Bride to Be Competition: Introducing Victoria

This afternoon is our final shortlisted bride to be from our competition to find our next contributor. It is now the turn of the lovely Victoria, if you enjoy Victoria’s post and would like to see more of her planning on the blog you can vote for her by commenting on this post. We then recommend you share the post so that more people can see it and vote! Last but certainly not least, here is Victoria’s introduction. bride-to-be

I feel like I’m having a déjà vu…..telling you my name, (Victoria) information about myself (I’ve just turned the big 3-0- eek!)….it’s like I’m back in 2009 racking my brains typing an online dating profile; trying to find the right balance between too little/too much information whilst wanting to sound interesting, normal (because let’s face it, there’s an abundance of what appears to be the opposite out there!) and like I’d be a good catch rather than a desperado teacher trying to avoid marking books! Ironic really, as that’s actually how it all started- I was indeed ‘caught’ on plenty of fish by my fiancé, Dan who at the time was living in France for work. 7

He’s an aircraft engineer (logical, mathematic, practical) and I’m a Secondary school art teacher (minus the stereotypical blue hair, piercings and tie-dyed skirts- efficient, practical yet creative all the same!) Somehow it just works! He keeps me calm and has taught me many things, including how to ski, whilst he has had the privilege of being on the receiving end of my gastronomic concoctions as well as being ‘encouraged’ to go on as many holidays to experience the world as we can possibly afford!  3 4 (2)

It moved pretty fast and Dan relocated back to the UK 9 months after we met to live with me in the flat that I rented in Cardiff Bay. We haven’t looked back since!  Well, in actual fact we haven’t looked down since, seeing as we ended up buying the apartment directly above the one we previously rented- yep, the view is that good! 4

It’s quite fitting then that our first kiss was in the downstairs flat as well as being the first place we lived together, whilst our current pad is our first owned property and indeed where Dan proposed to me. Now I’m writing about it it seems like I’m more content with this than I was at the time…..! Long story…. but after 3 failed attempts involving a castle, aeroplane and banner, a parasailing experience and also a hired speedboat (apparently I ruined them with changing plans and then of course there was the sea sickness….!) you can imagine that having the love of your life propose to you (not on bended knee I may add!) in the dining room whilst you’re in your pjs with no makeup on and your hair scraped up like Vicky Pollard, doesn’t quite stack up to expectation! 1

But anyway- of course I said “Yes!” after staring at the haribo ring for a minute thinking that it was some sort of weird joke! (It’s ok- he made it up to me as he wanted me to design my own ring- cute- and then when we went to Paris in the summer- he quickly became aware that the cliché Eiffel Tower proposal was all I’d ever wanted, so he read me a poem when we were at the top and held my hand!) 6 8

Here we are now in September 2014, a year since the engagement and 10 months to the wedding itself! We decided on choosing a venue in France: Bellevue, Charente, (Near Bordeaux) which is sentimental to us- it was our first holiday and that’s where Dan was when he sent me that very first, clearly very gripping online message- plus of course the croissants are out of this world! Roll on August 2015 in Charente, France; although there’s plenty of bunting to sew, frames to paint and jam jars to decorate before then; but I genuinely can’t wait to marry my other half! 2

Thank you Victoria! If you would like to see more of Victoria’s planning and of course the wedding photos from that stunning location in France then make sure you comment on this post and share it so your friends can see it too!

If you missed them, you can see all five of the entries here.

We will be looking at all the comments, viewing figures and the amount of shares for each post over the next few weeks and will announce the winner as chosen by our readers on the blog and on our Facebook page very soon so watch this space!



