Featured Vendor: Professional Wedding Make-Up Lesson from Angharad Gibbs

Wedding make up can be a stressful item on the to do list. Do you do it yourself, ask a friend or pay a professional? Bride-to-be Charlie had an opportunity to meet up with freelance make up artist Angharad Gibbs prior to her big day (which is coming up in September, eee!) for a make up lesson. All photos in the post were taken by Maria Farrelly :)

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Meeting Angharad – What to expect from a make-up lesson

From pretty much day one I thought that I’d probably be doing my own make-up on our wedding day. There were two reasons for this. First of all budget – we are splashing out quite a bit on the things that really matter to us (venue, food, photography and honeymoon!) so are finding ways to save everywhere else as much as possible. Secondly I had never had my make-up done by a pro and been comfortable with the results (although that did change at last week’s styled tepee shoot!). I did decide that I would get a make-up lesson at a department store make up counter – I wanted to improve on my technique and learn how to make my make-up last all day (plus you can put the money you spend on the lesson towards products) but on the day I went in to book I was greeted by a sea of orange faces and was completely put off! So when Maria offered me the chance to meet with Angharad Gibbs for a one to one make up lesson in the privacy of the studio I snapped it up straight away!

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My first thought when I met Angharad was “I really like her make-up!” It looked natural, fresh and flattering so that was my first preconception dispelled. Angharad is completely lovely and obviously very good at her job, she has an amazing make-up collection too! (Perhaps unsurprising as she works for MAC head office as well as being freelance). She did a consultation for me, the same as I would have had if I’d gone to her for a trial.

She began by asking me lots of questions about the wedding: colours, themes, dress and hair style. She also asked me questions about my usual make up style and skin care. We discussed what look I wanted to go for and then Angharad brought out her eyeshadow palettes and we decided which colours to use. During the makeover Angharad talked me through all the products she was using (mainly MAC) and gave me lots of hints and tips along the way, the main one being “drink more water!” because my skin is so dehydrated. One of my biggest gripes when I have had make-up done for me in the past was that they never managed to cover my dark under eyecircles as well as I liked, so I made sure to mention this to Angharad and she completely understood. The finished look was amazing! Second preconception dispelled. She completely hid my dark circles (and blemishes) and created a look that I loved! :)

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The biggest thing I got out of meeting Angharad though was the confidence that my make-up would be all right on the day, I had been nervous beforehand but Angharad’s make up lesson was so helpful and I have really taken on board the advice she has given me and I plan to go out and invest in some good brushes as soon as possible! Angharad definitely got rid of all of the qualms I had about booking a make-up artist and I would thoroughly recommend her, she offers make-up lessons which I think are a great idea if you are planning to do your own make-up but aren’t completely confident, especially if like me you were put off having it done in a department store. The confidence a make-up lesson gives you is invaluable and I am so glad I got this chance so thank you Maria and Angharad!


The Finished LookAngharad Gibbs Make Up Cardiff - Maria Farrelly_023 Angharad Gibbs Make Up Cardiff - Maria Farrelly_024 Angharad Gibbs Make Up Cardiff - Maria Farrelly_025


Angharad gave Charlie some wedding make up advice, so take note brides-to-be! :)

  1. DRINK MORE WATER! – Even if your skin isn’t as dehydrated as mine it is still good advice for everyone! For your make up look its best, get your skin in great condition by drinking lots of water and using skin care products specifically for your skin eg rich and hydrating if your skin is dry, or oil free if you want to control excess shine.
  2. Use a good under eye product. Angharad recommended Clinique’s Even Better Eyes dark circle corrector.
  3. Invest in a good foundation and concealer, you can scrimp on blush!
  4. Apply foundation with a good foundation brush, the fatter the brush the lighter the coverage. Use an old, shampooed eyeshadow brush for applying concealer to save money.
  5. Always put liquid or cream products onto the skin first, powder then goes on top.
  6. Apply foundation first and then concealer on top, unless you are using a powder foundation and a liquid concealer, in that case rule 5 applies.
  7. Use a cream eyeshadow as they don’t gather in the creases of your eyelids.
  8. Use a good transparent finishing powder such as MAC Prep & Prime Transparent finishing powder.
  9. On the wedding day take with you: Lipstick for after kissing and eating, concealer for after crying, blusher to lift your complexion after a few hours and Kohl to take your look from day into night!

Products Used

Angharad Gibbs Make Up Cardiff - Maria Farrelly_004

Angharad used the following products in this order:

MAC oil free moisturiser and primer

Angharad Gibbs Make Up Cardiff - Maria Farrelly_009

MAC Mineralize foundation in shade NC20

MAC Studio Finish concealer in shade NC20 – on blemishes

Clinique Airbrush concealer in shade 01 fair – under the eyes

MAC Cream Colour Base on my cheekbones

Angharad Gibbs Make Up Cardiff - Maria Farrelly_008

MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder

MAC Limited Edition blush

MAC Paint Pot eyeshadow in Frozen Violet

Angharad Gibbs Make Up Cardiff - Maria Farrelly_006

Kohl eyeliner in charcoal grey

Angharad Gibbs Make Up Cardiff - Maria Farrelly_010

Lancôme Hypnôse mascara

MAC Lipstick in Fanfare

MAC Lip Pencil in Subculture

If you’re interested in booking a wedding make up lesson or would like to book a professional to do your make up on the day then you can contact Angharad directly via the links below :)

Angharad is a professional freelance make-up artist, based in Cardiff. She’s available to provide make-up lessons or as a make-up artist on your wedding day.

9 thoughts on “Featured Vendor: Professional Wedding Make-Up Lesson from Angharad Gibbs


    And some fab tips from Angharad :-)
    I’m another one who isn’t so hot on the hydration of my skin! I only really drink water, but I just don’t drink enough of it. So this has reminded me to try & up my intake for my last 25 days!!!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Suits you to perfection :) Even without the make up you look gorgeous though!

    I am having a make up artist on the day as I know I would be just too nervous! xxx

  3. Oh Charlie you dreamboat. You look amazing! I so wish I’d had a consultation like this before my wedding. I’m going to bookmark this feature for future events and throw away my coffee immediately! x

  4. Charlie, you look absolutely amazing.. Well, you always do, but this make over has really highlighted just how beautiful you are. You are going to look gorgeous on your wedding day. I love the rich red of your hair with the make up too.. With the water, keep filling a small glass up at work, and it wont seem like you have a huge fountain of water to drink each day. xxx

  5. Oh Charlie, you’re going to be one beautiful bride!! You look amazing! I think im going to write down the majority of these tips and products and take myself off to MAC pronto. Great, post! X

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