Alphabet Dating: S, T, U, V

Morning lovely people. So our fabulous Alphabet Dating continues today with some tricky letters.  So tricky in fact that we asked Donna to do it (or ‘Mum’ as she’s otherwise known to us). So, over to you Don!…..

So today I was asked if i’d like to write a post for the blog on alphabet dating.  I’ve heard the Cwtch girls talking about it and thought it was a great idea, , they gave me my letters S, T, U and V.  I was a little bit stumped, until I got to thinking about it.

I’ve been married 11 years and together for 20, so dates tend to be grabbing a movie and a meal anywhere thats easy to get home to the kids from.  Recently we started ‘day dating’ as babysitters can be a little difficult with 3 kids (including Tornado Tom!).

Mark and DonMark and Donna


Asking someone to look after just one child (while the others are in school) is a whole lot easier!!  I’m loving day dating and it gives us time to actually relax and to do something other than go for a meal or a movie.


St Fag MEDIUMImage by Maria Farrelly Photography

I’m going to start with St Fagans, I love it there so much!  I’ve taken the children there so many times, I’m not sure the little ones appreciate the historical value of the place, they just love to run in and out of the rooms.  But for me I love to walk into each house and take in how things once were, the staff have so much information to share.  I particularly love the church, there’s a kind of calm in there, I’m not a particularly religious person but I do love a good church! Plus day dating when the kids are in school means its nice and quiet and its free!!!  They have somewhere to grab food and of course Cardiff Bay is only down the road but personally its picnics all the way for me!  Their website contains a list of great events and of course Cwtchfest will be held there in September – perfect!


Sgwd HenrhydImage by Nature Flip

I’ve never been there but I”m developing a fascination with waterfalls.  I think its the sound of water that just makes me happy, I’ve always been fascinated with water in any form as long as i’m relaxing by it, don’t ask me to sail a boat, I’d probably sink it!  Of course I’m also hoping that Mark isn’t in the mood to dunk me under the fast flowing water but I’m hoping for a nice romantic stroll followed by my compulsory picnic!

Its worth visiting their website for directions and facility information.  Of course its better to see after there has been rainfall but don’t forget those sensible shoes, not a good walk for flip flops or heels.  Perfect excuse to get the walking boots and combats out!! Aren’t I glamours!

St Davids 

St Davids CatherdralImage by St Davids Cathedral

This, again, is somewhere I’m desperate to go (lets hope Hubby reads this!).  Every birthday or special occasion leads hubby to ask me where I want to go and its always the beach! Its a bit of a drive for us so I think it would be the perfect excuse for an overnight stay!  We went on holiday to Tresaith last year and discovered that whilst we’ve spent lots of time in Cornwall and exploring the coast, we haven’t explored the Wales coastline nearly enough.  I’m now a bit obsessed with the idea of moving to West Wales!


I’m definitely up for this!  We took the kids there and I was jealous of the amount of fun they had.  I think dates can be way too serious and after being together 20 years they usually follow the same format.  I once paid for Mark to do rally driving in north wales and he looked so happy doing it and I think he’d love this too!  He may need a bit of convincing but once he’s doing it he’d love it – then when he’s all happy I can nip into Festival Park for some celebratory shopping!!!



Three Cliffs Bay

Three Cliffs BayImage by Three Cliffs Bay

 Back in 2008 July we had a random day off and no kids too so we decided to head out to Three Cliffs Bay in the Gower Peninsula.  It was cloudy and we had our waterproofs on but undeterred took a picnic and were determined to sit on the beach even if it rained!  We parked at the top and did the trek down, by the time we got to the bottom the waterproofs were off and we were baking hot!  A quick paddle in the stream and we were ready for our picnic.  There is literally nothing commercial there, no ice cream vans, no cafe’s, nothing and we love that!  It means the beach doesn’t tend to be very busy and its very clean.  Since that random date, Three Cliffs Bay is our most favourite place in the whole of Wales, if I ever take a random day to myself you’ll all know where I am!  And I’ll be there with my picnic which seems to be a consistent theme!  I probably should explain Mark bought me a beautiful picnic basket with matching rug for my birthday and I love it so find any excuse to whip it out!



TwmbarlwmImage by Twmbarlwm

We’re so lucky in Wales and I think unless we go an explore it then its easy to forget that.  As well as waterfalls and beaches I’m in love with mountains – good job I live in Wales!  I love to climb to the top and just sit there and take it all in.  Don’t get me wrong I love to be wined and dined but the outdoors just gives me a sense of peace.  I have 3 busy kids, I’m a school Governor, I’m a Cwtch Girl and I have a huge family so I’m always busy.   Dates for me are about stopping and actually talking to Mark with no interruptions.  He may drive me nuts but he makes me laugh so very much too!  Of course the fact that he’s climbed to the top with a secret bottle of bubbly for when we reach the top didn’t go amiss either.


Usk River

River UskImage by Wye and Usk Foundation

Before we had children we used to take lots of drives out to Usk as its such a charming little place.  We found a nice park that was perfect for the dog to run.  We still go there with the children as there’s a fantastic play area, but close by is a break in the shrubs and a walkway down to the river.  Its quite shallow there so we can paddle and take the dog.  Of course you have to be careful in any water as the currents can be unpredictable but again its the sound of water I just adore and the dog goes wild for it when the weather is hot!!


Volkswagon Camper

VW CamperImage by VW Camper Hire

I really struggled with V, I was trying to find places in Wales that began with V or activities to do.  Then it dawned on me, my little lightbulb lit up!  We’ve just come back from a holiday in Cornwall and of course were surrounded by VW Camper vans, which we love and have always wanted!  We’ve been talking about buying a Camper and then taking some time away for exploring Wales, just the odd day here and there or maybe weekends when the Grandparents have the kids.  I’ve never been to North Wales and as I’ve lived in Wales all my life I think thats pretty awful.  I want to go to Snowdonia, Bodant Garden, Festiniog, Caernarfon Castle, Cadar Idris and Porthmadog to name just a few places.  I’ve been online and looking at different options and I’m in love with a yellow VW Camper, now just to convince Mark he wants a yellow VW Camper!

I hope you’re all enjoying the alphabet dating posts and keep an eye out for the last one coming soon!

Thank you so much to the lovely Donna! I for one will be taking on some of these lovely dates!

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