Best Man for the Job: Introducing Baz the Best Man

Here at Cwtch we know that a wedding day is not JUST about the bride! In fact the groom is a very important part of the bridal party ;) one thing every groom needs is a good Best Man. Being a Best Man is not easy but luckily we are about to lighten some of that load.

We are so pleased to introduce to our team Baz – our Best Man. Baz is going to be a regular fixture on the blog and will be offering his many pearls of wisdom for all you groomsmen, best men and ushers out there. Brides – make sure you pass this on if you want a Best Man’s speech to remember instead of one you would rather forget! Without further ado, here is Baz. Baz head shot

I would like to take a little time to introduce myself to all ‘Cwtchers’ out there. I’m Baz, a 31 ½ year old guy from Brecon in Mid Wales. I am privileged to have a loving family, an amazing group of friends and good health. All in all I mustn’t grumble. I have the utmost respect for happily married couples. I’ve yet to take the marital high-dive and in all honesty have been described as quite the commitment phobe over the years.  Always the best man never the groom? Que Sera Sera!

It all stems from a visit to see friends in Australia in my early twenties. I was walking along a busy beach and perusing the bevy of beauties in the surf when I saw a large fin protruding from the water. I got on my haunches to yell “Shark” when a jogger passed and shared it was a just a migrating Whale. To cut a long story short the jogger shared a story of a Scuba Diving group that was in the area a few years prior. A Great White entered the group where a newly married couple were enjoying their honeymoon and the husband gallantly swam between his wife and the Shark and sacrificed his life to save hers. From that day on I decided that I would only take the nuptial plunge if I was willing to swim in front of Jaws for ‘the missus’.

Why am I here you may well ponder? Well I have been incredibly fortunate to have been a Best Man on four occasions, an Usher on six others and a reveller on over twenty Stag Dos to date.

My experiences of being a Best Man have given me no holds barred insights beyond the polished ‘Wedding day window’. I’m going to share everything from planning a variety of Stag Dos to preparing and delivering a variety of Best man speeches and all the inevitable tomfoolery which occurs in-between.

I have been a Best Man for my brother, a cousin, a lifelong friend and most recently for my best mate. My Best Man duties varied greatly for each Wedding and my blogs will reflect the extreme varieties from Crickhowell to Las Vegas.

Me and my best mate at his wedding

Me and my best mate at his wedding

My speeches have all been tailored to suit the Groom and Bride and their families. For example I kept it sincere for my family’s weddings. For my close friend’s wedding I was given a free reign, although I ran a few dubious jokes past the vicar, who was a wedding guest, prior to the day to ensure I didn’t upset the Apple Cart. Most recently I surprised the Bridesmaids mid-way through my speech and gave them Maracas, a Triangle, Slide Whistle and invited them to be my backing band while I fumbled around with a Ukulele, Bongo and sang a few parodies I had written about the married couple. There has been a monumental contrast between the four speeches and the ‘Apple Cart’ remains stable. How do you like them apples?!

Involving the bridesmaids!

Involving the bridesmaids!

It’s a pleasure to be on board HMS Cwtch The Bride and I hope to bring some giggles and useful pearls of wisdom for future Best Men, Ushers, Grooms, and Father of the Bride.

Manly cwtches.


HUGE welcome to Team Cwtch Baz! Can’t wait to see what you have in store :)

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