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Our Classic Bride Charlie is back on the blog today offering some alternative Order of Service ideas for you all. Over to you Charlie :) 

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 A couple of months ago the lovely Kelly from White Crafts wrote this post telling us how to write an Order of Service.

This is mainly important in religious ceremonies where guests need the words to the hymns so I know a lot of civil ceremony brides wonder if they really need one. As always I say “If you want to”! It certainly isn’t essential but we decided we wanted one so that guests would have an idea of the timings of the day and also to give the bridal party a mention.

There are some really simple ways you can make an order of service that looks great and gives people all the information they need. One way that doesn’t involve printers (almost everyone I know who DIY’d their stationery had a printer disaster at some point! We ended up having to buy a new one, oops) is to use a blackboard like this one below, this way you have all the information in one place and can set it up at the entrance to your ceremony room.  Cheap but effective!


Source: Cedarwood Weddings

 Or for something a little bit different how about sticking your OOS on a lollypop stick like my friend Sarah did:

gemma williams photography

Image by Gemma Williams Photography

If you are having a summer wedding you could always make your OOS double up as a fan!

OOS fan

Source: Etsy

 And I absolutely love these order of service confetti bags that I found on eBay!


They would be a really fun DIY project and quite simple too. If you try it please send in pictures to us, we would LOVE to feature them!

We DIY’d ours and made them “Orders of the Day” rather than Orders of Service. They were pretty simple in design, we made little booklets and included images from our Engagement shoot to brighten them up, along with a Celtic border to symbolise that we were getting married in a Welsh landmark.

c&m0545Image by Maria Farrelly

 We wanted to let people know the timings of the day and we also wanted to thank some specific people for the important roles they played in our day and the favours they had done for us so we included them in our OOD. We also included the order of ceremony and a little ‘who’s who’ of the bridal party on the centre pages.

photo 2 (2)

As you can see I bound them together using my sewing machine. I don’t profess to be the best seamstress so the sewing was a little bit ropey but it worked! We also decided to put a little Dr Seuss quote on the back page!

 photo 3 (1)

Have you decided whether you are going to have an order of service/order of the day? Are you going to DIY. We would love to hear your comments and see any photos you may have of your handiwork! Do drop us a line below

Until next time,

Charlie x


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