The Diary Of The Empowered Bride, Part Two

Our Empowered Bride is back today with part two of her Diary of The Empowered Bride. If you missed Part one, you can read it here. For those that wonder why she’s called the ‘Empowered’ Bride. The definition of Empower is: To make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights. And thats exactly what this bride is doing. She’s on a mission to take control of her life by getting fitter, healthier and to feel the best she can not just for her wedding day but beyond. We hope you enjoy following her journey and feel free to leave any comments :) 

I was very lucky to be asked out for dinner tonight. It was supposed to be a nice relaxing family meal. But as many of you well know, dinner out and diets don’t mix well. It all started really well as I suggested to drive. If I drink water, I will save on calories and no one will be thinking I’m not joining in. I smile smugly at how easy this will be.

The waiter handed me my menu and that’s when it all started to fall apart. He had handed it to me upside down with the desserts at the top. I came face to face with a beautiful sticky, creamy, fudgey sundae. The smug smile faded very quickly as I ponder if this was the universe telling its fine to eat a sundae. I mean I have been good all week and if perhaps I share one it’s only half the calories. And by sharing one I’m allowing someone to have half a sundae that I will pay for so technically I’m doing them a favour.

Though I am trying ever so hard to silence the voice in my head I can still it whisper “wedding dress, wedding dress, wedding dress.” Right Chicken Caesar salad it is! Placing the order is the fun part. It is as if each person is telling the waiter their order in ascending levels of deliciousness and my will power is fading. “Wedding dress, wedding dress, wedding dress.”

“Can I please have the Chicken Caesar salad. Could you please hold the dressing.” Grudgingly I add “Could you also please hold the homemade croutons and please don’t bring me and bread or butter.” The waiter looks confused, “So you just want lettuce and dry chicken and the Parmesan cheese?” “Oh gosh no! No cheese either thanks.”

I’m not really a jealous person. The only exception is in restaurants. Have you ever heard of food envy? It’s that point in the meal where you look round the table and decide if you made the right decision. Who’s meal looks better than yours? Did they get a bigger portion? Does it smell better than mine? The problem was when I looked down I had this horrible sinking feeling I had the worst looking food on the table and I was going to be so envious each and every mouthful that my family were going to eat.

“Everything alright with your meals?” Is followed by a chorus of “mmmmm, delicious, lovely.” This is the point I want to say “Actually no!” Honestly, I’m eating dry chicken and lettuce! I’m keep chewing it and it keeps feeling like I’m eating a piece of worn out flip flop! The only thing to help take it down is swallowing bits whole with water! “Wedding dress, wedding dress, wedding dress,”

“Can I tempt anyone with a dessert?” (Hell yeah! Beautiful, sticky and creamy sundae please. Covered with whipped cream! Don’t scrimp on chocolate sauce and don’t forget the cherry!)

My sister decides to order one of the sundaes I have dreamed about for the last hour. Hurrah, I can do her a favour and share it with her. At this point my short lived bubble of excitement bursts! She asks for three spoons and decides to take this very moment, the moment before this delectable treat, this ice cream that I have forced shoe leather chicken down for, to tell me how proud she is of me to have stuck to the diet tonight and proceeds to hand the two other spoons to my mum and dad! What!

“Wedding dress, wedding dress, WEDDING DRESS!”


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