Bride to be Diaries: The Empowered Bride, Part Three

Our Empowered Bride is back today with Part Three of her bride to be diary. If you’ve not been following her posts, you can read her first post here and her second here. For those that wonder why¬†she’s called the ‘Empowered’ Bride. The definition of Empower is: To make (someone) stronger and more confident. And thats exactly what this bride is doing. She’s on a mission to get fitter, healthier and to feel the best she can! not just for her wedding day but beyond. Enjoy x

This week I hit my first milestone. I lost a stone! I’m super chuffed with myself. I know that diet alone won’t get me there so I decided to start some exercise. I don’t know if any of you have done this but I kinda felt I wanted to lose a bit of weight before I went. It’s crazy but being a bit slimmer gave me the confidence to walk through the door. Please note I do not even know a single person at my gym so they had no clue I had even lost a pound!

I planned to go to a Zumba class and thought I could blend into the background. I need a class that gives me a round of applause at the end. That was where I made my first mistake. I had been planning to go since Christmas and had looked at an out of date timetable. So when I arrived there had been a change to the timetable and the class they had put on instead was kettle bells.

kettlebellImage Source

After all that effort to find my gym clothes, get in the car, drive all the way there, get out the car, walk though the doors. I was left with a bit of an issue. Do I leave and say I will start next Monday or do I endure kettle bells?

Kettle bells and will power won! Yay me. A little bit chuffed and naive I walked into the studio. Rob seemed nice until the music started. “For those who know me well done for coming back for those who are first timers, I like everyone to feel the same pain! Good Luck” everyone turned and looked at me with That look!

The next hour consisted of pain, shouting, pain, coordination, pain, sweating and more pain! I know after I felt a bit faint during the warm up that I was in trouble! When the music finally stopped and Rob could see me finally start to breath normally he pipes up ” It never gets easier! You get fitter, push yourself more and it should still hurt!” Oh golly at least that class is over!

Or so I thought. The next morning I was in a world of pain! I could barely walk. My other half was there rolling around in fits of laughter as I hobbled to the loo. Well, who ever knew that sitting down on the toilet was such torture. Ow ow ow ow ow all the way down and ow ow ow ow ow all the way up. I spent the rest of the day with a self inflicted nil by mouth, not drinking anything as I didn’t want to experience that again.

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