-and-mix of every other lovely wedding we’ve attended?!  All you brides-to-be who check in avidly on a Friday for the Real Weddings post will probably know what I mean; everyone else has had all the great ideas!

As our planning continued, it became increasingly clear many of our ideas were pillaged from weddings we’d been to.   Ever since we’d heard a string quartet play “Live and Let Die” at one of Mike’s mate’s weddings, we’d been looking for an excuse to hire one to do the same (with an added dose of Foofighters…and Aerosmith- Mike’s guilty (?) pleasure).  And then there was the matter of the band.  Having introduced my best bud to a friend’s wedding band during a night out at a local pub, she was sold.  As soon as she was engaged, Session was booked.  But then Cam is my friend and I loved the idea of having someone I knew (with the benefit of an awesome voice!) playing at my wedding, so we were going to have to copy that too.  The list of other people’s ideas was seemingly endless!

In the end, we’ve decided to make the day as quintessentially us as possible, even if that does mean appropriating a few things from others (at least it only leave the something, old, new and blue to tick off!).   Our rule: it needs a connection.  Now even the wines for the wedding breakfast have a story (including the white wine on top table- sorry folks, couldn’t afford it for all the tables!- which was actually made by my sister while she was working on a vineyard in New Zealand last year).

I’m now a little more convinced our wedding won’t simply be a carbon copy of everyone else’s.  We just have to hope that all our, hopefully not too random, ideas gel together seamlessly.  Maybe pick-and-mix isn’t so bad after all…I mean, jelly rings and cola bottles do make a good combo!


Cath x

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