A Car Park Cwtch By Owen Mathias Photography

Hello you beautiful lot! 

This weekend was a right stinker…Rain, Rain, Go Away!

I know from experience that it is a real worry for brides to be that it will rain on their wedding day. Well I think that this car park cwtch of Bethan & Alex’s in the NCP on Westgate Street from Owen Mathias Photography  is stunning! It shows that you don’t have to have a venue with beautiful gardens and industrial areas can look magical in their own way. What I like most about this image is the depth, perspective, the lighting and all those shadows. 

Owen Mathias PhotographyI’m always on the lookout for a Cwtch Of The Week! Even if it is a car park cwtch! If you would like yours to be featured then please send it in with a little description to info@cwtchthebride.com. Hope you all have a lovely week and the rain doesn’t stay around too long. ~ Kate 

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