110 thoughts on “Bride to Be Competition: Introducing Victoria

  1. so amazing to read this and I know you’ll put so many personal touches in your wedding which I hope to get to read about! Xx

    • Thank you, Zoe! It’s definitely taking a lot of planning, but then I think that any wedding would do……although with my copious ideas my to-do list is constantly growing! All I know is that my dad’s going to need a pretty huge van to transport everything there….! That’s one of the fabulous things about it though- it’s far enough away to be a break for the weekend but close enough to drive to! x

  2. Thanks for all of your support and your comments! I don’t think there’s a danger of our wedding NOT having personal touches……our living room currently looks like Hobbycraft! I hope I get the opportunity to keep you bloggers updated!

    Have also just realised I put August 2014, not August 2015……! Whoops! x

  3. What a fab way of recording your relationship and the run up to your wedding. Something to keep forever and show to your children in the future. Definitely want to see more especially knowing what you’re like at organising a “Posh Do”! Good luck!! X

    • Haha, a ‘posh do’- you must be referring to the school prom a few years ago, Shelley?! Ahhh, I remember little Oli helping me make and compile the part bags for that- it’s the little touches that count! x x

  4. This couple sound so down to earth, real and in love. Victoria’s style of writing is fun yet informative and i was gripped throughout.
    Having a wedding abroad is always tricky to plan and a brave step for, hopefully, a wonderful outcome.
    Would love to hear the rest of their heart warming story with reports of the day as it sounds as though it shall be super elegant yet personal.

  5. A really personal blog and how ruddy romantic! I think brides all over Wales would be inspired to hear your ideas and share in your excitement. Good luck with the planning and the blogging

    • Thanks, Sonia! Good ol’ plenty of fish! I was definitely dubious about the whole internet dating thing and don’t get me wrong, it was certainly discouraging at points…..but I’ll be forever grateful because it lead me to my fantastic man! What’s funny though is that I don’t think he ever actually told his family about how we met and just said it was on a night out…..?!

  6. I recognise that view, I live a couple of buildings across! Good luck with all the planning and if you want to borrow any vintage china, I’m trying to persuade my now-husband that we do have room for it somewhere!

    • OOOOhhh did you utter the magical words ‘vintage china’?? Sounds fantastic……! Tell me more…..! And yes- tell the hubby- there’s ALWAYS room for a lovely chintz teacup or plate!!!

      • We’ve got about 80 teacups with matching saucers, of various different patterns that we collected from ebay and other random places in boxes in our cupboard at the moment, plus about 100 tea plates. I’m trying to decide whether to sell them all on (they take up quite a lot of space!) or hold on to them for future displace/hiring out! Hope everything goes well with your own wedding planning!

        • Good scavenging by the way! When did you get married? I’d say if you’ve held on to them for this long then you should definitely do something with them, Sophie!

          HIRE, HIRE, HIRE, definitely!!! Would you consider letting us be one of your customers…??? x x x

      • Sorry I’ve only just seen your comment below and it won’t let me reply to that one for some reason! Got married in June, in Fonmon Castle, so a lot closer to home than you guys! Congratulations on being chosen by Cwtch the Bride, it’ll be interesting to read how it all goes!

        China is in the cupboard and you’re welcome to come and have a look at some point if you want to with the view to borrowing! xx

        • Oh a lovely summer wedding! Gorgeous! Did the sun come out for you?
          Thanks for your congratulations, Sophie- am very excited!
          And regarding the china…..! Most definitely, that would be fantastic! I have sent you a Facebook message about this actually xxx

  7. Wow – how romantic x x France is an amazing destination and hope it goes really well for u both. I enjoyed reading your blog – gives u that warm fuzzy feeling inside and from looking at your photos you are clearly very much in love x x x I wish you both a happy healthy future together. I hope u win as u can tell how much time u have taken to capture your amazing love story x x x good luck xx

    • Thank you, Jody! Cheese on toast comment but…….it was so lovely writing it and reflecting on my own story- or should I say our own story! Definitely so in love and feel very lucky! Would be fantastic to have the opportunity to share things in the build up to our wedding and I really hope it’s going to be as amazing as I am imagining. xxx

  8. Love this story and such a different place to get from all the usual ones! Would love to hear re and see pictures :-)!

