Bride to Be Competition: Introducing Claire

Yesterday I announced that our shorlisted brides-to-be from our Bride to Be Competition would be featuring on the blog starting with Emily yesterday afternoon. This morning Danielle introduced herself to you, and this afternoon it’s the turn of the lovely Claire! If you like Claire’s introduction post then do vote for her by commenting on this post and you can even share it on your social media for others to vote!  bride-to-be

Hello! In true ‘write an essay at school’ style, my name is Claire Wilde and, on the 15th August 2015, I will become Mrs Christian Llewellyn – cue massive smiles, butterflies and a pounding heart!

So, a little bit about who we are… I’m a thirty four year old lawyer and Mr double L is a thirty six year old IT Manager (he’s going to kill me for putting his age in black and white – his friends think he’s been twenty seven since he was twenty seven!). We are both originally from the Rhymney Valley and, despite having spent the majority of our adult lives living in Cardiff, our ‘how we became a couple’ story confirms that we are true folk of the Valleys… In short, the brother of one of my best friends is one of his best friends, we’ve all known each other since we were geeky teens (note to said best friend who will most certainly be reading this at some point, we’ve been friends since nursery, I know!) but, following a few random meetings, from which he was most firmly stuck in my mind, we became a couple in June 2013. That was the start of C&C and the rest, as they say, is history. C&C

Christian proposed a day after my 34th birthday, which we were celebrating with a weekend away in Stockholm, Sweden – We both love to travel and Stockholm was on our list of ‘must do City breaks.’ We’d booked a table at Gondolen restaurant, which is perched 108 feet above the beautiful Slussen district of the City and has THE most amazing views of Stockholm. After our main course, we started talking about how we had randomly bumped into one another months before we got together and how this was, even though we didn’t realise it at the time, probably the beginning of the most special thing that had happened to either of us. I was sat, smiling away, happily recalling with Christian every little memory we both had of C&C and with that, Christian reached into his pocket and asked me to marry him… I think I’d said yes before he’d finished the sentence!  The proposal was completely unexpected and Christian had picked my beautiful engagement ring himself – he had also kept the ring hidden in one of his socks and checked it in to the hold for the flight to Sweden! As cheesy as this might sound, Christian could honestly have proposed to me with a Haribo ring (or no ring at all!) and I would have been equally as happy as I was at that moment when he popped the question… and have been since. We spent the rest of the weekend in Stockholm walking around in a fuzzy, happy, C&C love bubble… You know the emoticon with the little face with hearts for eyes and a Cheshire cat style grin? I swear that’s how I looked! IMG_1452

Fast forward six months, we still have the grins and hearts in place but we also have our wedding plans steadily coming together. We will become Mr and Mrs Llewellyn in the Council Chamber Room at City Hall, Cardiff and then spend a late afternoon and evening at the Norwegian Church in Cardiff Bay massively celebrating with family and close friends. We want our wedding to reflect us as a couple and our day to be filled with love and laughter with the people in the world we care most about – those who have always been there for us in the past and who will always be there for us in our future.

I would love to share my bride – to – be experience with all the Cwtch the Bride lovelies and I hope that this little taster has been enough to make you all want to hear more about our wedding planning!



Thank you so much Claire! If you would like to read more about Claire’s planing, and of course see her wedding photographs from these two gorgeous venues then please comment on this post, and do share this post for your friends!

199 thoughts on “Bride to Be Competition: Introducing Claire

  1. Ahhh ‘my best friends wedding’. We’ve shared out entire lives since nursery school and I can’t wait to share your special day with u and your ‘one’.xxx

  2. I worked with Claire when she was a baby!! Well almost!! A beautiful girl inside and out, well deserves an amazing wedding and a happy life!! Xxx

  3. We are well and truly looking forward to the big wedding day! My bestie Claire will make an amazing bride!! I’m so happy for you both, enjoy the wedding planning xxx

  4. “CandCaregettingmarried” forms part of their wedding email accoun! Need I say more!! Enjoy ever moment of the planning and making memories that you will cherish forever

  5. This is awesome! So happy for my cousin to be getting hitched,can’t wait to see you in your dress and share your special day. Lots of love
    Sarah xxxx

  6. Mam and “Mac” loved what you wrote, both of us were tearful and more tears will flow on 15th August next year. Can’t wait for the big day to arrive. Lots of love to you both.

