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Morning you beautiful bunch of Cwtches!
Today we have a a post from Our Traditional Bride that I think we can all relate to, the pre wedding emotions. Over to  Kath to tell us all about your Mega Emotions! 
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Mega Emotions

I’ve come across another surprise in the wedding planning process… Mega Emotion.

If I thought my monthly visit from Mother Nature made me a little emotional, my ovaries have got nothing on this wedding! I’m literally whimpering like a baby over everything.
Take this morning for example… Driving to work bleary eyed and despondent about the working day ahead, and a bit of Adele comes on. Now Adele is amazing, don’t get me wrong, but I have none of her albums and her songs are not featuring in my wedding (OUR wedding… I need to get used to that with just 5 weeks to go!!) and yet there I was, hello-ing from the other side, with tears streaming down my face as I sit stationery at the roadworks imagining Rich and I behind a flattering black and white filter, reaching out for each other across a windy moore… What’s the deal with that?
Had my first official dress fitting last week, it was perfect… Not an alteration or tweak in sight (or budget!) thank god! My friend whatsapp’d me a photo of me in my gown… and when I get home, I spent a full 10 minutes sniffling into my pillow as I admire how lovely I look and accept the fact that my wedding day is probably the most beautiful I have ever, or will ever look!
 And then there’s the tv programmes… Don’t Tell The Bride… BLUB. Say Yes To The Dress… snot everywhere. And it’s not just the wedding programmes, hell, I’ll have a good sob at Made In Chelsea when they do that awkward staring thing.
And don’t get me started on the First Dances. I’m having a daddy-daughter dance (lump in throat as I’m writing this!) before he hands me to my husband for our official first dance (sob) and when my mum told me my dad had been scouring YouTube to find the perfect song for us, and proceeded to play his choice to me, well…. I had a good cry into my pasta bake, and my dad (who is a tall, strong, classic Welsh Patriach) had to walk out in to the kitchen to dab his eyes. Which then set my Liverpudlian Mumatron off.
Seriously? What kind of sorcery is this?
It’s a wedding, the best day of my life (sorry, OUR life) so why on earth is everybody crying!?
This is crazy!! I can actually THINK myself to tears right now. In fact I just did a little bit!! Sat here glancing over at The Manfriend, and looking at his cute frowny face and little eyelashes and sexy stubble and knowing he’s mine forever more…. aaaaand I’m gone.
I mean, on an actual organisational note, I’m nearly there. In fact, I’m more than there. I have nothing to cry about. My spreadsheets are bursting at the seams, my vendors are all messaged and up to date, my planner from the Oxwich Bay, the lovely Jess, is putting up with my midnight emails and constant harassing with the patience of a saint, and I’ve actually had numerous thoughts about quitting the 9-5 and jumping headfirst into becoming a full time wedding co-ordinator, because believe me when I say, I’ve GOT this shizzle in the bag!
I’m off to bed now, because that last 2 minutes of Dan and Kate having a heart to heart on TOWIE has just finished me off!xxx
If you missed the this lovely ladies last post click here. Our Traditional bride is now a married lady so keep your eyes peeled for her real wedding feature. 

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