Introducing Weddings by Rachel

Today we’d like to introduce you all to Rachel from Weddings by Rachel – a professional wedding planner based in South Wales. Each fortnight she’ll cover a different wedding planning topic, from wedding planning myths to what to do if your day doesn’t quite go to plan. First up tho, an introduction! :)

RachelMatthewsHello, I’m Rachel and I am a professional wedding planner. Most people automatically think of either Jennifer Lopez or Frank from Father of the Bride when I say that. In fact, one of my fabulous brides has an ongoing joke with her neighbour about me ordering numerous swans and ice sculptures for her wedding, but I really am completely different.

My background is in marketing and events. I started planning weddings for family and friends four years ago and the following year I started Weddings by Rachel.  I am a fully qualified wedding planner, I organise weddings in Wales for clients based locally, all over the UK and abroad.

I’m married to my lovely husband and we are proud Pug owners! We got married in Usk three years ago and it really was the best day of my life (and the quickest!).

I absolutely love weddings – everything about them. I love the excitement in the build up;  I love the way a groom can go from nervous to completely in awe as the love of his life walks down the aisle; I love the speeches and the toasts; seeing children run around playing in formal wear; I love the dancing and, amazingly, I even love the clean up afterwards.

There’s something extremely special about spending a couple’s wedding day with them and I truly don’t think there’s a job like it. There are always ups and downs but being organised and ensuring everyone is enjoying the day is something I thrive on.

People always ask if it’s a glamorous job. My answer: it can be. I have had glamorous moments, of course, but I think the not so glamorous certainly outweigh them. But that’s half the fun of it, and part of the reason I love the job, with the added bonus of taking the stress away from everyone. After all – who wants the bridesmaids or mother of the bride running around organising everything on the day?

I’ve really seen all sorts at weddings, from grandma doing vodka shots from an ice-luge, to children’s dancing performances and a very questionable strip tease. Then of course there’s been the tears of happiness, the excitement and nerves, the laughter and, most importantly, the unbelievable love between the couple and all of their guests. Every single moment is one that never fails to put a smile on my face when I look back.

My job varies from wedding to wedding, but can include planning the entire day to being the on the day coordinator which allows the couple to sit back and enjoy the whole day without worrying about a thing.

Weddings really are my life. Planning a wedding is such an unbelievable experience for everyone involved and I strive to ensure that it is as enjoyable and wonderful as possible.

I hope you enjoy my upcoming posts and if you have any questions or need advice please get in touch here.

Rachel x

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