  7. BF, you have always been a sassy lady with a sparkly smile and a quick wit, no wonder double popped the question. The lucky dabber!! I would LOVE to hear all about your wedding planning story. You are going to make the most beautiful bride (with perfect skin and teeth!) and i know you’ll have such thoughtful ideas for the occasion. Please vote for Claire!!! xxxx

    • Awww thank you bf! You are and always have been the sweetest girl! I will also be on your case dipping into your amazing wedding ideas! xx

  8. Yeay! I love this love-story. Claire is one of the most lovely people I know and seeing her bursting with love now that she has found true happiness is infectious! Seeing how excited she is about the wedding, the planning and how it seems like fate brought these two star crossed lovers together just makes me squeee for them! I was grinning like a fool reading the post! Much love to you both + I sincerely hope you win xx

  9. A lovely story and working with Claire I can confirm that the smile is permanently in place, good luck both, know you will have a fab day xx

    • Thank you Sar! I think the whole department is rooting for me as they dread to think what will happen if I don’t win! Ha ha! x

  10. Claire, I got all emotional reading this! You are a gorgeous person inside and out and I’m so proud to call you my friend. Always smiling and always there. I know you and Christian will have a very happy wedding day and an amazing future together. You deserve it. Good luck both xxxx

    • Awww Jo, thank you so much for your lovely post! I cannot wait to get started on our flower planning! I’m so lucky to have an amazing talented friend like you! xx

    • Thank you Nesta! You’re too kind! There’s going to be lots of wedding talk in our update convos leading up to the wedding! x

  11. My big sis is getting married and I can’t wait for the big day! You make the perfect couple and you are both so happy together! Lots of love, Jess, Rhod and Bump x x x x

  12. Ohhh Such a sweet story and how romantic! I wish you all the best on plannig your wedding and know that the day will be just perfect for you both! Congratulations and all the best on your wonderful wedding! xxx

  13. Congratulations to you both. Such a wonderful tale… how friendship can turn into love. I look forward to hearing all about the planning and the big day.

  14. I can’t say I’ve met Christian, but he sounds like a nice guy from the threads above. What I can vouch for is that Claire is a damn fine solicitor who helped me complete my house purchase last year. It’s a 4 bed house in Caerphilly with a decent size garden. Anyway, I digress. Claire was perfectly lovely throughout the whole process and I wish her well for her big day x enjoy it both – you are very unlikely to have all those people in the same room again so cherish every moment! x

  15. Five years on from my own wedding my smile is still in place and it sounds like yours will be too. Love the engagement story and I wish you all the best xx

  16. I’m slowly working my way through replying to everyone individually on your lovely posts! Thank you all so much, we appreciate everyone’s comments so much! x

  17. I remember being with your sister when you rang her to say you were engaged!
    Everyone was so excited for you.
    Even more excited for you now all the wheels are in the motion for the wedding of 2015!
    Woop Woop!

  18. Well done to the pair of you, there was a tear in my eye reading your blog. Roll on 2015 where I promise to have one or two vinos to celebrate a special couples, special day x

  19. Ahhhh, you guys!! It’s very obvious to anyone who has spent more than 30 seconds in your company how truly deeply in love you are. Since meeting Christian, Claire has been on cloud 9 and I can honestly say that I have never seen her happier in the over 20 years I have known her (wow, that long!) I couldn’t wish for a nicer guy to marry one of my best friends and I know that he will cherish and love her forever.
    You both hold a special place in our hearts and can’t wait to share your big day and many more happy times together.

    • Awww Lozza! I want to cry reading this! Thank you so much for posting! I love you girls so much and can’t wait for us all to be together on the day! xxx

  20. Well that brought a tear to my eye Wilde – I was hooked from beginning to end. Lovely story about a lovely couple. Congratulations both x

  21. A gorgeous couple and so happy for you both. You are perfect together. The Rossers are excited about the big day already. Well done Claire you’ve bagged a good’un…. And Chris you know you’re a lucky lucky man. Hugs and love xxx

  22. Awww such a lush story Claire. Huge congratulations to you both and best wishes for your future together. I’ll be thinking of you both on your special (whilst celebrating my 6yr anniversary) I hope the date is as lucky for you guys as it has been for us. Good luck sweetie xxx

    • Awww thank you so much Siân! How funny that we’ll have the same wedding anniversary! Thank you so much for posting too, I appreciate it so much!x

  23. Thats lovely Claire i wish you lots of happiness, your a lovely lovely girl and im glad you have found your true love, your mam and Dad are so proud of you and Jess, wishing you and Cristian all the best for the future x

  24. Gorgeous Claire Lou and your equally gorgeous fiancé Christian, knowing you from the good old Clinique days I can tell just from reading your story just how in love you are. I’m so happy for you lovely you deserve a lifetime of love happiness. Good luck in the competition. Claire xxxxx

  25. Like father like daughter!! :) I have heard all about you!! all good of course :) i know your dad ‘Mac’ is very proud of you!! Congratulations to you both!! All the best for the future!! Have a beautiful day!! x

  26. Good luck wilde! Glad you have found true love…you look great and you can tell from your smile that you are happier than you have ever been. Hope you win x

  27. Me and Claire worked together many moons ago, but I gained a friend – happy days!! Absolute pleasure to work with you and becoming a friend an added bonus!! Such a funny, kind, talented person, I wish you both all the very best for your future together xxx

    • Awww Jaynie, thank you so much for commenting! I’ve got so many happy memories of our Clinique days and made some lovely friends… Like you! Hope all is good with your gang butty xx

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