      • Thank you, Stephanie. Well the engagement was certainly a ‘different’ place to where / what I had in mind……! But at the end of the day, the fact that he asked me and that we are planning to celebrate our love for each other with all of our friends and family is much more important than fixating on the fact it was in our apartment and that he didn’t get down on one knee! (Although part of me will ALWAYSSSSS wish he did do this- isn’t that what every girl wants?! Tradition and all! What can I say….he must be a maverick!) xx

  9. I’ve been thinking about having a wedding in France but was totally freaking out about the logistics of it all! Victoria has inspired me to go for it and plan the dream wedding I always wanted :) Thanks Victoria, hope you win!!

    • Lisa, you should go for it! If it’s something you both want then don’t shy away from it! People at the venues are completely used to their places being hired for ‘destination’ weddings and are therefore really hot on communication- well, that’s certainly what I’ve found anyway.

      As long as you are really organised with your email filing system, and you give people you want to invite plenty of notice so that they can ensure they can make it, then honestly it’s not as overwhelming as you may have thought! xx

  10. This is a lovely blog Vicky! Definitely an inspiration. I just happened to be scrolling through my facebook and someone had posted this on there that you used to be their form tutor haha. All the best to you and your fiancé at your wedding in France! Vicky to win!

    Lorna xx (Learning Mentor at Wyedean) :)

    • Hi Lorna,
      Thank you for following the link you saw….! An ex student….eek now you’ve got me wondering! Haha!
      Your support means a lot! Hopefully I’ll be able to share a lot more about the wedding planning over the next 10 months…..!

  11. First of all….. What a relief that Dan made up for the ” in the dining room” proposal with an absolutely remarkable gesture of love on top of the Eiffel tower…… How romantic!
    Also – loving the fact that a Harribo ring was presented as your other half knew all too well that you are too meticulous about design,and would therefore want to design your own wedding ring…. Classic!
    After reading your blog I am so intruiged as to how your wedding will develop and what designs/ creations you will hand craft yourself seeing as though you are a creative person! Thus Adding such a unique and personal twist to the big day!!
    Victoria to win!!!!!

    • You know me too well, Jay! Bless him, he didn’t want to get the ring choice wrong! To be honest it was so nice that we could design it together and I would definitely recommend this to other couples- after all, I’ve got to wear it on my finger forever! We are in the middle of designing our wedding rings at the moment, which is exciting.

  12. Love this story! I love France and am considering planning my wedding for over there would love to be kept up to date with Victoria’s plans and see the photos! Good luck hun great entry! Xx

    • Thanks, Sally!
      Interesting to hear you’re considering the same thing! Don’t hesitate if it’s something you both want! We are seeing it as an opportunity to get a big group of our nearest and dearest together (who are spread all across Britain) so that we can spend a lovely 4 day break together. Obviously the reason for the gathering is the wedding but at the same time it’ll be so amazing to just all be together and celebrate it in style without anyone having to be separated by going to different hotels or driving 2 hours home at the end of the wedding day. xx

  13. Congratulations! You’ve been such an incredible mentor and inspiration to me and I definitely would not be where I am now without you. I’m so proud of you and I wish you all the happiness in the world! C xx

    • Such a cute message, Clare! I’m getting choked! You can come and help me with some of my craft projects if you wish- I know I’m very particular but I trust your creative talents…..I taught you well! Haha! xxx

  14. Congratulations chaffe!! You have been such an artistic, as well as philosophical influence to me, Keeping me on a straight and narrow path for many years now ahah! You are the person responsible for helping me develop my artistic abilities and always believed in me. Because of you I am the creative person I am today, which I am forever greatful for.
    This is how I know you will be ” on it like a car bonnet ” when it comes to planning your own wedding as no one is as determined and motivated as you to get a job done properly! Actually cannot wait too see more on your wedding because I know you will not faulter in having anything less than creative perfection on the big day, with ideas and themes absolutely thrilling.
    Hope you win this because you genuinely do deserve this opportunity to share with other brides to be your incredible visions.

    • Your support on this is very much appreciated, Roy!!!! And yep- you’ve got me bang on- it’s all about the creative touches…..honestly pinterest is soooo addictive- it’s no wonder I have trouble sleeping with all of these ideas filling my head!
      You can develop your artistic abilities further and help me with some of my planned creative projects if you wish? I would trust you as a helper!!! Thanks again xxx

  15. Cannot wait for August 2015 to see my eldest daughter and lovely fiancé have the fairy tale wedding that they so deserve! Xx

  16. This is one of the most loveliest stories I’ve read. It brought a tear to my eye! Don’t deprive us of not getting the chance to see and read more: this is a brilliant piece and you deserve to win this competition. #outstanding #bridetobe #competition #winner xx

    • Wow, what an overwhelming response! Thanks, Amy! I hope to get the opportunity to share our journey….all the way to France! X X X X

  17. What a beautiful love story. You seem to know each other so well! Love the idea of the personal touches to your wedding! Fingers crossed you win I really enjoyed reading your story xxx

  18. Perfectly written and detail love the connection with the croissants and France location for your wedding fantastic blog hope all goes exactly as you plan it to

    • Thank you, Jayne! Everyone loves a croissant, haha!
      At the moment everything is running according to plan- a very strategic and colour coded approach…..! I hope to get the opportunity to keep everyone updated.
      x x x

    • ….persevere for sure, Lucy! Trust me there were some interesting messages/encounters that came before me meeting my “one”……BUT obviously all totally worth it!

      Sift through the “Alright Gorgeous” and “Wanna chat” messages until you find one which is written as If the guy is genuinely interested in what YOU have written and asks you questions whilst commenting on your profile etc. Though saying that…..I’d love to read back and see Dan’s first message because literacy isn’t his strong point haha! xxxx

  19. Ha ha Vicki this is brilliant! It’s you down to a tee, from Dan being afraid of getting the ring wrong so therefore presenting you with a sweetie ring (brilliant) to the personal creativity involved means it is going to be amazing! Looking forward to seeing the pictures when you’re back and would love to follow your story on here! X

    • Hi Amanda, and thanks! Being a venue for 50 it has made the idea of deciding who to invite etc a hard task……but it would be great to have the opportunity to share photos and our experience with everyone who we unfortunately weren’t able to invite, along with anyone and everyone else who may be interested to see how it all pans out! (Really perfect I am hoping considering the ocd planning and crafty projects I have going on!)

    • Thank you so much for your support, Chris! Amazing to hear from you.
      Dan and I are just looking forward to having everyone together to share such an important and special time in our lives- fingers crossed the sun will be out for us! x x x

  20. It all sounds so exciting. You need to get a croquembouche for dessert as you are getting hitched in France. They are immense!! X

    • Oooh this is definitely something to consider- thanks Charlotte! We are meeting the baker when we go over for a wedding planning visit in December….! X

  21. When Daniel first brought Victoria to meet myself his dad and sister I knew straight away Victoria was the one and love them both to bits.We are all so excited for the big day and I am so proud of the hard work and determination that Victoria has put into her big day and with the help of Daniel to help make the bunting.No two people are so down to earth and in love than Victoria and Daniel good luck Vic x

    • Mandy, this has made me smile from ear to ear! Thanks for your on-going support and for making me always feel so welcome in and such a part of your family. Looking forward to seeing you in your lovely outfit on the day!
      Lots of love! x x x

  22. What a beautiful blog Victoria! Sounds like your wedding in France is going to be amazing and so special! Can’t wait to hear more about your very special day, your blog just makes me want to read more! Xx

    • It would be amazing to have the opportunity to share the trials and tribulations of the copious number of decisions that need to be made before then… well as being able to hopefully share the delights of the day itself/ weekend gathering! xx

  23. Proposal sounds oh so familiar: and we’re still going strong 13 years later! Love so much of what you’ve mentioned too: not least the desire to organise a roadtrip!!!
    My not creative at all side lets me down and that’s why I’m so excited to watch and see what your beautiful wedding includes!!!

    • 13 years- I hope but feel assured that this is something I’ll be able to say in the future! I love a spot- well to be fair it’s a bit more than a spot- of organising so the wedding is my ultimate dream in more ways than one, Anna!

      Thanks for your support. X X X

  24. Aw this is such a cute, natural story. Your wedding sounds beautiful especially as it’s held in lovely France. Your personal touches add to it’s charm and can’t wait to see read more and see pictures. Good luck x

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’m beavering away working on ‘personal touches’ this afternoon, so hopefully will get a chance to share xxx

  25. Wow a lovely story!love the way you write Victoria makes for brilliant reading and your blogs would be great!really want to read more about your romantic french wedding!cheering for you

    • Thanks, Shareen! I tend to write exactly as I would speak, haha, which hopefully doesn’t come across too colloquial..? It’s lovely to read that you want to hear more though! x

  26. I have no idea how I stumbled across this website but I’m so glad I did! What a fabulously romantic and personal story this is…judging by the wedding plans I imagine that will be the same! Really hope Victoria wins this im dying to see the pics of her french getaway! X

    • Hi Susan I’m glad you found the blog too! It’s our full intention to ensure the wedding is romantic and very ‘us’- I hope that this comes across in the photos……! It would be lovely to have the opportunity to share our story!

  27. Next instalment NOW please!!… Love your writing style Vicki! Can’t wait to hear more about the planning of the wedding of the decade :)

  28. I love your blog, you’re such an inspiring person with a warm heart. This alone means more in a relationship and wedding than anything else. It’s a real pleasure to read your story. I wish you all the happiness in the world. xxxx

    • I’m glad that you enjoyed the blog, Laura. It would be wonderful to have the opportunity to share more about our relationship and all things weddingy over the next 10 months.

      We truly love each other and I’d like to think that will reign supreme over everything so it doesn’t quite matter if tiny details aren’t right…..but the control freak that I am will do everything possible to ensure that they are haha! x x x

  29. Truly inspiring story on how Internet dating really can have a happy ending…I too found my now husband online and love a good modern romantic story! Good luck for your wedding would love to read more about it! X

    • I agree, Kim- I feel that it would be nice to be able to share an online dating success story as so many people have such negative preconceptions about the process…….! How exciting that you found love online too- very modern haha!

  30. Such a beautiful story for a beautiful couple. It encourages hope for those of us contemplating the online scene! And a French wedding to top it off – as if it couldn’t get any more romantic. Hope you win this comp – although sounds like you already have. xxx

    • Thanks for your lovely comment! Although unfortunately nothing is in the bag regarding the competition…..however I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to share the beginning of our story and lead up to our wedding! It would be amazing to be able to post regular features about our romantic continental wedding! X X

    • Thanks, Nicola- we really hope so! The planning is going well….although I really need to spend fewer hours on Pinterest adding to my ‘to-do-list’ as we have enough to do! haha! xx

    • Thank Josh, very sweet of you!
      The plans for the wedding are all falling in to place nicely at the moment….it would be amazing to be given the opportunity to write about it!

    • Well if I have anything to do with it hundreds of snaps will be taken….I love photos…..but it will be very alien not actually taking them for once! X

  31. Can I just say how wonderful it is looking back over these last few years thinking about all the wonderful things we have accomplished and seen. I’ve enjoyed reading about our relationship, I love you so much and can’t wait to marry you. You make me so proud to be with you especialy after reading this blog. I hope our wedding will turn out to be the wedding of your dreams especialy with all the personal touches and crafty skills that you are bringing to the wedding!
    Love you heaps

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